Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA                                                     Phone: (805) 587-2698                  ...
Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA                                                          Phone: (805) 587-2698             ...
Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA                                                      Phone: (805) 587-2698                 ...
Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA                                                        Phone: (805) 587-2698               ...
Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA                                                   Phone: (805) 587-2698                    ...
Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA                                                   Phone: (805) 587-2698                    ...
Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA                                                    Phone: (805) 587-2698                   ...
Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA                                                    Phone: (805) 587-2698                   ...
Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA                                                    Phone: (805) 587-2698                   ...
Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA                                                    Phone: (805) 587-2698                   ...
Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA                                                    Phone: (805) 587-2698                   ...
Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA                                                     Phone: (805) 587-2698                  ...
Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA                                                 Phone: (805) 587-2698                      ...
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Drives the core team to meet or exceed program objectives (Cost, Quality, Schedule, Features, Fulfillment/Continuity of Supply, Solution delivery across products & service offerings, and Customer Specific Needs).

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Loretta Altman Resume13(15)

  1. 1. Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA Phone: (805) 587-2698 Ojai, California Email: Flute1861@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettadaltmanEducation:Degree: Masters of Business Administration, Project Management 2008School: Capella University – GPA 3.8Degree: Bachelors of Science, Business Information Technology 2005School: California State University Northridge/University of PhoenixProfile ShapshotAction-Orientated and results-focused professional with 14+ years as an IT and Functional Project Management and SystemsAnalysis Experience in Healthcare, Health Insurance, Mortgage, Financial and eCommerce industries. An experiencedpractitioner in rigorous methodologies, frameworks, critical thinking, deep analytics and knowledge management expertisewith key focus areas of: (1) have a deep passion to innovate, (2) are motivated by responsible and original business, (3) wantto work beside those just as inspired, (4) are energized by making peoples lives easier with benefits of new technologies, and(5) are energized to succeed.Highlights of my Technical Project Management leadership experience with full SDLC: o Business Alignment: Provided alignment of business strategy and planning with business and technical strategy, planning and initiatives that effect tactical operations. Acted as liaison between the various company business units blending with technical initiatives to effectively align with business goals. Such as Business Relationship Management. o Project Management experience: Provide strong creative and innovative leadership in the areas of Project Management from small to large enterprise level projects. Performing duties: planning, risk and issues change/managed, budget controls (to $1 million), resource negotiation, project charter and scope creation, integrated change control, and monitoring, forecasting, feasibility studies and work breakdown structures. o Coaches and mentors project team members; o Mentors other project managers around project management methodology; o Determines project scope; o Develops resource, risk, quality, cost, and scope management plans; o Develops training plans; o Develops requirements documents; develops project approval matrix; o Identifies project team training and tool needs; o Defines, recommends and secures contractual agreements for technical services and products; o Coordinates requirements, schedules implementation and post-implement plans, and develops service-level agreements for vendor partners and global resources firms; defines quality gates for each project methodology phase; 1
