Professional Resume                                                                   M. J. Dudziak                       ...
Professional Resume                                                                   M. J. DudziakPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE...
Professional Resume                                                                           M. J. Dudziak    1983 - 85: ...
Professional Resume                                                                          M. J. DudziakInvestor present...
Professional Resume                                                               M. J. DudziakINVITED LECTURES & VISITING...
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Martin Dudziak SME DD BDA Resume June2012


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Martin Dudziak SME DD BDA Resume June2012

  1. 1. Professional Resume M. J. Dudziak Martin Dudziak 9400 Windy Cove Ct, Apt I, Richmond, VA – 23294-6470 804-740-0342, 202-415-7295 (cell), (505) 926-1399 (sat) | : martinjd@tetradyn.comPROFILE SUMMARY Over 20 years of extensive experience in fulltime and consulting roles for Subject Matter Expertise (SME), Business Due Diligence (DD), Technology Evaluation (companies, products, personnel), Expert Witness Investigation and Business Development Analysis (BDA). Hands-on and management in capturing/analyzing Business, Functional and IT Requirements, Business Process Re-engineering, Service Oriented Architectures and Project Management. Strong skills in analysis and synthesis for complex multi-component systems, concept and requirements development, prototyping and formal design, and testing methodologies. Sensitivity and creativity in solving issues within teams and among clients, especially in multicultural groups. Highly-organized in multi-tasking, project management, reporting, & negotiating with management and clients. Experienced in design, development, training of AI, Knowledge Management and Human-Machine Interfaces. Experienced in application and system development spanning mainframe, LAN, wi-fi, cloud, tablet and smartphone worlds. Expert in writing documents (e.g., Management/Client and Functional Requirements) that match technical setups, front/ middle/back-office. Proficient with clear identification and expression of Vision, Scope, Statement of Work, Project Plan, Quality /Test Plan and Defect Management and in use of “XP” models within business analysis. Extensive experience Rational tools (RequisitePro and Rose), and skilled in using MS Office applications for day to day activities, MS Visio and MS Project for prioritizing and managing individual tasks. Proficient in creating UML documents (e.g., Use-Case, State Transition, Swim-lane, Data Flow, Activity, Sequence, Collaboration, State, Workflow, Process flow and Deployment diagrams). In-depth understanding/experience on Business Process and Software Development Life Cycle, Rational Unified Process, Agile/SCRUM Methodology, and QA methodologies. Expert in managing & controlling meetings and facilitating all levels of management/business owners and stakeholders, developers, QAs, business users and off-site teams in JADs, Brainstorm sessions, White Boarding, telephonic & web conferences using Connect/WebEx/GoToMeeting. Strong leader and team builder with excellent analytical and communication skills, capable to self-start and complete new business models and technology roll-outs, dedicated to meet/exceed deadlines and provide necessary deliverables and resolve conflicts/issues creatively by out-of-the-box thinking. Excellent verbal communication, written, presentation; unique interpersonal, multicultural, multilingual skills. Recognized as a solid team player, mentor, coordinator, facilitator, and problem-solver.AREAS OF EXPERTISE BUSINESS DOMAINS Equity and Venture Investment, Financial and Banking Healthcare, Medicine and Biotech Defense, Intel and Security Internet, Web (Collaboration, Networking) and e-CommerceEDUCATION BA (high honors, dual-major – Philosophy/Physics), Colgate University, Hamilton, NY Post-graduate program in computer science at UCSB and UCLA, Los Angeles, CA MA (phil. of physics), Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD PhD (theoretical/computational physics), Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH Postdoctoral studies in economics, finance and entrepreneurship 1
