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Trends in Social Media


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Trends in Social Media

  1. 1. Trends in Social Media Presented by Gerri Baum October 29, 2012
  2. 2. February 2012,66% of online adults use social networking sites Source: PewResearch Center, 2012
  3. 3. As of August 2012 As of August 2012• 66% of online adults say they use Facebook• 20% use LinkedIn• 16% use Twitter• 12% use Pinterest• 12% use Instagram• 5% use Tumblr Source: PewResearch Center, 2012
  4. 4. What Social Media is Used For Source: NM Incite
  5. 5. The Times They Are a-Changin’
  6. 6. Flipping the Social Media Engagement PyramidConsumers and their individual networks of “people, places andcontent” are at the top of the pyramid, driving the conversation rather than being on the receiving end. Source: Matt Goddard, CE, R2i
  7. 7. Brands Are Getting ‘Meme’etized
  8. 8. Memes gain popularity in a similar manner to how avideo goes viral. One person shares it with another and another and another, etc. What was originallyshared may have very little resemblance to the end result (or product).
  9. 9. Brands Are PinningVisits as of March 2012Facebook: 7 billionTwitter: 182 millionPinterest: 104 millionLinkedIn: 86 millionTagged: 72 millionGoogle+: 61 millionSource: Experian
  10. 10. Facebook Pages Get More Image-Heavy In a study of the top 10 brands on Facebook, users liked photos twice as often as text updates. And they shared videos 12 times more than photo and text posts combined.
  11. 11. Brands Celebrate Milestones With Elaborate Thank-Yous
  12. 12. Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” Becomes Promotional ToolThe AMAs are a kind of crowdsourced interview where users posequestions to a celebrity or otherinteresting figure.
  13. 13. Brands Gain a Sense of HumorOver 200 retweets in less than 12 hours - Over 1,000 retweets = a WHOLE LOT OF REACH
  14. 14. Steps to Consider• Keep up with the trends.• Listen to what people are saying and respond.• Zoom in on relevant content – Get ‘Memeetized.’• Get noticed!• Do something new.• Thank people in BIG ways.• Start some discussions.• Keep a sense of humor.
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