Year 9 learning 2012


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Year 9 learning 2012

  1. 1. Learning @ Loreto Year 9Mrs Denise HillierDean of Learning Year 7 – 9Email:
  2. 2. Year 9 students areenjoying their electivesubjects. Very fewstudents changedtheir choice in the firstfew weeks, evidenceof the wisdom of theirsubject selection.
  3. 3. Learning Skill Development in Year 9During Year 9 teachers are developing our students’ skills inthe following areas: Collaboration Critical Thinking Evaluation of Web Resources Advanced Search Techniques Evaluating Solutions Experimental Inquiry Analysing perspectives Beginning to use in-text references Constructing an Argument
  4. 4. ‘Smart Work at Loreto’ During Year Meeting Time on Wednesdays, students will be taken through a learning program to give them strategies for • Time Management • Subject-based Learning • Effective Learning in Lesson Time • Exam Preparation • Improving Memory • Assignments • Working with Others • Motivation
  5. 5.  Outlook  Tasks on her  Skype can Calendar can be planner help used to get should be students organised specific and work detailed something out together  Set reminders using Outlook to keep to schedule  Limit Facebook activity
  6. 6. How much help should a parent/boarding supervisor give a student in Year 9? Depends on the student As little as possible – encourage independence Don’t do it for her, but do make suggestions of things she could do for herself Encourage her to read the marking guideline Suggest that she considers feedback from the teacher Discuss what’s happening in the world from different viewpoints Show her you are curious and are still learning Let her have small failures sometimes – real learning opportunities – but be around to pick up the pieces
  7. 7. Collaboration is a powerful learning tool
  8. 8. Conversations Students are encouraged to use Conversations to form learning goals and devise strategies to reach their potential. The Tutor can suggest study ideas and act as a ‘coach’ to motivate and encourage. A Parent with concerns about learning should email and the enquiry will be directed to the appropriate staff member, who will respond as soon as possible.