grace faith law healing miracles mercy humility generosity joy resurrection hard conversations easter palm sunday jesus christmas prayer problem of evil judgment courage beatitudes john 20 evangelism forgiveness faithbook jesus' authority say yes religious justice zechariah kinsman redeemer compassion ruth1 light sermon on the mount paul david 40 days good friday suffering priorities moses jesus and pharisees legalism john the baptist mary of nazareth anxiety worry greed betrayal pride boldness new heart leadership second string saints mark 6 pontius pilate it's a wonderful life james 1:19-27 elijah and elisha blessed life pentecost acts 2 holy spirit heavenly citizenship high expectations 7 letters of revelation 2-3 crucifixion prophecy judas end-times jesus and sadducees modernism hypocrisy false prophets heaven mark 11 king herod in christ free will god's gospel matthew 21:1-11 new creation justification virgin birth friendship with jesus friendship with god love your enemies elders lamb of god perseverance joseph of nazareth submitted submission social justice justice maintaining momentum king ahaziah debt financial storms lust contentment sacrifice workshop life witness 1 kings 19 40 days and 40 nights door of salvation noah's ark noah sabbath ezra the scribe resurrection body israel immanuel isaiah 7 discernment responsibility boaz ruth 2 naomi discipleship feeding of 5000 24 handling pressure matthew 14 2 timothy 2 jesus' trial luke 19 tax collector persistence mark 10 rich young ruler jesus' victory temptation jesus' baptism hope true religion putting feet to your faith obedience barnabas acts 15 saul of tarsus ananias confrontation darkness salt celebration of life matthew 5:6 gentleness comfort conviction poor in spirit risk change habakkuk 3 restoration disciples matthew 28 peter post-resurrection appearances triumphal entry reluctant warriors persecution revelation 2 new years day wise men magi cross sin bible arguments for god's existence jonah assyrians spiritual warfare devil second chances promised land ancient empires joseph 1 peter 4:7-11 john 12 miracles following crucifixion death of jesus jesus mocked jesus condemned barabbas claudia procula pilate's wife trial of jesus god meant it for good son of jacob covenant promise promised son isaac abraham genesis 4-9 jesus in genesis genesis 1-3 image of god paradise lost adam and eve pacifism jesus arrested jesus betrayal gethsemane passover eucharist lord's supper communion upper room anointing of jesus mary of bethany jesus and caiaphas eternal judgment goats sheep good and wicked servants false faith faith and works parable of the talents jesus' second coming olivet discourse ten bridesmaids ten virgins destruction of jerusalem antichrist abomination of desolation great tribulation jesus' final public address jesus in the temple 7th woe jesus' lament matthew 23 integrity pronouncements of woe hypocrites showiness scribes and pharisees jesus debates pharisees matthew 22:41-46 david's greater son messiah greatest commandment loving neighbor loving god civil disobedience civil obedience herodians render to caesar taxes outer darkness clothes of righteousness jesus' invitation king's invitation wedding feast the church's origin parable of the wicked tenants parable of 2 sons fig tree cursed temple of herod scribes and chief priests moneychangers sons of zebedee matthew 20 ransom seats at jesus' right & left workers in the vineyard equality v. equity fairness matthew 19.16-30 wealth believers baptism child dedication jesus and children reconciliation jesus' death death defeated fulfilled prophecies cloaks palm branches triumphal entry of jesus singleness remarriage divorce parable of the unforgiving servant matthew 18 unmerciful unforgiving age of accountability guardian angels wandering sheep lost sheep dealing with sin least of these greatness in god's kingdom divine discretion divine delivery divine deliverance jesus' rebuke peter's pushback binding and loosing keys of the kingdom kingdom authority peter's confession progressive christianity signs of the times faith development ministry to gentiles feeding of the 4000 jesus at 12 jesus' growth and development jesus and the teachers god's invitation jesus conception luke 1:26-38 unexpected blessings gabriel elizabeth canaanite woman defilements tongue mouth little faith walking on water martyrdom salome herodías faith and salvation jesus rejected familiarity breeds contempt pearl merchant hidden treasure householder net parable parable of the leaven parable of the mustard seed purpose of parables god's sovereignty family drama family of god idle words queen of sheba sign of jonah the unpardonable sin blasphemy of the holy spirit pharisee's plot jesus' compassion man with withered hand call of matthew fasting paralytic deliverance demons jesus calms storm cost of discipleship solid foundation