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Yr 10 Learning@Loreto


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Yr 10 Learning@Loreto

  1. 1. Learning @ Loreto Year 10Mr Mark Mikulandra Dean of Learning (Years 10-12)Mrs Megan Pursche Director of Learningemail:
  2. 2. All students in Year 10 study the following subjects: Religion, English, Mathematics, Science, Australian History, Australian Geography,Integrated Learning, PDHPE and two elective subjects.The two elective subjects are from the elective subjects students studied in Year 9 last year. The electives are: Commerce, Drama, Design & Technology, French, FoodTechnology, Italian, Information & Software Technology, Music, Physical Activity & Sports Studies, Textiles Technology and Visual Arts.
  3. 3. Record of School Achievement to replace School Certificate in 2012The introduction of the RoSA represents the most significant change to secondaryschooling in over a decade and will replace a credential first introduced in 1965.Fully implemented the RoSA will:-Be a record of the full range of student achievements right up to the day they do theirHSC or leave school-Provide an electronic record of achievements that students can use at any time-Use assessment by teachers in schools, moderated by the Board of Studies NSW toensure reliability and fairness of grades-Provide the capacity to record vocational courses and students’ vocational experiencesas well as citizenship and leadership achievements such as First Aid courses,community languages courses and Duke of Edinburgh awards-More information is available on the Board of Studies website at www.boardof Look under School Certificate, Review of the School Certificate.
  4. 4. HomeworkIn Year 10, students are expected to completeapproximately 2 to 2.5 hours per night, five times aweek. This is integral part of secondary schooling andhelps students develop self-discipline andorganizational skills. Students should revise theirclasswork regularly and extend their knowledge bywide reading.
  5. 5. AssessmentsAll students in Year 10 have received the Year 10Assessment Handbook via email.It is also on the Year 10 portal homepage andparents can access it via the Parent Portal on theLearning site.This Handbook outlines the rules to successfullycomplete Stage 5, including Illness/Misadventure.
  6. 6. All My Own WorkAll students in Year 10 will complete All My Own Work this year. This is arequirement for all students in NSW in Year 10.The HSC: All My Own Work program is designed to help Higher SchoolCertificate students to follow the principles and practices of goodscholarship. This includes understanding and valuing ethical practiceswhen locating and using information as part of their HSC studies.The program is integrated with other NSW syllabuses and programs. Theprogram is designed to be delivered flexibly as self-paced learningmodules.The programs content is divided into five modules:  Scholarship Principles and Practices  Acknowledging Sources  Plagiarism  Copyright  Working with others