  2. 2. Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA Phone: (805) 587-2698 Ojai, California Email: Flute1861@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettadaltman o Defines critical success factors; o Establishes and manages the project warranty period. o Procurement Management: Soliciting Gartner and Forrester expert leadership advice on specific vendors, performing contract administration for evaluation, negotiation, RFI/RFP development and proof of concept. o Types of projects managed: Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise-wide distributed system integration and implementation, Infrastructure Planning, Executing and Remediation and Data Conversions. o Virtual and/or remote management: Experience in domestic/international project management with success and commitment in the following critical areas: Communicating effectively and using technology that fits the situation, creating an effective team environment. Building community, based on mutual trust, respect, resolving conflicts, among project team members Establishing clear and inspiring shared goals, expectations, purpose and vision Leading by example with a focus on visible, measurable results, negotiation, influencing at all levels of management. Coordinating/collaborating across organizational boundaries (i.e Matrix environment) o Types of methodologies experienced with: Agile, Waterfall, FASTER Project Management and SE (Countrywide Proprietary) and Project Management Methodology (WellPoint/Anthem Proprietary) utilizing the software Planview, CDP Comprehensive Delivery Process (Kaiser Proprietary) closely mirroring the PMI methodologies, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Fagan Inspections (Iterative Defect Free Development), and Service Orientated Architecture (SOA). Technologies & Systems Concept and Experience Snapshot• Web Software/Framework: Teamsite (Interwoven), Dreamweaver, Fireworks, .Net, Visual Basic• Infrastructure: Wintel, Unix, Database (Oracle and SQL)• Mainframe : WGS 2.0, STAR, Foundations, and AS400• Applications: StarTeam (Kaiser Source and Project system), Open Deploy, Aristo Receiving Management Systems; Initiate, IBM Websphere, Webservices (SOA), XML, XMLSpy, Ascential Data Stage (Linux and Windows), FirstLogic, Biztalk, eNS systems, Tivoli, Citrix, HL7 (Health Language Seven), Messaging Queue (Linux and Windows) Business Objects, Cognos, SemanticSpace Technologies (VIPER – Countrywide Proprietary), Clarity, Remedy, eWPD (Wellpoint Proprietary), NetworX Pricer (Trizetto), Sybase; Planview, Jira, EncoderPro, ClearQuest, Requisite Pro (Rational Tools), EPIC Modules and Vipstar.• MS Office: Project, Access, Excel, Outlook, Visio, PowerPoint, and Word• Pictorial Programs: AppointPak and Palwin; Procomm Plus• Epic Modules Inpatient, Ambulance, Bridges, Resolute, Cadence and Op Time• MAC: OmmiPlan, OmmiGraffle, OmmiIPD.• Databases: Oracle, Sybase, SQL 2
  3. 3. Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA Phone: (805) 587-2698 Ojai, California Email: Flute1861@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettadaltman• Network: LAN, WAN, Wireless networking, cabling, switches, blades and routers.• Languages: Java, HTML, C, C#, and C++• Operating Systems: MS Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and DOS• Content Management: Documentum, Panagon, Captiva and Filenet• Project Management Software: MS Enterprise Project, Project Server, MS Share Point, DocuShare, PMI - PM Body of Knowledge and Enterprise Program Management• Methodologies: Agile, and Custom Development processes• UML Tools: Visual Studio Career Highlights Syntel Inc 09/2009 - Current Assignment: Wellpoint Health Networks Project Manager (Focus: WGS, STAR, QCARE, WMDS and eWPD system integration and migrations) o Manage a team to build a blue print feasibility study on multiple in-house mainframe systems (ACES, WGS, and FACETS) using the Syntel - Automation Framework solution to automate provider contract migration to facilitate the pricing engine on NetworX Pricer (Trizetto Product) to apply the configured pricing rules to determine claim pricing and configured routing rules during claim processing from the mainframe systems. o Build relationships with executives within Wellpoint, to understand, propose and deliver services that are targeted to their needs. o Perform leadership responsibility in training the Syntel Team on WGS and STAR systems for integration and migration purposes. Strategically lead team in aligning the Q/CARE migration to WGS 2.0, for multiple regions. This includes being a key partner in the enterprise wide discovery team, to build and support the “Lean IT” and “Build a Better Wellpoint” initiatives. In addition, modeling the requirements within the Rational Requisite Pro tool. o Create Professional, Institutional, Fee Schedule, ITS and Organ Transplant claims research and documentation for compare and contrast with Q/CARE and WGS 2.0 and STAR systems. o Involved in ICD-10 Discovery meetings with Medical Management focus; to assist in mitigating decomposition duplication in other areas of effort and also provide migration insights with regards to system changes that will impact ICD-10 implementation. o Be a liaison between GA and CA system experts in both Q/CARE and WGS, to understand all the variables involved in a Q/CARE to WGS migration effort. Building a strong foundation for the GA Q/CARE experts and CA WGS 2.0 experts to funnel knowledge sharing and subject matter expert networking. o Research and write white papers for Healthcare trends and its affects on health insurance and health care industry, such as: Electronic Health Record implementation challenges and its affects on the Health Care and Insurance system and Health Care Reform impacts. o Lead team (on and offshore) for eWPD Health Programs Product Communication and Setup new design, system use cases, data modeling and implementation. Also involved with the Rules Engine requirements gathering and analysis. 3
