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Welcome to our class Dr. Spivey.



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Welcome to our class Dr. Spivey.

  1. 1. Welcome to our classroom Dr Spivey: How 75 students visited Cambridge and never left their classroom in Los Angeles!
  2. 2. The Exquisite Corps Vahan Kayla
  3. 3. Dr Nigel Spivey is a University Lecturer in Classics and Fellow and Director of Studies in Classics at Emmanuel College
  4. 4. Two students composed a letter to Dr. Spivey on their Metro-link commute “...your excelle of how nt desc art has riptions profoun had suc d influe h world h nce on a as com the ask you pelled u one im s to questio portant n: woul for you d it be to part possibl video c icipate e onferen in a ce?”
  5. 5. The students formulate their questions for Dr. Sipvey on Facebook... pt The i p rom rq ues T he Exquisite Corps Please begin to list potential questions for Dr. Spivey. Submit only respectful questions about his career, Asher tion s research and travels. Come to Nigelfest film festival this is a partial list of questions in the works that we all have during lunch to get ideas and watch the films in the so far: 
 series you might have missed.
 1) What compelled you to study art history?
 LR 2) What would say would be the most important thing you have learned through studying art history?
 3) Personally, what is your favorite type of art from a culture group or single person; whether is be ancient or contemporary?
 4) Were you ever interested in creating art yourself?
 They self edit! 5) When you were growing up, did you want to be an art historian?
 6)What more do you think art historians can do for the world, besides teach future art historians?
 7)How did you get into the study of art history?
 8) What events led you the realization that it was your calling?
 #s 5, 7, and 8 seem a little redundant and can probably be combined into one or two 9)While studying art abroad, what is the most interesting questions. This is a combo of a bunch of people's questions. What do you think/How thing you have experienced?
 should we edit them? What more can be asked?
 10) How do you research for your revolutionary ideas and Also, how many questions can we have?, we don’t want to take too much of O' Great discoveries on art history?
 11) How does traveling to actual sites change your view on art Nigel's time. history, rather than just looking at images in a book?
  6. 6. Students have lunchtime film festivals
  7. 7. Anticipation Grows.. Asher Ingrid Tucker
  8. 8. Publicity Flyers Asher
  9. 9. Skype call in progress London calling!