Qrious things qr codes


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QR codes explanation for our CEO Staff meeting Term4 2012, includes link to a great use of QR codes by Sukiennice Museum and ideas used by our schools for learning

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Qrious things qr codes

  1. 1. QRious Things QR codes CEO Staff Meeting Term 4, 2012 Thursday 11th October
  2. 2. What is a QR code? QR = Quick Response
  3. 3. What is a QR code? QR = Quick Response with QR reader App & camera
  4. 4. What is a QR code? QR = Quick Response Website Text with QR GPS location reader App and more & camera
  5. 5. Type This http://www.learningexchange.n sw.edu.au/programs--- services/information- services/library/virtual- library-display.aspx
  6. 6. Type This or http://www.learningexchange.n sw.edu.au/programs--- Scan This services/information- services/library/virtual- library-display.aspx
  7. 7. All this on a poster
  8. 8. All this on a poster or This poster
  9. 9. Storytelling with QR codes"Secrets Behind Paintings" See how the Sukiennice Museum used QR codes to engage patrons
  10. 10. Orientation Link to audio or video file explanations easilyParramatta Marist
  11. 11. ScienceCC BY-NC-SA by Periodic Videos sco ver Di uire Inq and derst Un
  12. 12. ScienceCC BY-NC-SA by Periodic Videos sco ver Di uire Inq and derst Un http://missaliceleung.wordpress.com/ 2011/09/04/qr-codes-in-science/
  13. 13. GeographyLink to Googlemap location to identify/ explore locations, features etc.
  14. 14. English/Languages/ESL/Special education lary lists Vocabu nds ord sou W
  15. 15. Access ebooks
  16. 16. Creating QR codes Via the web use Kaywa or BeQRiousVia the iPad scancreate, check andlist with QRafterPro or be artistic with QRt App
  17. 17. How could youincorporate QR codes in your work?
  18. 18. Want more?Practice your QR code reading skills onVirtual Library Display on 4th floor Check out QR codes in your newspapers and magazines and on packaging, in museums/libraries, etcFor more information aboutcreating and using QR codessearch OSCAR or scan this QRcode to take you there.