  4. 4. Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA Phone: (805) 587-2698 Ojai, California Email: Flute1861@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettadaltman o Manage Technical Team for Senior Business Product CMS (Center for Medical Services) Annual filings; this is for Annual Changes of Coverage and Explanation of Coverage mandated CMS changes. This includes running queries, reports for temporary maintenance.  Also includes managing a technical team to build a full automated solution (full SDLC) between the Senior Business Product Managers and CMS application. o Manage a team to fulfill reporting statistics with the Clearquest application for “Lights On” Q/CARE system problems (i.e. enhancements, defects and Inquires); which will provide an executive management report whenever requested. o Build solid networks and relationships within Wellpoint; to provide expertise at the right time and with solid focus of the needs of the organization both for short-term and long-term commitments.Computer Science Corporation 6/2009-9/2009Assignment: Kaiser PermanenteTechnical Project Manager (Division: Infrastructure Planning and Remediation)Multiple End of Service Life Web, Application and Database Infrastructure Remediation’s: to Websphere 6.1 for thefollowing applications: o EMPAUTH (Employee Authorization Service Hire.com) o ECPS (eCommerce Payment System) o eReferral (iKPRT/eKPRT) o Performed Infrastructure IT Project Management duties: Project Plan (Initiate, Planning, Testing, Executing and Close), risk and issues management, gap cost analysis, communication to all audiences and levels, providing summary level reporting to executive management. All documentation for project managed through Sharepoint. o Managed infrastructure environment builds (Dev, QA, UAT, LOAD and PROD) on new LPARS in shared environments, testing (Unit, Performance, Regression, and Load) with multiple interfaces, databases, applications (middleware) and web. o Managed the implementation and rollback, application data sheet, support and administration, planning and analysis, request for change into production, testing, and technical design documentation. o Managed effort to obtained NCAB, SCAB and PCAB committee review and approvals, provide lessons learned, decommission old LPARS and Frames. o Working with vendor (IBM) to procure hardware required for the new data center, creating change requests for moves of hardware, software and middleware, interfaces and Oracle Databases for upgrades/installs, server relocation and server environment relocationComputer Science Corporation 10/2008-3/2009Assignment: Kaiser PermanenteTechnical Project Manager (Division: Information Management & Strategy) o Clinical Decision Support and Rules Engine Systems (Multi-Regional). o Performed Project Manager duties utilizing PMI and CDP methodologies, to capture and build a complex (several integration points within various systems) and comprehensive Request for Information and 4
  5. 5. Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA Phone: (805) 587-2698 Ojai, California Email: Flute1861@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettadaltman Proposal. To be utilized in obtaining funding for project that will eventually be pushed out to all regions. Purpose: Total population management, highly accurate risk stratification, data conversion and prospective analysis for a better benefit design.  This also included an Activity Based Costing (ABC) method to understanding the cross-functional activities in order to define critical attributes of the business process to invoke change. o Managed the development of prescribed planning CDP documentation, developed Project Charter, partnered with sponsors to secure project and budget approvals, created project plan, set and managed expectations with resource managers, maintained a risk and issues log, facilitated resolution of issues, report status of project health status, tracking and managing the budget against the plan and lead team working sessions. o Creation of a strong team environment by building relationships in a matrix environment. Communicated easily and effectively at all levels of an organization. Lead the risk and issues management, gap cost analysis efforts. o Big Q (Analytics) Interregional Inpatient Data mart(Multi-Regional) o Performed Project Manager duties utilizing PMI and CDP methodologies to build a Scope and Team which secured a project funding for future phases of Datamart builds. Connecting data from the various Epic Modules (HealthConnect) and Legacy systems. o Managed the development of prescribed planning CDP documentation, develop Project Charter, partnered with sponsors to secure project approvals, lead the building of a work breakdown structure within the project plan, set and manage expectations with