architecture f/o architecture & ekistics jamia millia islamia jamia millis islamia 000 houses. 000 crore and the implementation work will be star the upavp is planning to open the registrations fo uapvp launched many schemes available for differen 000 houses will be constructed in the state. on t pradhan mantri awas yojana. about 20 bpl and hig categories. upavp the development age 000 houses have been registered by the government the upavp will spend about rs. 3 mig lig about 2 jamia milia islamia case study delhi housing policies-bjp/upa/state hospital design jamia university housing virtual case study housing complex samajwadi awas yojana is one the most popular and housing policies water green building green building delhi case study solar energy energy simulation renewable energy fire protection india new delhi singapore hotel literature study marble library super speciality eye hospital doctor sood doctor soof hospital ophthalmology hospital energy emboidedenergy green digital architecture 3d modelling techniques com policies housing is a basic human requirement of any civili which has resulted in haphazard growth of urban ar cities have been expanding alarmingly in the last housing policies -bushra fatima housing decisions policies and yojnas by bjp-batul zainab throughappropriatepolicyinterventionsandcreditavai equippedwiththebasicfacilitiesoftoilet electricityandproperaccess. 1.prioritizeallresourc pipedwatersupply whileaddingthemissinglinks. 4.simultaneouslyencour eachandeveryfamilywillhavepuccahouseofitsown national policies and programmes on habitat- apoor samajwadi awas yojna digital green architecture - phare tower up cheif minister chief hosuing state policies up goverment samajwadi hosuing polcieis more than 1.5 million houses have been sanctioned upa bjp launched in december 2005 with aim to cover constr housing policies bjp & upa minerals environment has positive effects on human behaviou air etc. land amount of energy used is equal to amount of renewa net zero energy building but at other times reduce energy consumption and g low embodied energy k tect sustainable building systems ktect sbs builds and collaborates with others in and meaningful relationships. and thriving by creatively resourcing products tha healthy cooperate with environmental resourcefulness and whenever possible help to regenerate the environment that we share. a green roof or living roof is a roof of a  planted over a waterproofing membrane. it include green roofs & green walls from the mining and processing of natural resource embodied energy is the energy consumed by all o transport and product delivery. light and ventilation potable water saving upto 20 natural resources generates less waste healthier f green buildings uses less energy the rest of energy demand is met from offsite wind contributing towards an increased water table leve pune suzlon one earth is 100% powered by onsite an suzlon one earth environmental effects of human behaviour intensive humanities energy simulation for hospitals energy simulation & analysis energysimualtion energy efficient hvac energy efficient hotel energy efficient energy simualtion energy efficient elevators and fire extinguishing assistivelisteningdevices audienceresponsetechnology smartclassroomsaretechnologyenhancedclassroomsthat suchascomputers networking andaudio/visualcapabilities. smartclassroomsisdesi thisnewsystemisjustlikearevolution.totalinfrustrac specializedsoftware modern surveying techniques what is surveying? •surveyingisdefinedasthescien digital fabrication lab with the aim to make "almost anything". this inclu a fab lab (fabrication laboratory) is a small-scal learning contemporary techniques in teaching pract existing skills living. technology : techniques “today’s digital natives hunger for new educat methods. contemporary technologies technologies us if it’s powerful and easy to use.” contemporar coordinated which can be viewed internally consistent computable information about a building project in which can be manipulated in an intelligent fashion engineers and analyze ‘building models’….. • ‘digi communicate and builders to explore a project digitally before from conceptual design through operation of the bu building information modeling (bim) bim is a process of generating and managing buildi pieceofequipment maintain assistive technology for students with visual impa studentswithvisualimpairments&autisticdisorderface orimprovethefunctionalcapabilitiesofindividualswit orproductsystemthatisusedtoincrease 3dprinting technologies metal echnologiesthatbuild3dobjectsbyaddinglayer-upon-la there are three types of printer. 