  2. 2. Professional Resume M. J. DudziakPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2001 - Present: Managing Director (R&D), TETRADYN Ltd. (TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.)• Responsible for complete end to end cycle of project and documentation management including sign-off and change management requests, handling intellectual property, investment and legal requirements.• Create mappings, requirements, scope, project documentations describing schedules, milestones, timelines.• Lead development of controls and workflows to meet new business requirements, productivity enhancements, and regulatory changes for in-house and client-based projects.• Direct and engage hands-on design of application with focus on meeting client/investor requirements.• Work hands-on with business analysts and programmers to translate prototypes into commercializable products, defining program specifications to management requirements, creating test plans for validation.• Assist clients in defining requirements for business process and business plan development.• Implementing test procedures for business/user requirements, data validations, production/exception reports.• Due-diligence review, expert witness testimony, proposal development and advisement for diverse clientele. 2000-2003: Group Manager & Project Lead, Intel Corporation (USA,Costa Rica, Russia)• Responsible for consortium activity with regional (Costa Rica, Latin America, Russia) scientific and business institutions (CENAT, FUNDES, LANAMME, AVINA, INCAE) as part of corporate new business development.• Managed two distributed international teams. Performed integral role in formation of consortium with CENAT for nanotech and virtual e-collaboration R&D. Research focused upon clinical and consumer applications.• Hemisphere-wide analyst/advisor for corporate VC investment by Intel Capital, first for Latin America and later for Russia-focused activities.• Responsible for corporate responsibility initiatives and joint projects involving Central America and Russia.• Architect and manager of development team responsible for high-speed data movement and transfer system designed for enterprise business and manufacturing applications (ADaM – Advanced Data Mover – a full- enterprise ETL system). 1996 - 2001: CEO and Director of R&D (Co-Founder), Silicon Dominion Corporation, Richmond, VA• Directed development efforts of startup R&D company (with a twelve-person offshore tech team; Russia and Eastern Europe) producing products in two areas: (i) nanotechnology including MEMS design; (ii) internet-based research and research-collaboration tools.• Exceeded performance expectations for first video-streaming and social-network/education web products.• Successfully managed international outsourced teams in electronics and software development and testing.• Achieved contract-wins, private capitalization, and customer recognition (public/private sectors). 1993 - 1998: Assistant/Associate Professor, Physics and Biomedical Engineering (dual appointments), VirginiaCommonwealth University (Medical College of Virginia), Richmond, VA• Founded, directed, and received funding for Molecular Engineering and Biocomputing Center (MEBC Lab).• Teaching included courses in physics and biomedical/biomaths (graduate, undergrad levels) plus PhD supervision. Initiated community mentoring and urban after-school program. Implemented a pioneering internet-based telemedicine information resource and medical informatics network linking U.S. hospitals & companies with institutions in Russia and other countries. Managed student and professional volunteers. 1988 - 1993: Senior Scientist, Special Projects, SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics (now, BaltimoreMD (Concurrent 1991-1992: Visiting Faculty, VA Tech & Radford Univ.)• Introduced use of AFM and STM for defect and fault analysis. Designed prototype development of real-time parallel processing and also a pattern recognition processor chip for object recognition and microcontrol.• Managed inter-divisional task group for prototyping, training and assimilating feedback on new microprocessor and image processing devices.• Established corporate-university joint research project focused upon neuro/cardio medical signal processing. 1985 - 88: Senior Engineer / Project Manager, Martin Marietta Aerospace, Baltimore MD• Designed and implemented systems for autonomous and guided robots and manipulators. Established artificial intelligence lab for serving autonomous robot R&D. Designed first motion and obstacle-avoidance controller for US Navy deep-sea autonomous underwater robot, employing sonar and lidar. Served as liaison/consultant to partner companies and govt. agencies on sensor, data fusion, recognition. 2