two builders two foundations two gates two paths hell golden rule judging others mammon god and money treasures in heaven mark 16 law of love non-violence give to him who asks turn the other cheek fulfilling of the law anger murder similitudes the beatitudes great crowds great call great light jesus calls his disciples matthew 3:13-17 matthew 3:1-12 matthew 2:1-12 annunciation angelic announcement virginal conception matthew 1:1-17 genealogy of jesus king and his kingdom intro to matthew reconciled ambassadors 2 corinthians 5:18-21 philippians 3:17-21 john 15 identity god's workmanship new creature christian identity children of god victory through death samson judges 11-12 jephthah gideon putting god first judges 3:31 book of judges shamgar false knowledge rich confidence fight covetousness 1 timothy 6:3-10 1 timothy 6:1-2 masters slaves slavery 1 timothy 5:17-25 benevolence widows spiritual health exercise nutrition opportunities falling from faith apostasy 1 timothy 3 servant-leaders deacons proper behavior in church role of men role of women calvinism vs. arminianism election false teaches 1 timothy 1 exalted exuberant law of the harvest galatians 6:1-10 galatians 5:16-26 fruit of the spirit works of the flesh circumcision galatians 5:1-15 hermeneutics allegorical literal galatians 4 people galatians 1:11-24 god's calling false gospels true gospel galatians 1 bethlehem micah 4:8 micah 5:2 good shepherd tower of the flock migdal eder god's son isaiah 9:6-7 john 1:1-5 1 john 1:5-10 matthew 4:12-16 isaiah 9:1-3 naphtali zebulon galilee of the gentiles malachi 3 isaiah 40 messenger of the covenant forerunner deuternomy 6 family servant followership servant leadership services love for one another friendships authentic relationships personal relationship jesus' example core value inerrancy word of god scripture the power of yet what if praise the righteous shall live by faith habakkuk 2 attributes of god habakkuk tough love habakkuk 1:5-11 theodicy habakkuk 1:1-4 matthew 26:6-13 poor luke 22:35-38 sword luke 13:1-5 natural evil intentional evil luke 9:57-62 putting jesus first matthew 5:43-48 adultery hyperbole matthew 5:27-30 tomorrow matthew 6:25-34 backsliding james 5:19-20 brother's keeper oil james 5:13-18 weakness oaths james 5:7-12 patience defrauders james 5:1-6 sins of omission james 4:13-17 evil boasting future plans friendship with the world james 4:1-12 chaos and order godless wisdom james 3:13-18 wisdom from above receiving christ mediator substitutionary atonement perfect substitute humble perfect redeemer two adams romans 5:12-21 perfect man dead faith living faith james 2:14-26 law of liberty royal law of love injustice partiality favoritism james 2:1-13 hearers and doers maturity temptations trials james 1:1-18 esther 4 esther 2 timothy 1 1 timothy 4 saying yes to god stirring our faith up timidity timothy danger fear conversion of saul follow me matthew 9 matthew eli the priest obeying god's call hearing god 1 samuel 3 samuel no excuses god's call isaiah 6 matthew 1:18-25 luke 1:26-56 luke 1:57-80 luke 1:5-25 samaria coming hope rebuilt shaken amos 8-9 plumb line visions amos 7 first will be last military pride material pride national pride amos 6 day of christ day of yhwh day of the lord amos 5:18-27 amos 5:1-17 seek jesus seek christ seek god determined disobedience warning amos 4 amos 3 amos 2 moral justice roar lion amos hebrews 12 cloud of witnesses positive examples discipline directing momentum haggai gaining momentum momentum atlas gps step by step true north abram guided panic cares concern pre-trib immanent return 1 thessalonians 4 return of jesus rapture family storms mark 3 consulting other gods 2 kings 1 health crises truth twisting king hezekiah no denial honesty extreme pressure storm proof lives fiscal responsibility 2 samuel 15-17 2 chronicles 22-24 jehoiada king joash ahithophel rebuilding trust pornography gen z millennials children kids outward focus holy huddle welcoming church complaining gratitude philippians 4:10-23 god of peace peace of god philippians 4:1-9 philippians 3:12-21 relationship with god religion philippians 3:1-11 epaphroditus gambling philippians 2:19-30 philippians 2:12-18 shining example exaltation poured out emptied himself kenosis unity perspective worldview outlook death fruitful labor philippians 1 extending the gospel head partnerships jesus our deliverer burnout depression jesus our champion 1 samuel 17 david and goliath new spirit desperate intercession effective intercession determined intercession deuteronomy 10 deuteronomy 9 intercessory prayer lawgiver ark of salvation genesis 7 genesis 6 purity intermarriage vigilance nehemiah 13 flexibility dedicated service exuberant worship nehemiah 12 pursuing god's best nehemiah 11 giving tithing nehemiah 10 followership breaking free sin cycle nehemiah 9 revival god's commands nehemiah 8 crowns