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Loreto 5 2011 Daniel Locking


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Loreto 5 2011 Daniel Locking

  1. 1. Loreto 5, 2011 Daniel Locking
  2. 2. Objective• To explore and implement new computer technologies to be used in the collection and analysis of Social Science fieldwork data.
  3. 3. Geography Fieldwork Portal
  4. 4. Interactive WhiteboardTerm 3 – some interest emerged from theSocial Sciences faculty members aboututilising the SMARTboard for a year 10Geography unit of work. “Australia’s Regional and Global Links”
  5. 5. Web tools Identification and exploration of web tools that may be of use to the faculty’s teaching and learning.• Tripline• Fototagger• Gapminder• Worldmapper
  6. 6. Social Science Resource Page
  7. 7. Professional Development Participation in the Loreto 5 program has enabled me to develop an awareness and understanding of the following applications:• The school portal• Microsoft Sharepoint• SMART notebook• Tripline• Fototagger• Web applications (gapminder, worldmapper)
  8. 8. Faculty Benefits The Loreto 5 program has facilitated the following benefits for the Social Science faculty:• An awareness of ICT integration in fieldwork activities• An awareness IWB teaching and learning activities• A resource centre capable of handling the transfer of material from the T: drive