resource managers, maintain a risk and issues log, facilitated resolution of issues, report status of project health status, tracking and managing the budget against the plan. o Creation of a strong team environment by building relationships in a matrix environment. Communicated easily and effectively at all levels of an organization. o Performed QA duties for analytics reports in Big Q (Cognos). o Lead the risk and issues management, gap cost analysis efforts. o California Deductible Product Platform Performance Improvements o Project scope is an end to end Legacy (Foundation Systems), ETL and Diamond major multiple system performance upgrades. o Performed all areas of project management through SDLC full lifecycle. o Project Management Duties: Risk Management, Resource Management, Budget Management, Project Plan build, business and IT liaison, budget planning and management, communication build and plan and team management and motivation. o Lead the risk and issues management, gap cost analysis efforts.MediaTrust 7/2008 – 9/2008Technical Project Manager, Sr, 5
  6. 6. Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA Phone: (805) 587-2698 Ojai, California Email: Flute1861@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettadaltman• Primary Project Manager, Sr: built PMO mirroring PMI methodologies office and managed all company ecommerce- advertising projects. o Lead company via project management duties in full SDLC, Agile and other methodologies. o Instituted and built a Project Management toolbox on internal Wiki with project templates, project plan, risk and issue logs, change, scope mgmt, risk mgmt, logging issues for tracking in Atlassian Jira, resource negotiation, budget, cost and time review and costs, and work breakdown structures. o Managed extremely aggressive ecommerce type projects for entire company: In house offers, Affiliate buyers tier and opportunity data, data brokerage, list management, facility move, internal Wiki build and design, MS SQL Reporting Services to build reports for providers and buyers account activity, SQL Universal Data Collector engine replacement and email list management.Computer Sciences Corporation 3/2008 – 7/2008Assignment: Kaiser PermanenteTechnical Lead Solution Consultant/Technical Project Manager (Solutions Design, Analysis and Consulting)• Performed IT Project Management for Mega program Revenue Cycle Project track. o Performed Project Manager tasks such as creation Project Plans, scope documentation and charter to secure funding, sponsorship meetings reporting on health status of project, manage project through full Project Management Lifecycle, perform work breakdown structure, build project plans, managed teams of 45+, assist in building a growing IT PMO office through all phases of the project full SDLC. As well as supporting the negotiation for funding of various projects small to large. Strong business and technical focus to influence the team for specific performance throughout the project. Reporting to Principle Program Manager. o Leveraging the knowledge resources of PMI, Agile and other specific Project Management Methodologies; including coaching and guiding teams in the use of these methodologies. o Provided project leadership for a Revenue Cycle Mega project emphasis on SOX compliance with a team of 40 + including EPIC Vendor management for solution design. Also to include: budget forecast and project health status, project plan, issues log, risk log, scope and requirements definition, role definition creation, team resource leveling, monitor and controls, full project lifecycle and applied change management process. Lead the risk and issues management, gap cost analysis efforts. o Lead a team effort to analyze impacts of HL7 version upgrade within the clinical systems and its affects on the Electronic Health Record (EHR) exchange. The goal was to upgrade the system, and fulfill a larger % of the EHR national wide and regionally. After successful analysis, some messages where combined and split in addition to providing the additional features that version 3 had, and roll it out. This was successfully completed.Specific Epic Project Management Experience Summary 6
  7. 7. Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA Phone: (805) 587-2698 Ojai, California Email: Flute1861@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettadaltman o Lead Teams in modules: Inpatient, Op-Time, Resolute, Bridges, Cadence, Chronicles (DB) and Resolute for enterprise wide system integration. o Unique opportunity to dive deep into each of the modules with the subject matter experts on current system process to future end state process, design and function of Epic Modules. This included extensive interaction with Epic directly on solution design and build. Along with Kaiser’s legacy systems. o In-between the system wide integration other projects that had dependencies on the Epic Modules (i.e. NPI Provider billing, revenue cycle (claims), supply chain management (which I assisted in managing the team) which impacted all the Epic Modules. Once again a deep analysis and management of the Epic systems internal workings to understand impact and monitor task management effectively.