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Past simple

  1. 1. Hello! I’m going to tell you how and when we use the Past Simple Form. Pay attention to these easy steps.
  2. 2. First of all, we use the past simple to talk about situations that happened at a specific time in the past!
  3. 3. Example: Homer ate fifty donuts yesterday. Lisa played the saxo last class.
  4. 4. There are two kinds of verbs that express past tense: Regular and Irregular verbs
  5. 5. Regular verbs are those that have an –ed ending. Example: Base form Watch Past form Watched
  6. 6. When the verb ends in –e, we only have to add -d Example: Base Form Dance Past Form Danced
  7. 7. When the verb ends in consonant plus y, we change y for i and then add ed. Example: Base Form Try Past Form Tried
  8. 8. When the verb ends in vowel plus y just add –ed Example: Base form Play Past form Played
  9. 9. When we have a short verb and this verb ends in CVC, we double the final C and add –ed. Example: Base form Stop Past form Stopped
  10. 10. Irregular Verbs. There is no rule for the conjugation of these verbs. Some of them change in a letter. Example: Base form Run Past form Ran
  11. 11. Others change in two or more letters. Example: Base form Eat Past form Ate
  12. 12. And some of them change completely. Example: Base form Be Past form Was / Were
  13. 13. There are some expressions that help us to identify the past simple form. Example: Yesterday Bart burnt a house yesterday.
  14. 14. Last Night, Last Month, Last October, Last Year, etc. Example: Marge cleaned the house last Friday.
  15. 15. Two hours ago, four weeks ago, etc. Example: Maggie took a nap two hours ago.
  16. 16. To form the negative form we use the auxiliary verb didn’t or did not between the subject and the verb The verb remains in its base form. Example: Flanders didn’t go to church last Sunday.
  17. 17. To make questions in the past form, we use the auxiliary verb did at the beginning of the sentence. The verb remains in its base form. Example: Did Homer go to work?
  18. 18. There are two answers for the past simple questions. Example: Did Mr. Burns pay the salaries? Yes, he did. No, he didn’t
  19. 19. I hope that you have enjoyed and learned the simple past tense. Now study the list of irregular verbs because you’ll have a test next week. Good luck!  Have a nice day and see you soon!!!! 