Social Media for HR


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Social Media for HR

  1. 1. Social Media for HR April 2010
  2. 2. This is Me Microsoft Social Media and Blogging, Advisory Board Member --- Social Media Club of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Chair, Ethics Committee Chair and Board Member --- David Libby, SVP, Digital/Social Developed and executed social media and blogging Media programs for big brand clients including The LEGO Group, General Motors, Nestle CRUNCH, among others --- 16+ year public relations pro --- Toy Collector 1
  3. 3. Let’s look at the HR Trends in Social Media •HR professionals consume an average of 3.77 hours of social media content per week for work purposes; •HR professionals consume online editorial content (2.77 hours) and vendor content (2.13 hours); •Social media makes up 43% of total media consumption among HR respondents; •Social media presence helps build their personal brand, makes them more valuable and advances their career in HR; •Most helpful tools for career advancement were professional networks such as LinkedIn as well as best-practice communities, each named by about two-thirds of HR executives. Source: eMarketer 2
  4. 4. Key Learnings Leverage Employee Engagement Brand Yourself Too Learn from Your Peers How to Create a Winning Facebook Profile 3
  5. 5. Leverage Employee Engagement* Get Shoot Applaud Record Fans! Video! Staff! Audio! Ask Employees to Ask Employees to Post positive Ask Employees to Fan Page; subscribe; messages about subscribe; employee Encourge them to Encourage them Encourage them post comments. awards, work, to post updates; to post team efforts. comments. Invite alumni to join. 4 *Develop Social Media Policy and Guidelines
  6. 6. Brand Yourself Too! Get Out What You Put In Listen and Learn First Personality is Key Engage vs. Promote Diversify YOUR personal brand 5
  7. 7. Learn from Your Peers Solve problems using peer-tested solutions Learn from the challenges of your peers Find developers / programmers Post a job for developers / programmers Update your status regularly Join groups Post blog posts Talk in forums Read often for latest HR news Join community, research vendors Join the social network, exchange ideas Explore the blogs Track HR trends Get credible advice Save “tagged” content Follow other taggers of like content 6
  8. 8. How to Create a Winning Facebook Profile Update your status Describe yourself Emphasize values, Facebook ads interests, website, blog No Selling No Personal Info No Privacy Post photos 7
  9. 9. Keywords, Free Insight & Monitoring Tools Top HR Keywords: toy company, toy store, toy shopping, job title, competitors’ names, competing toys Free Insight & Monitoring Tools: Google Blogsearch – Twitter Search – Social Mention – Compete – Twazzup – Monitter – Omgili – Trackur – WhosTalkin – 8
  10. 10. Some Measure of Success Number of posts Number of tweets, re-tweets Increased applications Search Engine Ranking Facebook and Twitter growth rate Web traffic impact Share of voice Sentiment Type and relevance of fans/followers Number of “exit” links to social presences 9
  11. 11. David Libby SVP, Digital and Social Media MS&LGroup (o) 415.293.2828 (m) 415.518.6611 (e) 10