• Lead a team of analysts for region wide General Ledger and Supply Chain Management system (Vendor: PeopleSoft) integration, for SOX controls and compliance and to streamline transaction processing to provide a scalable foundation for decision support and business intelligence objectives. o Build System Requirements, scope definition, project plans, sponsorship engagement and team resource leveling. Created Logical Solution Diagrams for a new billing and claims system for Kaiser. Creation of Functional Specifications, Context Diagrams, Logical Diagrams, UAT Scripts. For CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9, Modifiers, Revenue Codes, NDC and applying Assembly and State bills applications to the system. Primarily based off CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medi-Cal) instructions and change requirements. • Develop framework and managed the tracking of interdependencies within or across projects. • Takes accountability and leadership for the coordination and collection of quality business requirements. • Understands client’s needs and expectations within scope of project, also allowing barriers for execution to be removed or negotiated. • Oversaw deployment of hardware and software build of four Self-Service Kiosk’s to the Regional Medical Centers throughout Southern California.• Performed Solution Systems Analysis and Design for a Self-Service Kiosk (Front office of the Future) project. o Project Lead and assisted technical staff to build functional/non-functional specifications and logical application design flows, architectural flows, UAT Implementation plans, context diagrams, security waiver requirements and build package requirements. To take system (hardware: Kiosk and software: HealthConnect (EPIC modules): Ambulatory and Inpatient types) from proof of concept to full functionality design and implementation. o Assisted in creating and developing an IT PMO within the Kaiser IT and Business Structure on a regional basis focused on Revenue Cycle. Providing Strategic IT Project Management and Sr Systems Analysis leveraging talents and people to streamlining processes, fueling efficient internal collaboration, providing scope and requirements definition on several Mega projects, leading teams to align multiple systems for maximum revenue generation for proper CMS billing,and preparation for Government Reactivation. o Lead technical team as a Project Analyst to build, engineer, test and implement 100 Kiosks successfully in 12 regional medical centers for Kaiser. The documentation build will enable future teams to perform Kiosk implementations as a turn-key operation. 7
  8. 8. Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA Phone: (805) 587-2698 Ojai, California Email: Flute1861@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettadaltman o Coordinate with Strategic Initiatives with Principle Program Manager, which have cross-regional impact/value, for finance and technology governance to support mega projects and there various tracks and projects; pertaining to both Institutional and Professional claims. o Managing teams to develop claims billing system Resolute utilizing the vendor EPIC for specific subject matter input to over solution design for a number of EPIC modules on the Institutional, Clinical and Professional sides; specially the Inpatient, Ambulatory, IP OpTime, Resolute and Bridges modules/interfaces.Countrywide Funding Corporation 11/2005-2/2008Senior Technical Software Systems Analyst• Performed IT Project Management and Sr Business Systems Analyst role’s on high enterprise level critical projects: o Collaborated and managed teams of data and infrastructure architects, Quality Auditors, Release Management, Operations Support Team, Data Conversion, Data Management Team and business users/clients to collect distributed technology pre-Implementation and implementation tasks and details. o Lead and participated in multiple Fagan Inspections, peer reviews, unit testing, functional testing and walkthroughs to achieve defect free development efforts.• Highlights of IT Project Management and Sr Business Systems Analyst Achievements with technical leadership: o Utilized FASTER Project Management methodology (Countrywide Proprietary), and Agile Methodology, which closely patterns and aligns with the PMI design and process for a number of project managed. o Successfully project managed and implemented $20 million dollar revenue generating system for company space rental agreements applying full PM lifecycle with 120% project audit review. o Successful implementation of web portal and content management system with corporate governance restrictions, security and workflows. o Identified and created documentation for Business Intelligence dash boarding projects (Siebel and Business Objects). Provided Project Leadership in: Scope definition, budget control, planning, development and implementation of Business Objects software; to provide company with a decision support system. o Collaborated with technical teams in the design, implementation, and deployment phases of build and buy solutions. Including performing Vendor Management with Aitent. o Successfully facilitated the integration of new applications, hardware and process modifications for a major and high profile compliance preference management system, with Vendor Management with Initiate. o Created and implemented a complete system end to end process flow document, for high profile data warehouse called CM2 (Customer Master Database). This involved describing with Use Cases and work flow diagrams for multiple distributed environments and technologies.