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Technical Compentency Document


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Published in: Technology
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Technical Compentency Document

  1. 1. Synergy Technology Services conceive implement measure
  2. 2. Technical Competency Matrix of core team Core Team Total Members Experience Primary Skills Secondary Skills J2EE - Struts, Core Java, Hibernate, ANT, AJAX, Oracle, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, Ajay Lulia SQL Server, MySQL XSLT 9 Years .NET Framework -, C#,, Oracle, SQL Server, ASP, VB, PHP, Bhavin Shah MySQL JavaScript 7 Years J2EE - Struts, Core Java, C#, asp, VB, PHP, Hibernate, Spring, Oracle, SQL JavaScript, Manav Vora Server, MySQL XSLT 7 Years .NET Framework -, C#,, Data warehousing, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, ASP, VB, PHP, Rajesh Kumar EAI JavaScript 7 Years J2EE - Struts, Core Java, Hibernate, Spring, Tapestry, Drools, Oracle, SQL Sujay Bhowmick Server, MySQL PHP, JavaScript 6 Years Page 2 of 12
  3. 3. Projects experience of core team Core team members in their individual capacities have played key roles for various projects in their respective Organisations. Some of the projects are as follows: • ISMC-CiTR - Australia - Domains: CiTR AccessPoint has been applied to the following domains: o eGoverness - to create e-government systems that use Internet technology to improve the delivery of Government services. o Human Services - to create a directory of human service providers and the services they provide, for service providers to share information, and refer cases and work together to provide services o Law and Justice - to create a portal to quality assured information on legal matters and services provided by the legal sector o Education - to create a portal to quality assured information for use by education professionals and students o Emergency management - to provide a single point of entry for planners and emergency service workers to access a wide variety of types of information. CiTR AccessPoint is a platform for creating a portal, i.e. a single point of entry, to a sector or community of organisations. It provides information management, service directories, referral management and transaction management. CiTR AccessPoint is designed for service-oriented portals. That is a system for people to find and obtain services. It is therefore designed for use by service industries. AccessPoint can be accessed from various channels like Phone, IVR, Mobile/PDA, and Computer. The team members were a part of team, which traveled onsite (Australia) to understand the product and enable the further development and maintenance of the product from the offshore development center in mumbai, India. Technologies used: Core Java, Proprietary MVC implemented framework, XML, XSL, EJB Page 3 of 12
  4. 4. • CGI-AMS - Functional Domain: eGovernance AMS is a US based product company with ERP applications deployed for various government agencies in US. There is an on going effort to move the product development and maintenance work offshore in India. Team member was responsible for traveling to US and bring the product domain and technology knowledge to India. Project: Advantage Budgeting Performance Budgeting applications for federal, state and local governments provide a comprehensive budgeting solution designed to address these issues, while supporting broader government performance management initiatives. The product is built upon robust relational database structures that have superior functionality and performance in the public sector budgeting environment. CGI-AMS Performance Budgeting is the first enterprise-wide budgeting system exclusively designed for the government. All elements needed for public sector budget formulation, analysis, reporting and monitoring are integrated into one package. Advantage Budgeting coordinates the unique processes of a budget cycle into one system, which meets the unique requirement of US State and Local governments, state governments. Advantage Budgeting is developed using in house developed Core Web Framework. Core Web Framework is Web-based Application Framework having HTML-based user interface with JavaScript, Java-based business logic and variety of domain-independent components like Object/Database Persistence, Service-oriented Architecturequot; Team member traveled to US for understanding the architecture and implemented the processes at offshore business unit. Team Size: 20 Technologies Used: J2EE, Web Framework, Eclipse 3.2, WebSphere, Weblogic, XML, JUnit, SQL Server 2000 & 2005, Oracle 9i & 10G, DB2 Server. Project: infoAdvantage AMS infoAdvantage unlocks the potential of distributed data to improve government operations. The solution blends key components and methodologies-including data mart/data warehouse capabilities and extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools-to simplify information collection and aggregation and integrate data across disparate systems. End-user query and reporting analysis is its primary access method; users log in only once to access standard AMS Advantage functions and AMS info Advantage's query and reporting capabilities. Powered by web-based technologies, AMS info Advantage can analyze data from disparate sources in a seamless fashion and tailor downloaded data into business intelligence. The result is fast, focused, coherent information that can help you analyze, measure, and monitor performance, and deliver service excellence. Team Size: 30 Technologies Used: Pervasive (Data Junction), Business Object (6.5.2 & XI), J2EE, SQL Server 2000& 2005, Oracle 9i & 10G, DB2 Server. Page 4 of 12