  3. 3. Professional Resume M. J. Dudziak 1983 - 85: Research Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Group, Battelle Labs, Columbus OH• Designed and implemented rule-based, neural-net and other nonlinear expert systems, simulations and development tools for medically-related fault-diagnostics, process control and qualitative physics. Developed architecture for data mining and knowledge extraction over sensor-actuator networks.CONSULTING EXPERIENCE SUMMARY (selection)Company, Institution, Synopsis of Work PerformedAgencyARCS Initiative Community planning for rehabilitation and re-use of large urban high school for education and youth projectsBiosafe SBIR/STTR proposals and projects, new business and market developmentBoeing Technical studies on CBRNE subjects, proposal development, due diligence of third-party including foreign technologiesBP Design and deployment of analytical field testing labCeres QA/QC, health and safety management, and IT architecture design relating to emergency and disaster reliefCyclone Technical and business evaluation and review, engineering modifications, venture funding assistanceDynamic Air Design and development of product testing and evaluation by govt. labsG3 Systems Technical and business planning, due diligence, proposal development, technical analysis studiesFederal Reserve Bank Technical reviews, due diligence, training re: supercomputing and AI systemsFutures Gateway international internet-based educational teams and clubs collaborating and competing with futures-oriented study projects, for youth 10-18 and family- members as wellGeneral Electric Nomad Eyes and CEBIT sensor processingGlobal Infotek Defense/intel program work, new business and project developmentKPMG Technical subject-matter-expert analyses and reports, multiple emerging business sectorsKLA-Tencor Full plan development study and operational plan for offshore technical R&D center in EuropeLincos / Digital Nations Design, implementation and site planning for remote container-based internet classroom facilities for children and youth in Latin AmericaLoudermilk Materials evaluation and testing, business plan development, set-up of non-profit institute, web e-commerce designMedicine for Humanity Design of telemedicine system and training of staff for use in remote field clinics worldwidePoulin-Hugin Technical assessment, redesign, business development re: financial sectorSaño y Salvo Costa Rican based internet help-line for women and children at risk from drug gangs and prostitution/slavery ringsSolutia In-depth technical review, assessment, due-diligence re: emerging R&D worldwide in specialized polymer thin-filmsST Microelectronics Technical assessment, review, investigations re: microfluids, MEMS, and medical lab-on-chip for diagnostic applicationsSun Trust Bank Mortgage-backed securities and MBS-related derivatives, trend-spotting and forecasting with neural network and fuzzy logic methodsMajor Texas law firm Expert witness on procedures and methods in GC/MS testing for methamphetamine residuesMajor Virginia law firm Expert witness on microbiology and genetic testing procedures in criminal casesMajor Virginia law firm Technical due diligence on biotech and related scientific ventures seeking fundsWheat First Securities Interest rate modeling, focused on both commodities and housingBusiness and Financial SKILL SETDiscipline Specific example knowledge areas, techniques, methods, skills“Start-up” business plan development Silicon Dominion, Modis, Tetradyn, Cyclone, Biosafe, Loudermilk, TSELPrivate placement and venture cap Qdyn, Silicon Dominion,Modis, Cyclone,Loudermilk, nGmat, Tetradyn,term sheet development TSEL, Dynamic Air, Veneto NanotechProduct roll-out financial forcasting Cyclone, Silicon Dominion, Modis, Biosafe, Loudermilk, Tetradyn 3