• Created Test Plans by working closely with developers to understand system functions and to create Test Plans for the purpose of User, Regression and Integration Testing. Participated in testing during the User Acceptance Testing and Quality Audit stages.• Performed system impact and gap analysis: o Identified all system gaps and impacts for an iterative system design and created specifications based on the information obtained from multiple divisions and sponsors. 8
  9. 9. Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA Phone: (805) 587-2698 Ojai, California Email: Flute1861@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettadaltmanWellPoint Health Networks, Inc 1996-2005Business Operations Analyst IIProject Management OfficeState Sponsored Business (SSB)• Provided Project Leadership team in the implementation of Medicare D program, under the guidelines of the Medicare Modernization Act. Performing Scope and Project Charter management and creation, forecasting and budgets controls, project leadership, stakeholder and sponsor engagement, roles and responsibilities, project plans, work breakdown structures, applying the PMI full lifecycle methodology including: Idea, Concept/Initiate, Definition, Development, QA, UAT, Closure and Lessons Learned. o Identify and provide key research documents/references to the team from CMS and DHS guidelines and regulations and all information that pertains to the impact of four State Sponsored business areas.• Project Managed initiative for Capitated Provider Contracts in order to be compliant with state change of benefits, correct claim system discrepancies (overpayments, underpayments and rejection of claims), and allow a consistent coverage area for all provider contracts and members. o Provided project leadership, proactively resolved project issues and changes to control scope creep, set up periodic and structured reviews of the deliverables, adjusted day to day project assignments and deliverables in reaction to immediate variances, issues and problems, developed scope requirement, established sponsorship meetings, provided assistance in resource leveling, applied full Project Management Lifecycle to project. Provided company with more streamlined contracts for providers, improving efficiency and revenue generation.• Developed Business Requirements in for a Local Code State Remediation Project. Implemented project on time, which saved the company possible sanction fees from the state by remaining compliant.• Researched regulations of the state and performed complex data analysis for claims paid as billed to non-participating providers versus comparison prices that would be paid using a specific fee schedule reimbursement pricing. Created (Project Management Methodology) PMM Business Requirements to have Non-Participating Providers correctly reimbursed from fee schedule on professional services rendered in the Emergency Room, Family Planning and Sensitive Services. Assisted with the analysis for the claims system impacts on WGS 2.0 system.• Created PMM Business Requirements for the AIM (Access for Infants and Mothers) phase II project. Conducted research, organized appropriate cross-functional team members, time managed so goals and objectives are met, communicate via reports to Senior Management on project progress status, execute strategy for complex pricing/claims system change issues and escalate issues as appropriate.• Analyzed the Lines of Business contracts and benefits impacted, claims systems programming changes and created PMM Business Requirements. Lead project by organizing meetings with cross-functional stakeholders and IT teams to execute testing for claims impacts and review new contract with the Legal Department to ensure appropriate compliance with state regulations for the Department of Health Services (DHS).• Designed and created a State Sponsored Business (SSB) Fee Schedule Description and process flow document for all state programs (both on WGS 2.0 and STAR systems). Managed and lead cross-functional teams to develop base content for of the Fee Schedule Description document. This provided a standardized terminology, detailed explanation of pricing 9
