Loreto 5 Richard Munro 2013


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Loreto 5 Richard Munro 2013

  1. 1.      History has moved on from factual recall Students need development of ideas Students need to support ideas with historical evidence Students need to organise ideas and evidence into reasoned arguments Loreto 5 to create resources that assists the above objectives across all key stages of learning
  2. 2. Target Year 12 Ancient History.  What can I do to make a flipped classroom resource package a beneficial and practical use of precious senior class time?  Not using Technology for the sake of it.  Offering something extra. An overlay of skills: - Essay Writing - Organisation - Note Taking - Critical & Analytical Thinking ( Role Model processes) 
  3. 3.     I chose a topic that would normally take about 3 lessons in which to deliver the content. Is an example of separate lessons that add up to a greater whole (and a possible HSC essay question). Assign lesson to ideas and arguments. Assign lesson to notetaking, Questions and Answers and individual support.
  4. 4.        Class Survey of 12AH2B. Different criteria a ranking out of 5 5 – Absolutely Helpful and Useful. Agree Very Strongly 4 – Very Helpful and Useful. Agree Strongly 3 – Helpful and Useful. Agree 2 – Not very Helpful or Useful. Disagree 1 – I‟m more confused than ever before!!! Strongly Disagree
  5. 5.  The videos helped me understand Thematically about Queens
  6. 6.  The videos helped me understand how to better approach note taking
  7. 7.  The videos helped me to understand more about how to utilize evidence
  8. 8.  The videos helped me to understand how to ANALSYE historical points and evidence more effectively
  9. 9.  The videos enable me to work at my own pace and review them for understanding, better serving my learning needs
  10. 10.  Overall, These videos have been a real benefit to my learning and understanding of the topic
  11. 11.   “I found the conclusion video very useful as it not only helped my overall understanding of the essay structure and purpose (AN ARGUMENT, NOT A DESCRIPTION!) I found it very useful in bringing all the ideas from the past videos together in a summary” (Alison Thomas) “I thought the vids were great because they were extremely structured and organized. DEFINITELY helps on analysis… the textbook can tell us about all the info and background, but having analysis from you that we can make notes on is really great. Certainly helps me understand further how to make a thematic link at the end of the essay.” (Lauren Maneschi)
  12. 12.   “I don‟t know how this could be improved but I think the time it takes to download is a bit problematic. It‟s not an issue at all for class time, but it is a problem at home where there isn‟t access to the school‟s drives.” (Chloe Gracie) “I didn‟t like the focus on one specific HSC question, I would prefer to get all of the notes down and then talk about the HSC question .” (Edmina Smith)
  13. 13.       Develop Critical Thinking skills Creating a linear skills map through Junior History – extended writing Creating an environment of „managed risk tasking‟ Using the flipped classroom to achieve the above Combine with technology, differentiation and a resource package Need a topic with multiple parts that can be combined to make an argument.
  14. 14.    Create videos that adhere to flipped classroom principles. Use screencast-omatic to provide assistance with source and evidence use. Provide traditional support with differentiated resource package.
  15. 15.      Class Survey of Year 8HIS. Different criteria a ranking out of 10 10 – Extremely Useful 5 – Average usefulness 1 – Completely Useless
  16. 16.   The William The Conqueror Essay package was useful to you for understanding the History of William‟s actions. Range: 3-10
  17. 17.   The William The Conqueror Essay package was useful to you for understanding how to write a History essay. Range: 6-10
  18. 18.   The William The Conqueror Essay package was useful to you for improving your overall knowledge, skills and understanding in history. Range: 5-10
  19. 19.    “I really enjoyed the fact that I could learn at my own pace from the comfort of home.” “I enjoyed writing the essay, I found the literacy package very useful in completing the task.” “I like putting together the essay after writing all the notes from the films and other things.”
  20. 20.    “I think we were given too much guidance” (Top Student) “Something that could be improved was letting the word limit go up to allow more room to elaborate on the subject.” “The only thing [to improve] would be for Mr. Munro to speak a bit slower.”
  21. 21.       Collegiality of working with the brilliant team of Loreto 5 teachers. Skills in IT improved – films, screen cast-o-matic. Incidental skills in IT improved, such as Excel, Edublog and Evernote. Assisting the History Department. Evidence of good results! Confidence in utilising technology to reinforce the needs of pedagogy.