Chld 100 perry fall 2012 qr codes


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This presentation was adapted from an Aug 2012 presentation by John Bartelt of Univ. of LaVerne. It has been customized for Citrus College.

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Chld 100 perry fall 2012 qr codes

  1. 1. QR (“Quick Response”) Codes in Education
  2. 2. Types of QR codes: Text
  3. 3. Types of QR codes: URL
  4. 4. Types of QR codes: Video
  5. 5. Types of QR codes: Map Location
  6. 6. Types of QR codes: Twitter Profile
  7. 7. Types of QR codes: Facebook Profile
  8. 8. Types of QR codes: Telephone # Call or Text
  9. 9. Text a Librarian!
  10. 10. Types of QR codes: SMS Message (Short Messaging Service)
  11. 11. Types of QR codes: Email Message
  12. 12. Types of QR codes: Calendar Event
  13. 13. Full Contact Info
  14. 14. Avery Label 22805
  15. 15. Classroom Applications
  16. 16. Classroom Applications
  17. 17. Business Cards:
  18. 18. Classroom Study Games
  19. 19. Syllabi
  20. 20. To Create a QR
  21. 21. Compilation video ofQR Code uses in education (14 minutes)
  22. 22. Ideas from the video: 1. Student-made book reviews 11. Maps to identify your location 2. Language pronunciation keys 12. Maps to direct you to some location 3. Homework video resources 13. E-book links, book catalog records 4. Captured lab videos on a calendar 14. Multimedia guides and how-to vids 5. Home Economics recipes on QR 15. Equipment use video guides 6. Music lessons in Music class 16. Scavenger hunts, treasure hunts 7. Science environmental stations 17. Links to long-URL web sites 8. Business cards, leaflets, posters 18. New vids/explanations in old texts 9. Newspaper extra resources/videos 19. Get problem help on answer sheets10. Posters with calendar information 20. Syllabus and study guide extensions
  23. 23. A few more ideas: • QR codes in learning areas, to link students to additional resources • QR codes in resource centers, to link to videos explaining resources or concepts • QR codes at office entry points, as digital business cards • QR codes in resource libraries, to link directly to a virtual library • QR codes during events, for enhanced interaction or downloadable handouts • QR codes in learning spots, to enhance learning with videos or podcasts • QR codes to connect to help (like the OIT help desk) • QR codes for guided tours, or during events • QR codes on a calendar, to deliver missed lectures or homework • QR codes for logins, to get immediate access to a wireless network • QR codes to scan-vote, using twitter tools • QR codes to enhance/extend information in books & printed materials • QR codes that lead to book trailers to the backs of library books • QR codes on math worksheets, for video solution tutorials • QR codes in newsletters, for a gallery of artwork that couldnt fit • QR codes for research assignments, linking to subscription databases • QR codes for interactive displays • QR codes on worksheets or handouts, for additional help
  24. 24. The LEC staff came up with ideas for their labs, including: • QR codes on the syllabus next to our contact info • QR codes on study guides with helpful hints • QR codes for each step of long problems • Mirroring EAR & resource sites on the portal for their discipline • Using Socrative throughout sessions for questions (so students dont have to be embarrassed to ask "simple" questions).
  25. 25. Video aboutUbimark QR Books (4 minutes)
  26. 26. Resource Materials(
  27. 27. Questions?