  10. 10. Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA Phone: (805) 587-2698 Ojai, California Email: Flute1861@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettadaltman products and schedules and workflow process description for CMS, which optimized efficiencies within SSB associate and management core understanding.• Analyzed and developed PMM Business Requirements based off a Department of Insurance and Senate Bill regulation for a mandatory Quality Improvement Fee (Tax on premiums per member – Medi-Cal Only). Located sources associates and documentation from Legal, Medical Managed Care, Finance, IT Dept and Marketing and Branding. Maintained myDocs central company repository for project and document management.• Interacted and supported claims operations by solving complex daily claims issues via: researching Assembly, State and Federal bills, regulations, policies and laws, data analysis (pricing, CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9 and LOCAL codes) for CMS (Medicare and Medi-Cal on WGS 2.0)• Compared and documented pricing rates from the Department of Health Services and Medicare rates, for Lines of Business (Programs): Healthy Families, Medi-Cal, Medicare, Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM), Tulare Healthy Kids, County Medical Services Program (CMSP), Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP) and Major Risk (MRMIP). Assist with writing training manual updates for the State Sponsored Business customer service department for correct and efficient processing and pricing of claims on both STAR and WGS 2.0 systems.Project Coordinator/Business Operations Analyst IIndividual and Small Group, Business Development 2000 to 2004• Strategically partnered and project managed a large team of 35 by use of project plans to create integration of new technology with Local Scanning/Imaging process (with Filenet, Captiva and Panagon software) to replace existing legacy microfilming process; company wide. o Created test cases and test plans to execute system testing, provided project leadership to team of over 50 (including end users), scope and objectives requirements, budget control, project plan, focused on client satisfaction and accuracy, conducted impact and gap analysis of new applications to current processes and platforms and scheduled and coordinated software upgrades/changes. o Presented solution to senior management for approval project decreased errors and increased document turn around by 98%. Solution impacted 1800 users. Implemented on time within budget, utilizing full Project Management Lifecycle. Project was accomplished with few scope changes (reducing scope creep and also minimal impact to ongoing business operations).• Project Lead an internal and external team (Vendor Managed Verizon), Senior Management, developers and users for complex redirection, resource utilization and reprogramming of an obsolete networking and software technology for a reporting process. Provided communications and health status reports to Senior Management, provided scope and objectives requirements, project plan, budget control, full project management lifecycle to implementation, and lead cross-functional teams, escalated issues appropriately to ensure deadlines were met while maintaining positive business relationships. Implemented process with no impacts on production and saving company approximately $30,000.• Strategically identified the need for the Captiva imaging technology to cut overtime costs by approx $9000 monthly. As the role of Project Lead, developed functional business requirements, scope and objectives requirements, organized project sponsorship, budget control, project plan, provided full project management lifecycle, identified roles and responsibilities, created project charter, risk and issue log, and initiated change management procedures and agreements. Planned project time-line, milestones, identified and resolved issues related to project. Prepared and communicated 10
  11. 11. Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA Phone: (805) 587-2698 Ojai, California Email: Flute1861@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettadaltman periodic reports of project status and issue resolution. Successfully implemented project on time and within projected budget.• Project Managed a strategic initiative to implement an automated tracking and receiving system in the Mail Center, impact to 1800 users. Provided Leadership to team of 20 + including vendor management (Pitney Bowes), provided resource leveling, scope and requirements definition, budget cost benefit analysis, contract and cost negotiation, project plan creation, project sponsorship engagement, project health status reports, change management (to avoid scope creep) and full project management lifecycle. o Executed test scripts with programmer in test environment: User Acceptance, regression and Integration Testing. System reduced errors by 99% and increased production by 60%. Created user training manuals and provided software training for 250 associates on how to use the new mail tracking system.• Created training manuals for users and and trained around 10,000 associates on the new web based system process and functionality.• Developed Intranet sites (using ASP, Java, HTML, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Teamsite (Interwoven) for multi- departments.• Performed Captiva Server Administration and support for 1500 users. Also provided backup support for Capture/Panagon, Filenet and IPD system ensuring program integrity and repair of program malfunctions.• Evaluated organizational business needs by performing a cost-analysis and feasibility research study to purchase a large inserter for the ISG Mail Center. The Pitney Bowes Inserter was able to service over 350,000 documents per month and decrease company postage costs, salary and outsourcing costs by over $500,000 per year.Agent Licensing Representative 1998 to 2000• Authenticated Agent Licensing and Termination status with state EDI systems, for 10 states.