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Love At First Byte


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Used for presentation at Tots and Technology and will be tweaked for TCEA 2012 preso.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Love At First Byte

  1. 1. +
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  3. 3. @ First BYTE White OakNina Peery
  4. 4. Dying to know about QR Codes? Click on the code to watch the video
  5. 5. When these twoget together, Look what they can do!
  6. 6. QR Code Generators
  7. 7. Without a Reader, a QR Code is . . .
  8. 8. o de Rea d C UpCode e R QuickMark Zxing rsQ NeoReader BeeTagg Mobiletag ScanLife Kaywa
  9. 9. o de Rea d C UpCode e R QuickMark Zxing rsQ NeoReader i-nigma BeeTagg Mobiletag ScanLife Kaywa
  10. 10. Ok, so what can you do with QR Codes in a Classroom?
  11. 11. See how one school is utilizing QR Codes for Education. . . Click on the zebra to watch how.
  12. 12. • Students create book trailers using anWhite iTunes App called Storyrobe or the video feature of the iPod Touch 4th Generation. They upload the video to YouTube, grab the URL, and create a QR Code on a QR Generator site. This Oak code image is saved and adhered to the inside cover of the book.• Teachers create videos or podcasts of classroom procedures. They create QR Codes in the same way and tape or glue in the front of the sub folder for the substitute teacher.
  13. 13. • Teachers create worksheets or online Moodle lessons with QR Codes that lead students to the source of the answers on a quiz. • Next year, elementary students will create QR Codes to describe the plant and wildlife of our Nature Center,. These codes will be laminated and placed on outside placards near the items.
  14. 14. How can I get a Donor’s Choose ClassroomSet of iPods? Limeaides for Learning Digital Wish Boxtops for Education
  15. 15. Excellent TIPS for Managing a Classroom Set of iPod Touches
  16. 16. th er • ahrenfelt/QR-Codes RE • SO 2010/06/handheld-learning-beyond- the-classroom/ • U mobile/innovative-uses-of-qr- R codes/ C • E S play_or_edit?id=51894
  17. 17. @ First BYTE White OakNina Peery