  4. 4. Professional Resume M. J. DudziakInvestor presentations Intel Capital, ST, VCU, G3GAAP principles and methods “Generally accepted accounting practices” suited for new businessesAgile/XP methods for business Adaptation of CS/IT team methods for rapid management problem-solvingJoint project and consortium Battelle, Martin Marietta, ST, VCU, Silicon Dominion, Intel, Tetradyn,development and negotiation consulting rolesSWOT analyses Tailored to small technology and R&D businessesTeaching and training MBA and MIS-level coursesManagement and Communications SKILL SETDiscipline Specific example knowledge areas, techniques, methods, skillsCritical thinking techniques Assessment of technology readiness and market acceptanceEngineering-tech outsourcing Chip-set design and testing, fab prototyping’ KLA-Tencor R&D centerJAD session formation, coordination State-lvel transportation dept. and final $60M program biddersDistance-based team management Silicon Dominion and Tetradyn software, hardware designCross-cultural communications “Planeta Znaniya” internet encyclopedia and social network projectStaff conflict resolution Often being the person who can be the bridge between conflicting partiesBusiness Continuity Ontario Power; issues concerning nuclear plant operations in pandemicDownsizing and outsourcing Planning and implementation with expectation for future regrowth, recallTeaching and training MBA and MIS-level coursesIT/Computing SKILL SETTech Area (listed alphabetically by Specific example knowledge areas, techniques, methods, skillsdiscipline and within byspecialization)Architecture & design of applications Use-Case modeling, UML, Erwin, Corba, OOP methods, Rational Rose,and large enterprise-scale systems XP (eXtreme Programming), Agile, CrystalDatabases and data warehouses GENOA, TIA, ADAM (Intel), PANDA, CASE, Tangram, PhoenixInformation security and cyberwarfare Cryptography, encryption, bots and botnets, Kerberos (KISS, not MIT)MEMS concepts, design, & software Nomad Eyes and CEBIT sensor processingMicroprocessor (chip) design Transputer family, also DSP chips, ARM coresProgramming languages (incl. C, C++, Java, Lisp, Prolog, Forth, Fortran, Pascal, OCCAM, TCL, Python,mathematical and modeling PHP, Perl, SAS, MATLAB, Maple, Mathematica, Macsymalanguages)Streaming media Designed and implemented leading out-performer for video streaming – matched or exceeded Real, WMP, AkamaiWeb system design and PHP, SQL, CMS, Java applets & scripts, Perl, WAP, CSS, XMLimplementation (incl. CMS, portals)Analytical Technology SKILL SETTech Area (listed by category) Specific example knowledge areas, techniques, methods, skillsSpectroscopy Piezo-resistive microcantilevers (PRMC), PAS/RePAS (Photoacoustics), Immunoassay, X-ray FlourescenceMicroscopy Optical, SPM (AFM, MFM, STM), SEM, TEM, Confocal, Magneto-OpticsAnalytical Instruments (CBRNE) GC, GC/MS, HPLC, FTIR, NMR, THzMicro- and sub-micron sensors Micro-optic cameras, magneto-optics, Nomad Eyes and CEBIT sensorsSemiconductor chip logics ARM, Intel, Motorola, ST, TI microprocessors, Transputer family, also DSP and Graphics co-processorsHigh-energy physics High-speed data collection and signal/track processing and identificationBiomedical instruments In-vitro cell/tissue culture,biopathogen culture/containment, EEG, EKGINTERNATIONAL QUALIFICATIONSExperience with on-site and remote project management, business development and formation, intellectualproperty, licensing and contracts, with in-house staff, partners, contractors, in: Australia, Belarus, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom 4
  5. 5. Professional Resume M. J. DudziakINVITED LECTURES & VISITING APPOINTMENTS (selection)1989 Edinburgh University, Dept. of Computer Science1990 University of Belgrade, Molecular Machines Research Center1990 Neural Network Summer School, Dubrovnik1991 Center for Brain Research and Information Sciences, Radford University1992, 1993 Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia1994, 1995 Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia1995 Institute of Theoretical Physics, Kiev, Ukraine1997 Eotvos Technical University, Budapest, Hungary1998-2004 Adjunct/Visiting Faculty, Moscow State University2001-2002 Adjunct Faculty, Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnologia, San Jose, Costa Rica2005 Univ. of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute2009 – 2011, Fellow, Center for Advanced Defense Studies, Washington, DC2009 – present, Advisory Board, Society for Digital Information and Wireless Communications2010 – present, Project Member, Principia BioCyberneticaPUBLICATIONS (extensive list available upon request)DIRECT CONTACT DATAEmail: or Skype: martindudziak(alternates:, )Tel: (804) 740-0342 Cell: (202) 415-7295 Msgs: (505) 926-1399 or (202) 460-4782Post: 9400 Windy Cove Ct., Apt. I, Richmond, VA 23294-6470 (USA) 5