eternal rewards 2 corinthians 5 incarnation isaiah 9 god's silence maher shalal hash baz judah syria isaiah 8 dual fulfillment jesus' birth king ahaz nehemiah 7 accountability clarity grant authority delegate responsibility discerning traps nehemiah 6 advancing god's kingdom work doing right nehemiah 5 nehemiah 4 mocking opposition availability nehemiah 3 giving god the glory readiness preparation ilead nehemiah 2 action confession holy discontent nehemiah 1 blessing opportunity ruth 4 levirate marriage threshing floor ruth 3 go'el character leviticus 19:9-10 gleaning reaping the edges bitterness turning point valley of decision ruth acts 15-18 silas acts 4-15 spirit-filled encouragement devotion delight luke 8 magdala mark 15 determination mary magdalene missions andrew evanglism olympics azariah daniel 3 3 amigos shadrach mishael meshach abednego hananiah second-string 1 kings 22 jehoshaphat micaiah ahab sacrificial love 1 samuel jonathan barak second string judges 4 déborah incivility civility uncivility sons of korah psalm 84 pilgrimage god's house god's presence mark 6:53-56 changing your course in life sea of galilee endurance john 6 jesus walking on water seeing god's glory dismissing the crowds non-stop days rest god's peace death of john the baptist luke 9 bad news soldier of christ god's army christ's army he is risen herod antipas caiaphas sanhedrin annas jesus weeping over jerusalem delay of coming kingdom obeying the king of kings risk taking parable of the minas zacchaeus blind man healed bartimaeus love of money roadblocks to faith 15-29 window 4-14 window jesus blesses children pat hemminger healing ten lepers luke 17 transfiguration later galilean ministry jesus' last 100 days animal sellers money changers jesus' zeal zeal for god's house angry jesus beth sefer beth talmud talmidim beth midrash pursuit of jesus calling first disciples of jesus first miracle wedding at cana of galilee miracle cana of galilee water into wine instant glorification instant validation satan instant gratification resist the devil jesus identification with sinners fulfilling all righteousness end of rope hoarding frank capra jesus changes everything abundant life thanksgiving thanks feet to faith doers hearers onessimus pay it forward philemon conflict galatians 2 paul and peter acts 9 big ask 2 kings 2 double portion tamar 2 samuel 13 confronting sin amnon absalom 2 samuel 12 iron sharpens iron nathan the prophet preserving our witness contamination of faith dilution of faith joyce beard pressure martyrs matthew 5:10-12 persecuted acts 8 baptism ethiopian eunuch peacemaker matthew 5:8 sixth beatitude pure in heart matthew 5:7 righteousness spiritual thirst spiritual hunger matthew 5:5 meek those who mourn second beatitude matthew 5 kingdom values ephesians 2 moral vision jesus' love god the father caleb jesus' brothers lot last adopters visionary pioneers early adopters late majority early majority middle adopters 1 peter 1 john 16 medal of honor recipients heroic mighty men of valor 2 samuel 23 peter's sermon feast of weeks knowledge graduation wisdom proverbs ascension return of christ empowerment doubt galilee samaritans and gentiles great commission reluctance john's gospel fourth gospel beloved disciple illeism doubting thomas buckner effect proclaiming thomas road to emmaus luke 24 luke 22 john 21 mary magdalen nicodemus john 3 john 19 tenebrae unmet expectations john martha lazarus son of thunder mary extravagant worship jesus passion laodicea lukewarm revelation 2-3 useless christianity revelation 3 church of philadelphia persevering church spiritual life sardis inoffensive christianity morality jezebel thyatira gnosticism lawlessness hyper-grace churches pergamon church in hostile environment pergamum letters of jesus teamwork yoked together christian family losing your first love the church of ephesus love and zeal revelation chapter 1 7 churches don't miss jesus in revelation 7 letters philippians 3 resolved resolutions grinch matthew 2 adjustments babies church assembling together cocooning hebrews 10 new intolerance tolerance respect coexistence jesus is the only way jesus exclusive claims take up your cross deadly sins original sin ethics archaeology life change deity of jesus mathematical probabilities god of the bible pre-evangelism argument from design teleological argument moral argument antitheism new atheism outreach iwitness unforgiveness world flesh demolishing strongholds multi-tasking tyrannical urgencies notification distractions distractions christian believer heroes gospel stread romans rome rahab hellenists greeks mycenaeans exodus persians archaemenid kings jochebed amram babylonians ancient biblical empires ancient assyrians hebrews 11 serving god. abilities spiritual gifts natural gifts talents following christ serving christ
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