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Curation for schools


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Curation tools develop a range of skills for students including information literacy

Published in: Education, Technology
  • Hi Inash, we wanted to take a new approach towards content curation and present the curated content it in a more beautiful way. So we built which allows anyone to create beautiful curated web pages on any topic in minutes. You can check it out at
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  • Have a look at how Parramatta Marist High School is using curation tool Pinterest to provide information literacy, research and other learning tools in a visual way for students.
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Curation for schools

  1. 1. Content Curation for learning
  2. 2. • 250 million photos uploaded • 294 billion emails each day to Facebook each day • 3 million new blogs each• 48 hours of video posted to month Youtube every single minute
  3. 3. Growth of content curation Relevant Trustworthy Timely Where I amNext Generation Libraries Image: Far Far too much choice by Miss Steel ARK, Melbourne 2012 Creative Commons Licence CC-BY-SA 2.0
  4. 4. Top curation tools• Pinterest• Scoopit• Live binders• Pearl trees• Libguides• Delicious stacks• Evernote Image: Digital curation toolbox by Langwitches Creative Commons Licence CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0
  5. 5. Extend learning• Create personalised information websites/ guides• Aggregate online tools/websites in one place• Extract pertinent information, synthesise in a concise, visual format easily and quickly• Keep up to date on a topic
  6. 6. Curation skills• curiosity,• media literacy,• ability to make connections across disciplines,• information literacy,• the ability to evaluate and understand perspective, synthesize and evaluate information, and a good dose of self-direction.  Ref:
  7. 7. Pearl trees• Visual bookmarking• Mind map interface• Drag and Drop• Connect with others
  8. 8. LiveBindersOrganise all yourwebsites, documents,movies, and imagesinto tabs and subtabs
  9. 9. Scoop-it
  10. 10. Pinterest• Visually showcase a set of resources• Create reading lists• Collaborate and connect
  11. 11. Evernote• Capture relevant information anytime on any device• Digital Portfolios• Make notes• Organise• Share
  12. 12. Content curation process Know Identify your relevant users content Social Media OrganiseEngage & Share Add context
  13. 13. Resources• curation-project-2012• 2012/07/27/developing-future-workskills- through-content-curation/ Lisa Nash @lisanash9