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Shortlist Books 2012 presented by Paul MacDonald, Children's Bookshop Beecroft

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Shortlist 2012

  1. 1. The Short List Plus Hot Reads Paul Macdonald M Ed B Ed The Children’s Bookshop Beecroft
  2. 2. ....And we must be Champions inpromoting reading and books!
  3. 3. The Rise ofTeachers’ Notes!
  4. 4. Textual IntegrityAS one of eight judges for this years Childrens Book Council of Australia (CBCA) awards, Michelle Prawer knows she carries a tremendous responsibility. "We are looking at story, character development, book design, the graphics, if the graphics match the text, and the integration between the words and pictures. "We are looking at whether or not its a stand-alone book. For example, if you have the third in the series, it has to stand on its own to get the award.
  5. 5. Older Readers: Of the Six..... 5 Males/ 1 Female Author Four Novels 1st person1 Fantasy- 5 Social Realism All established authors
  6. 6. Younger Readers: Of the Six..... 1 Male/ 5 Female Authors Mixed Genres All established authorsWidest spread of novels- At least three high school
  7. 7. SynopsisJosh is a nervous kid and when he gets sent to stay with his grandparents, he has evenmore reason to worry. He really loves them, but his last visit wasn’t a great success; Pophas a passion for scary stories that Josh doesn’t share. This time though, Pop introducesJosh to the Viking legends and Josh is hooked. He decides he’ll become a Viking, becausethey’re so brave and strong – just like him. When Josh is tormented by the local bullies hechannels his inner Viking, with a little help from the Norse gods, to overcome their threat.ThemesThe Last Viking is about courage, imagination, determination, and colander helmets. It isabout learning to face your fears and finding the courage within to tackle them; it is aboutthe comfort and friendship a pet can provide, the power of family and the magic of usingyour own imagination to create fantastic fun. Of course, it’s also about Vikings.Writing StyleThe Last Viking is written in the third person, present tense, but much of the story isconveyed in dialogue. Carefully placed throughout the book are textless picture panelswhere the story is told in illustrations alone.
  8. 8. 80 full-colour pages of art activities and teacher’s notessuitable for earlylearning, primary and lower secondary. $43-95Available 1st week of June
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  16. 16. Dystopian TeenFiction Dominates 26
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  20. 20. “Children who know adults who read for pleasure take it for granted thatreading is a valuable and worthwhile activity” (Csikszentmihalyi, 1991) 31
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  22. 22. Paul Macdonald M Ed B Ed The Children’s Bookshop Beecroft•School Visits•10% Discount for Teachers allTimes•15% discount on books•20% discount on Class Sets•Lists for Literature Circles andClass Sets•Book Packs•$7 Postage for all orders- 1 bookor 3 Boxes of books. 33
  23. 23.  The Childrens Bookshop Book Clubs for Adults at The Childrens Bookshop are booming! We now have about 60 avid readers who meet as part of 4 different groups, each group meeting one Tuesday night per month. What has been a stand out read in recent months? Probably the biggest response to a novel over the past twelve months has been "The Street Sweeper"- a brilliant, layered novel that sparked great responses from groups. A masterpiece? It is certainly a damn fine novel! Other past reads include "The Sense of an Ending", "The Paris Wife", "The Hare with the Amber Eyes" and "All That I Am". We are looking forward to lots of grear reads in 2012!