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Loreto 5 Interactive for Technology 2011 by Lui Fraietta


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Loreto 5 Interactive for Technology 2011 by Lui Fraietta

  1. 1. Interactive for Year 7 Technology By Lui Fraietta of Loreto Normanhurst 2011
  2. 2. Aim• To put Year 7 Technology courses online and push them to students via the schools intranet• Courses would be accessible 24/7• To move away from the teacher lead classroom model and encourage students to work independently with a self paced elearning module which mirrored the current Yr 7 Technology programs
  3. 3. Methods Used• Lessons delivered using Captivate• User experience and authoring allows for non linear lesson flow, students navigate through the lessons based on their own interests and create there own lesson paths• Students track their own progress with course and check progress against marking criteria within the lesson flow
  4. 4. ICT Technologies used• Interface design – Photoshop, Illustrator• Authoring – Captivate• Video – Premiere Pro 4• Information Architecture – Micro station• Audio – Garage Band, Sound forge• Assessment downloads and Marking Grids - Word
  5. 5. Screen Shots – Index
  6. 6. Screen Shots – Contents Page
  7. 7. Screen Shots – Contents Page 2
  8. 8. Screen Shots – Video Detail
  9. 9. Project Evaluation - Positive• Eye-catching design with intuitive navigation which is easy to use.• Available to students 24/7• Tracks students progress• Complete course stored locally and on students computers• Reader caters for individual learning abilities of the student
  10. 10. Project Evaluation - Negative• Requires high level ICT skills to design, produce and edit - professional design and authoring skills required• Time consuming to create and change content• Course delivered over 1 year (year 7) and some students may find this level of working independently overwhelming• Video support material not complete and requires additional teacher instruction