  5. 5. • COTT - Functional Domain: Manufacturing COTT Corporation is the world's largest retailer brand soft drink supplier, with the leading take-home, carbonated soft drink market shares in this segment in its core markets of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Their product line also includes clear, sparkling, flavored beverages, juices and juice-based products, bottled water and iced teas. Their products are principally sold under customer controlled private labels like Wal-Mart, but also under their own control brands and licensed brand names. Project: Automated Data Capturing System for Warehouse Management (ADC) Automated Data Capturing System (ADC) is used to automate warehouse inventory management. It interfaces with the BPCS ERP system using a middleware IBM MQ Series. The main objective of the ADC system is to automate the inventory management and shipping activities using RFID wireless technology. The inventory management and shipping transactions between ADC and BPCS ERP system are automated using a third party product suite called IWork ADC. This suite enables programmers to implement business process workflow in the warehouse by writing transaction scripts. The scope of this project was to support the Canadian warehouses that are already running the ADC system in production environment and new rollouts for the Canadian and USA plants. Project: Crystal Reports to Cognos Reports Migration ADC and Sales EIS system of BI had reports that were generated using crystal reports. It involved using of a custom application to schedule the reports for generation. The client wanted to replace the custom application and implement the crystal reports in Cognos. The scope of the project was to understand the reports that were in crystal and improve and implement the same using Cognos impromptu reports and eventually getting rid of the custom application built for scheduling the reports. The Cognos reports were scheduled and accessed on the web using Cognos upfront suite of applications. Team Size: 25 Technologies used: MS SQL Server 2000, IBM MQ Series v5.3, Windows 2000, Java, JSP, Struts and IWORK script development studio, Cognos Impromptu 7.1 reports developer Page 5 of 12
  6. 6. • CLSA – Functional Domain: Securities and Derivatives Market. CLSA is leading Investment bank based out of Hong Kong and having offices in more than 12 countries. CLSA specializes in Securities and Derivatives brokering in Asia Pacific markets. Most of its clients Fortune 100 companies like Barclays Capital, Fidelity etc. Project: OMS (Order Management System) and FIX Systems: OMS is the trading platform used by CLSA to trade in all the Asia-pacific markets. This project involved implementation of OMS platform to new CLSA offices for upcoming markets for trading. The main information protocol used to exchanges data between stock exchanges and the OMS is FIX (Financial Information Exchange Protocol). Web Methods integration server was used to integrate client applications with OMS platform. The database supported was Oracle 8i, 9i. Team Size: 15 Technologies used: Java, J2EE, Hibernate, Rules Engine (Jess), Web Methods 6.5, Oracle9i, Solaris 9. Page 6 of 12
  7. 7. • WebMD - Functional Domain: Healthcare/Insurance. WebMD Corporation provides services that help physicians, consumers and providers. Their products and services streamline administrative and clinical processes, promote efficiency and reduce costs by facilitating information exchange, communication and electronic transactions between healthcare participants. WebMD is one of the largest health care service providers and also one of the biggest Insurance clearing house in US. Project: Submitter Tracking System (STS) The STS application has 110 reports and security for restricted user access is distinguishing features of the application. STS has four modules: 1. Bulldog: The Bulldog module tracks the sales and marketing information of the various healthcare and insurance products that are marketed to the doctors and hospitals. 2. Malcolm: The Malcolm module converts the contact to Client (permanent account). It maintains the doctor/hospital account and captures various phases of account life cycle like Provider Authorization, Product Installation, Migration and test Info. 3. Morocco The Morocco module is associated with data mining and deals with analysis of the monthly claims that are sent to the insurance company. Morocco reports account wise details and summary of the claims. 4. Pactrack The Pactrack module provides proactive tracking of claims and handholding with the existing clients. WebMD executives analyze the accuracy and errors in the claims that are sent to the insurance company. The scope of the project is to convert the Tracking application to Web based application. This application will be accessed using the Internet / Intranet. This system is in production. The team was involved in designing the systems, which enabled various applications running on various platforms to share data. The biggest challenge in the project was that WebMD being one of the big clearinghouses had Hugh volume of data, which was entered by the personnel’s at WebMD and from various sources of data (Insurance Claims, Application etc.). The team was successful in implementing a solution, which could handle the Hugh volume of data. Project: CMS (Client Management System): CMS uses a middleware interface to integrate the Bulk Enrolment System (BES). BES is a generic oracle application that is used by various WebMD systems. The data required by CMS is fetched through a middleware interface called Bulk Enrolment Interface (BEI). BEI is developed using Java stored procedures residing inside ORACLE (8i) database. XML and XML Schemas are the standards used for mapping and validating the data between both CMS and BES respectively. These applications encapsulate the core business process and provide simplified workflow to WebMD. These applications are used extensively across WebMD offices and are playing significant role in contributing to the business growth. This system is in production. Page 7 of 12