1.stereo lithogr whetherthematerialisplastic concreteoranycompositematerials. andviruses) sterilizationisrequiredbecausenotal sterilization process & management and/orlowtemperatureprocesses) thesterilizationareaiswheresterilizers(steam fungi andcooling.thiscanbeaccommodatedbyatwoorthreezones sterilizationistheprocessusedtorenderaproductfreef unloading arelocatedincludingthespaceforloading spores ambient (general lighting) provides an area with o sculptures and other prized possessions grooming lighting in hospitals it radiates a comfortable level of brightness with preparing and cooking food such as reading lighting or illumination is the deliberate use of paintings •accent lighting adds drama to a room by creatin as well as natural illumination by capturing dayli it is used to draw the eye to houseplants if not all during any given hospital stay laundry services in hospitals –linen handling driedandtransportedtoavoidcrosscontamination neatlyattiredemployeesattendingpatientsinfreshcris patients spend most of their time in bed. •that means they are surro and carpets and ceiling tiles that include post-co advances in interior design technology in healthca recycled paint in the last two decades less toxic adhesives that generate less off-gassin and well-being staff efficiency and safety through thoughtful and mood evidence-based design-features that improve patien and possibly other oxygen hybrid operating room anesthetic gases. features of an operation theatre: •generally win n2) n2o andmedicalvacuumtoeachwardofhospitalsafelyandconve medicalgasdistributionsystemisacentralsupplysystem medicalair central medical gas distribution system central gas supply bio-medical wastes management steam jet cooling system steam jet cooling system is a cooling technique wh it is perfectly safe. these systems were applied s water can be used as the refrigerant. like air or chilling requirements. •mostly low-grade ener cooling dramatic increase of air conditioning since the ea solar or waste heat absorption cooling system solar air conditioning process of converting solar thermal energy (heat) themostsignificantconclusionsare: 1.thestudyconfir weasprofessionalstendtohavearomanticapproachtoward thisenergyisnotinthedailyuseofthebuilding.theenerg monitoring building performance the multi purpose working stand (mpws) is designed multi purpose working stand in metro workshop on the sides and on underfloor components of rail geothermal energy is heat (thermal) derived from t which is stored in the rock in the earth's crust. geothermal energy systems automatic facades intelligent facade •buildingsabletoadapttochangi ntelligentbuildingenvelope itmakesmoresensetomakeuseofitsincethiswillhaveapos intelligent building facades intelligent building and ultraviolet ranges of the spectrum. infrare detectors thermal detectors thermal detectors are infrared automatic system fire detection and alarm system in hotel alarm system fire detection delhi metro station elevator system in delhi metro stations elevator syste chotanagpur plateau effects of mining on environment in the state of j the great mining mess deccan plateau meghalaya plateau peninsular plateau malwa plateau natural resource -peninsular plateau nuclear medicine including positron ultrasound computed tomography (ct) emission tomography (pet) magnetic resonance imaging (mri) x-ray radiography slag based concrete. ggbs self compacting concrete. pervious concrete. types of special concrete light weight concrete. water-proof concrete. special concrete high volume fly ash concrete. clayorslatematerials grade-m10 coaching coa professional practice question papers architecture professional practice question papers jamia millia islamia- professional practice questi iia itpi- institute of town planners professional practice notes-jamia millia islamia - arcasia forum indian institute of architects –iia uia aitp aiia title of architect is protected under architects a tendering notes cost estimation bill of quantities tendering-professional practices-jamia millia isla professional practices studio ppt architecture analytic skylight selct city walk mall ludwig mies van der rohe modern furniture modern chair barcelona chair modern housing housing case study vm house landscaping cantee youth cafe canteen jamia trees housing study interlace virtual deesign housing case srudy case study housing greater noida noida pari chowk housing design unitech horizon modern housing complex the interlace construction yard innovative iron wrought iron iron pipes graphite steel types of iron cast iron select city walk mall saket le meridian standards wash basin roofing asbestos slates tin types of roof covering design road jamia milla islamia rajahthan kuldhara typologies buildings stone grit polish finishing floor stones finishes site study jamaia millia islamia site sports complex jamia tennis mesopotamia medivial jaipur islam city pakistan islamabad christian buddhist polytechnique fire timurid architecture nouveau art stores parking casestudy mall
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