Social media can you afford not to crymes jan2013 hfma lone star


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Social media can you afford not to crymes jan2013 hfma lone star

  1. 1. Social Media: Can you Afford Not to?HFMA Lone Star Chapter 2013 Winter InstituteJanuary 17-18, 2013 Presented by: Lisa Crymes
  2. 2. My name is Lisa Crymes…and I’m a Geek Twitter: @lisacrymes LinkedIn: Facebook: Slideshare: HFMA Georgia Chapter Social Networking Committee Established and Launched Committee May 2010 Chairperson May 2010 to May 2012 Teams May 2012 to current
  3. 3. Social Media: Can you Afford Not to?Are you still considering why the hype with Social Media? Or howto use different networking sites beyond personal use?This session will provide an overview of social media and the basicnetworking tools available.  What is social media  Building your personal brand using social media  Professional Verses Personal Use  How Lone Star chapter can use and benefit from social media  GA Chapter Successes
  4. 4. Tools LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram Blogger, WordPress Hootsuite, Social Mention, Google Alerts
  5. 5. How Can Social Media Help Me?  Professional:  Learning latest industry trends and discussion topics  Leverage industry relationships  Monitoring Key industry leaders  Keep skills fresh  Personal:  Brand  Know your "Googleability"?
  6. 6. Social Media: Can you Afford Not to?Bad image versea good image 6
  7. 7. Know Your “Googleability”
  8. 8. Social InfluenceValue Lead Engage Listen Observe
  9. 9. Social Influence Observe: Listen: • Pick platform • Understand power of • Decide topics hashtags # • Get started, create • Listen..listen..listen profile • Join groups • STOP… observe • Follow people • Find interesting people • Observe “rules” and conversations Engage: Lead: • Start engaging • Become a thought • Ask questions leader • Respond to questions • Product relevant • Know the rules content • Don’t just self promote • Discuss ideas and get feedback • Don’t post info you haven’t read or understand
  10. 10. Social Media does not Replace Networking Social Media is not a replacement for real relationships Engage in conversations online and off I’m Cooler Online
  11. 11. Time Commitment Source: Lee Aase Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media
  12. 12. WARNING!! WARNING!!  Socialtis?!  Avoid the overload  Learn when and how to disconnect  Listen only
  13. 13. GA Chapter Success with SocialMediaSpring/May 2012 Fall /Nov 2012:LinkedIn LinkedIn: Started April 2009  443 members Currently 368 members  Twitter:Facebook:  302 Tweets• Started Dec 2009  251 Followers• Primary posts have been social but  interactive Healthflock:• Interaction has been steady  Sept 2012 3K  Avg 3K per monthTwitter:  Started Jan 26, 2010 Facebook: Currently at 189 followers  196 total likes Least active of social media sites, used primarily to promote AJC Healthflock, Klout Score: 30 engage during local industry events (TAG, HIMSS, etc) Engaging with a subset of industryHealthflock Blog• Nearing our one year mark• Received approximately 20k Hits• Trending approximately 5K per month• 109 Blog Posts, and 169 comments• Submitted Yerger 2011-12
  14. 14. Healthflock
  15. 15. Chapter Success and OpportunitiesWhat we have done well Opportunities for growth All social networking sites have  Engaging committees in using continued to grow tools to promote meetings Using social media to enhance  Soliciting feedback on type relationships outside of chapter content and where we can events expand Reaching and collaborating with  Increase interaction among members and non-members provider committee Positioning Georgia HFMA as a innovated chapter Moderating the accounts so they are not spammed or sales focused Promoted social media through Georgia Scroll and education sessions at Institutes
  16. 16. What is the Cost of NOT?
  17. 17. Thank you! See ya Online! @lisacrymes