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Infinite Possibilities - EclipseCon 2015


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Sometimes making choices in our career paths is difficult. Wouldn't it be helpful to have guidelines to help us make decisions that open up your options rather than shut them down? Discover how choosing creativity, a growth mindset, finding your Flow, and being a Maker puts you on the path of having infinite possibilities in your career, creating a clear path to a future where you can not only be awesome, but also do meaningful work.

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Infinite Possibilities - EclipseCon 2015

  1. Possibilities Infinite Denise R. Jacobs EclipseCon | San Francisco, CA 10 March 2015
  2. @denisejacobs
  3. @EclipseCon #EclipseCon #infinitepossible
  4. The slides are here:
  5. Photo by Derek Kearney From developer à Creativity Evangelist
  6. à Founder + Chief Creativity Evangelist
  7. Part of our goal at EclipseCon
  8. 1,1,2,3…
  9. It’s the new Black
  10. Time Magazine Creativity Poll, 2013
  11. IBM CEO Study, 2010
  12. Survey of 684 Developers
  13. & Who here is creative?
  14. This is Water.
  15. Binary option?
  16. Possible selves
  17. It starts here
  18. All about choices
  19. The paradox of choice
  20. CHOOSE
  21. Non-Creative or Creative?
  22. & Who here is creative?
  23. “Creativity is all about making connections and seeing patterns.” Bruce Nussbaum, Creative Intelligence
  24. Child, please.
  25. My response:
  26. In Tibetan, creative = natural
  27. Creativity ≠ Trying to be Creative
  28. Trying ≠ Practicing
  29. “Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.” Yoda
  30. “If I try to be creative, rather than just accepting that I am creative, I fail.” Andrew J. Epstein
  31. What’s your creative frequency?
  32. Tune in
  33. How often do you show up to your creativity?
  34. Ideas a day
  35. “Deciding for creativity does not guarantee that creativity will emerge, but without the decision, it certainly will not.” Robert Sternberg
  36. Decide upon Creativity. Choose it. Then, amplify your creative frequency.
  37. Fixed or Growth Mindset?
  38. Fixed mindset
  39. Perfectionism
  40. Growth Mindset
  41. Embrace and enjoy learning
  42. How do you change from fixed to growth?
  43. 1) Listen to your Fixed Mindset voice
  44. 2) Recognize that you have a choice
  45. 3) Talk back to it with a growth mindset voice
  46. 4) Take growth mindset action
  47. Growth mindset actions
  48. & Adopt a beginner’s mind
  49. Release the Tyranny of the Expert
  50. Rediscover the familiar
  51. Re-learn something from a friend
  52. Learn something entirely new
  53. Photo: Denise Jacobs Eating my own dogfood: Improv class!
  54. Learning from experience is key
  55. Approach everything with openness and eagerness. Expand your knowledge and yourself.
  56. Blocked or in Flow?
  57. Creative blocks?
  58. Internal fears Photo: Denise Jacobs
  59. Creative Flow
  60. Is @ the Sweet Spot
  61. Enjoy + Good at + Feeling Empowered
  62. = Empowered Play
  63. Your brain on Flow
  64. Flow banishes the inner critic
  65. How do you reach Flow?
  66. Uninterrupted, focused time
  67. (Instill the Headphones Rule)
  68. Helps create space for ideas
  69. Risk/Challenge
  70. Immediate feedback
  71. Find your Flow to dispel fears and experience continuous creative growth.
  72. Taker or Maker?
  73. …Has little regard for their potential to shape the future or ability to take action on issues that truly motivate them. A Taker…
  74. …A maker’s work is characterized by morality, creativity, craftsmanship, and purposed problem solving. They view their work through the lens of service. A Maker…
  75. “….Makers choose their work based on impact and happiness.” Jason Cavnar, "Why developers should start choosing conscience over profit"
  76. Become a passionate problem-solver
  77. Make “Bug” Lists
  78. Cultivate a healthy disregard for the impossible
  79. Be clear on your “Why”
  80. Infuse meaning
  81. Who are you helping?
  82. Choose bigger, more creative problems to solve
  83. Cultivate a culture of creativity around you,_Inc.
  84. Like folks at Pixar
  85. Make things that matter – to both you and others.
  87. What do you get?
  88. Life is complex and so are decisions
  89. Two tracks
  90. Guidelines; stars to navigate by
  91. “Clarity brings about purpose, purpose brings about action, action brings about change.” Joel Yeo
  92. Mobilize a dormant creative confidence
  93. While we can’t predict the future
  94. Because of the unknown
  95. “We are the creators of the future.” Umair Haque, “How to Have a Year That Matters”
  96. Another way of putting it is
  97. All about
  98. The universe is expanding, and so are we
  99. All starts with the first step
  100. My vote? Choose
  101.  Sign up on my mailing list here! Connect, Chat, and Collaborate! Photo used with permission:
  102. THE CREATIVE DOSE A Creativity + Innovation Collective Work Better. Create More. Create Betterness. Creative Thinking & Problem-solving Applying an Innovation Mindset Creative Collaboration Team Communication & Cohesion @thecreativedose
  103. Get the slides!
  104. And finally…