• Terminated and Appointed agents based on background check investigation through state.• Project lead an initiative to utilized MS Access by programming SQL backend to create specific reports and run queries of agent’s criteria for state inspection of agent files.• Notarized External/Internal Agents broker licensing documentation.• Evaluated and Researched state (10) contractual requirements for legal agent licensing and termination requirements. Utilizing PalWin and AppointPak state agent licensing software systems.• Verified commission and bonus information was correct based on state agent is selling in.• Assisted with design of Sybase system for agent data and conversion of Access database to Sybase.• Assisted with Implementation of Agent application CD-ROM software, for agents to apply to Unicare and Blue Cross online.Small Group Customer Service Representative 1996 to 1998• Adjusted over 5000 client-billing statements to reflect correct Premium.• Maintain production reporting within 98% accuracy weekly. 11
  12. 12. Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA Phone: (805) 587-2698 Ojai, California Email: Flute1861@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettadaltman• Membership maintenance of clients’ sensitive and complex accounts.• Reports on and researches records relating to monies owed to and paid by groups to the company.• Responded to inquiries and/or complaints by providing information and managing resolution of member problems.• Establishes and maintains favorable relationships with subscribers, providers and brokers.• Enters data into the system following standard procedures along with HIPAA regulations.• Add/Delete/Modify members’ applications.• Promotes and presents plans and products to groups to upgrade contracts for Small Groups.• Respond to an average of 70-100 calls per day to various client requests.• Handled Small Group, Individual, Sales Support and Underwriting calls and using Mainframe Star system screens.Super Doc’s Mobile Notary 1995 - PresentOwner/Notary/Certified Loan Signer• Experience in performing Notarization for various documents: Loans, Lien Satisfied, Power of Attorney, Domestic Partner, Immigration, Wills, Leases, etc• Knowledge of and experience in performing Fingerprinting according to the state requirements.• Research and review Notary State and Federal Laws (new and changing), regarding execution of Acknowledgments, Jurat’s, Subscribed Witness, Subpoena’s for Notary journal entry’s and Identity Theft and Fraud.Schaefer Ambulance CompanyCertified EMT1994 to 1995 • Coordinated emergency coverage and interfaculty stabilization for Neonatal, Psychiatric, Air and Critical Care transports. • Implemented a plan to expedite emergency transport response in the event of a multi-casualty crisis. • Translated and formulated emergency advanced life support reports to Physicians to reflect the current status and medical history of patients, in emergency situations.Countrywide Funding Corporation 1992 to 1994Reconveyance and Liquidation Technician • Processed 80-120 Reconveyances per day with minimal to no errors • Corrected and processed Titles and Deeds of Trust • Verified Loan Documents for Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Assumptions • Liquidated property, ordered Sheriff for removal of tenants and processed vendors checks. • Processed Impound Accounts for Tax and Insurance on PropertyVolunteer Organizations • Camarillo Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) and Certified as a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) by Ventura County. 12
  13. 13. Loretta D. Altman-Pollack, MBA Phone: (805) 587-2698 Ojai, California Email: Flute1861@hotmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettadaltman • American Red Cross Disaster Assistance Response Team member and Alzheimer’s Search and Rescue Volunteer. • Pet Stop Rescue VolunteerProfessional Awards and Recognition • Presented with two awards in 2004 WellPoint SSP Solutions for Success, bronze award and honorable mention for ideas that where implemented. • Presented with WellPoint State Sponsored Business “Impact Award” in 2004 for going above and beyond expectations by submitting solutions that where implemented. • Presented with WellPoint "Impact Award" for work on 2003 High Volume Pitney Bowes Mail Inserting Project and service and participation in the 2003 budget development and its continuing reforecast. • Presented with Wildwood Elementary School 2002 Certificate of Appreciation for the donation of equipment, which established a school lab and two computers for every classroom. Also created public awareness of Blue Cross giving campaign via the newspaper article. • Presented with Los Angeles Volunteer Center Certificate of Appreciation to WellPoint and myself in donation of equipment for people in need. • Recognition in WellPoint "Living the Values" magazine for community effort in providing equipment and fundraising for people in need in 2002 and 2003. • Given a Letter of Appreciation 1995 from Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, Sofia Garcia-Conde Zuckerman. 13