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Year 7 2012 Integrated Learning Presentation


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Year 7 2012 Parents Presentation about Integrated Learning at Loreto Normanhurst

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Year 7 2012 Integrated Learning Presentation

  1. 1. Integrated Learning?Denise HillierDean of Learning Year 7 - 9 2012
  2. 2.  Follow this link to view a video of an ad that Year 10 students were shown last week in Integrated Learning. This clip encouraged discussion about the nature of ‘truth’ and the way that news is communicated via social media. Their topic, Looking Beneath the Surface of the News, asks them to investigate a current news story, and to examine the different perspectives.
  3. 3. Learning for the 21st Century The 4 Cs
  4. 4. Collaboration
  5. 5. Communication,especially with 21stcentury tools
  6. 6. Creativity
  7. 7. Critical Thinking
  8. 8. The FACE CurriculumF Faith Spirituality, Social Justice Gospel ValuesA Academic Subject based knowledge and skillsC Community Social and emotional growthE Extra-curricula A rich and balanced life
  9. 9. Test YourselfF or A or C or E?Model United NationsPollution at Wentworth PointVisiting Artist who paints coastlinesThemes in Mary Poppins, the MusicalYalda Hakim, SBS Journalist, visits Year 10How to work in groupsDesigning public spacesWikileaks
  10. 10. What is Integrated Learning? Combines ideas from a number of subjects, allowing students to see connections Draws from the F.A.C.E curriculum Focuses on the 4 C’s Reactive to significant events Develops literacies
  11. 11. How ? Delivered by team of teachers from different faculties (called Advisors in 7/8) Open Learning spaces that allow flexible groupings Record of School Achievement subject in Year 9 and 10 ICT rich Some double periods
  12. 12. Time Allocation Year 7 6 periods per week Year 8 5 periods per week Year 9 3 periods per week Year 10 2 periods per week
  13. 13. Year Themes Year 7 Discovery Year 8 Connectedness Year 9 Outreach Year 10 Creating a Vision Year 11/12 Creating a Future
  14. 14. Year 7 Focus on SkillsICT, Grammar, Research, Social,Speaking, Listening, Thinking, ProblemSolving Conversations What’s happening in the world? Meeting student needs Year Overview (handout)
  15. 15. An occupational therapist advises Year 7students about healthy posture and use oflaptops.
  16. 16. BernadetteO’Dwyer Year 7 Team Manager
  17. 17. How can parents help?  Plenary Meetings 7-12  Parent Portal  Robust discussions about real life issues  Model curiosity and life long learning  Support the idea of Integrated Learning
  18. 18. The last word from one of our students Lauren McIntyre, Year 12 Followthis link to hear Lauren’s own words about her Integrated Learning experience.