  8. 8. Team Size: 20 Technologies used: PHP, Java, J2EE, Oracle 8i, SQL Server 2000, XML, XSLT, • Xactans Xactans is a vertical search engine for the Biotech industry. It is under construction and is in the user acceptance testing stage. Xactans is based on google scholar and is expected to handle millions of user hits as search requests. Team has designed a framework, which ensures that the performance is kept constant irrespective of the amount of traffic/volume. The biggest challenge was to ensure that the product can be scaled up and down as and when the need arises and the team has been successful in ensuring the same. Xactans has been implemented using the Lucene search engine as the core engine and Spring Framework. Team members have been responsible for understanding the core engine and making up gradations to the core engine. Team Size: 3 Technologies used: Java, J2EE, Oracle 8i, Spring Framework, Lucene Search, Ibatis. • Pulte Home – The system is a web-based application that will enable both the Pulte employees and their vendors to create and monitor the status of the Field PO's. The requirement for application integration stems from the need to keep the two sources of information in sync. Team has integrated the ePO System with Lawson 8.0 finance ERP. Team Size: 20 Technologies used: ASP, VB 6.0, COM+, XML, SQL Server 2000, Active Directory, BizTalk Server 2000 & IIS Page 8 of 12
  9. 9. Current Projects: .Net 1. An Inventory Management application Client Name: Bond Street, India. Project Brief: Client (a retail giant) needed an inventory management application to manage inventory at national level. Challenges: Synchronizing inventories at all the branches across the country and at local, regional and national level. Solution: Developed a framework which would ensure that there is a centralized server which would have the status of all the branches with failover mechanism to ensure that the data is transferred to and fro even incase of communication problems. Technology: VB.NET, MS SQL Server, DTS. 2. A data grabbing application Client Name: 3D informatics, USA Project Brief: Client (A Bio-Tech Company) needed a product which could search various online publications, fetch user filtered data and create a knowledge repository. Challenges: Crawl and retrieve data from a large number of online publications having different search patterns and different manner to display data. Solution: Developed a framework to ensure a generic crawling and data fetching mechanism which can be templatised to fit N number of publications with minimum procedure and reduced time to crawl. Technology: C#, SQL Express (Personal Edition of MS SQL Server) Page 9 of 12
  10. 10. 3. elearning Simulation Application Client Name: One of the largest elearning companies in India – The Company has subcontracted work to us. Project Brief: Client (An elearning company) needed to create a desktop and browser based business simulation application. Challenges: There were multiple challenges, which are as follows: • Identify a single technology platform to services entire spectrum of requirement of being a desktop and browser based application. • Rich user interface needed on the desktop and also on the browser based version. • Developed a testing mechanism to ensure the functionality works equally well on desktop and browser at the same time. Solution: • Team came up a complete technology suitability matrix based on the complex needs to the client. Implemented • Test Driven development for the project to ensure that the simulation product is tested at every stage of development. Technology: MS .NET, SQL Express Page 10 of 12
  11. 11. Current Projects: Java 1. An Intranet for Training Organization Client Name: Ultramax, India Project Brief: Client needed an intranet which could take care of all their internal operations (Registrations, fees, courseware, batch schedules etc.) spanning multiple branches. Challenges: Built a flexible application where the functionalities can be customized with the growing business requirements by the users of the system. Solution: Developed a robust admin module which has the rules configured outside the application to ensure that they can be customized by the end user as and when required. Technology: Struts, Core Java, Tomcat, MySQL 2. A Content Management System Client Name: One of the largest elearning companies in India – The Company has subcontracted work to us. Project Brief: Client (an elearning company) needed a content management system as a part of its knowledge management system. Application should allow the users to create/update/delete documents/process/policies etc. and also maintain a version of the same. Challenges: Stringent deadlines, Unavailability of resources with Java-Flash (flash & flash scripting) integration skills. Solution: The team came up with a plan in co-ordination with the client’s development team to ensure that all the project management and integration issues are managed and the project is delivered in a timely manner. Technology: Struts, Core Java, MS Sql Server. Page 11 of 12
  12. 12. 3. A Portal for Government Security Agency Client Name: An intelligence agency in USA consulting to FBI. The client has subcontracted work to us we are under an NDA with the client Project Brief: The portal will be one application which will host various applications to handle leads, cases and notifications for the security agencies. The objective of the portal is to help the users to view the status of criminal cases Challenges: Stringent deadlines, Integration of multiple web based application with different functionalities into one web portal. Solution: Team successfully created a portal where multiple applications with different functionalities are integrated. Technology: JBoss Portal Server, Hibernate, Birt Reports 4. A Vertical Search Engine Client Name: 3D Informatics, USA Project Brief: Search engine addresses current search engine issues by applying patented technology to first broaden a query with synonyms and abbreviated forms of the search term, and then allow user-directed priority weighting to inform the overall scoring scheme. Challenges: Stringent deadlines, patented technology, Integration of multiple High end technologies. Solution: Team created a framework which merged the different high end technologies and created a platform on which the search engine is based. Technology: Spring, Lucene, iBatis, Oracle. Page 12 of 12
  13. 13. Synergy Technology Services conceive implement measure Synergy Technology Services 302, Acropolis, Military Road, Marol, Mumbai 400059, India Tel: +91.22.28561001/2 Fax: +91.22.28561003 eMail: Web :