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Reliance Industries Limited: Building a New-age Learning Organisation


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Learn how India’s largest private sector conglomerate, Reliance Industries, partnered with LinkedIn, to bring world class learning resources to thousands of employees across multiple businesses.

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Reliance Industries Limited: Building a New-age Learning Organisation

  1. 1. The Reliance motto, “Growth is Life” aptly captures the ever-evolving spirit of the company. Their focus on growth is continuous and relentless. In keeping with this spirit, Reliance wanted to provide cutting-edge content to its modern learner. This meant bringing world-class learning resources and knowledge experts to finger-tips of thousands of Reliance employees across all businesses, accessible at any time, at any place through Reliance’s digital learning platform. OBJECTIVE “We are living in a VUCA world. At the same time we are fortunate to live in very exciting times - times where rapid technological change is sweeping the world and is redefining the rules of business and value creation. This offers a unique opportunity to us to further leap frog and scale to new heights. A critical factor to this is that all of us as torchbearers of Reliance continue to acquire, upgrade and refresh our skills knowledge and competencies.” Hital Meswani Executive Director
  2. 2. SOLUTION Set up learning modules - an exhaustive library of over 6000 courses - on a single digital platform, accessible to all employees. Align content to various learning programs, business objectives, and departmental goals to promote continuous learning and achieve business outcomes. Provide on-demand access to content on best practices, professional experts, and the most updated learning content from across the world. Reliance partnered with LinkedIn Learning to launch organisation wide, to ensure enablement of bite-size learning content for employees at all levels. The intent was to offer learning opportunities to all RIL employees, to update their knowledge base, upgrade their current skills, and acquire new ones on the job. RIL used three main levers to meet their goals -
  3. 3. LEADERSHIP BUY-IN “At Reliance, we are continuously looking for ways to making learning and development more efficient, effective and impactful for our employees Regardless of what generation you belong to, we all have the opportunity to benefit from the digital revolution in learning and that is why is such an exciting addition to our growing buffet of learning.” Ashwani Prashara CHRO - Hydrocarbons Organization-wide institutionalization of required the team to generate buy-in and accountability among the senior leadership. The proposition of “learning as a growth imperative” and the benefits of partnering with LinkedIn Learning were emphasized across all leadership interactions. The team was attempting to reorient mindsets at an organisational level rather than merely settling for a one-time sponsorship; hence, a structured and in-depth approach to building confidence in the initiative and the chosen platform was imperative. IMPLEMENTATION
  4. 4. IMPLEMENTATION The launch and the first three months were critical for achieving results and strengthening a digital learning culture. To maintain control, Reliance staggered the deployment plan by targeting different businesses, namely, Hydrocarbons, Jio, Retail, Network 18(Media), Life Sciences, followed by Reliance Foundation, Hospital and Schools. • A core team was formed comprising members from both Reliance and LinkedIn to play the roles of integrator, facilitator, and moderator for all the individual streams. • Cross-functional teams were formed to drive specific work streams: Awareness, Leadership Liaison, Roll-Out Execution, Content mapping to competencies, Marketing and Promotions. • Measurable goals for each of the teams were set at the very beginning to ensure a clear line of sight for an organisation as diverse as Reliance. SETTING UP THE CORE
  5. 5. IMPLEMENTATION The most critical task was to evoke interest and curiosity among employees and make them invested in self-growth and continuous learning. It was important to be innovative and think out-of-the-box. • Industry best-practices were applied for optimal results. This required multiple rounds of senior leadership meetings across all the business segments at Reliance. • Content mapping for more than 300 competencies and topics were used to deliver focused learning content to various businesses. The content relevance resulted in higher adoption and positive word of mouth. • Marketing collaterals such as posters, standees, screensavers and intranet banners were enhanced by video content and top management mentions to drive engagement. INTERNAL ACTIVATION
  6. 6. IMPLEMENTATION 50,000 Tent Cards with QR Codes placed across the organization Extensive promotions through the pre-launch period ensured that “New Age Learning” and “LEARN-APPLY-EXCEL” became company-wide buzzwords. INTERNAL ACTIVATION
  7. 7. Flash mobs wearing t-shirts created a memorable buzzInnovative video Logs by leadership team Street plays that depicted’s learning advantages100 Floor walks helped create awareness
  8. 8. A specially recorded video message from Shri Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited, was delivered to convey his personal commitment towards continuous learning culture within the organisation. His message was played on the day of the roll-out which went viral and garnered more than 10,000 views within minutes. IMPLEMENTATION LEADERSHIP MESSAGE
  9. 9. A three-step process of measurement, feedback, and course-correction was put in place to keep the programme on track. Weekly plans with timelines were executed and roadmaps created along with sub-goals. Monthly reviews were set up with key stakeholders from Reliance. These processes ensured a smooth and successful ramp-up phase. SUSTENANCE & MEASUREMENT “The planning, implementation, and adoption of Lynda as a learning platform across the organisation was in line with the ‘One Team’ value at Reliance Industries. About 25 cross-functional teams, each with specific job roles and quantifiable goals, came together to ensure the target was achieved within the desired timeframe.” Dr. David Selchen Chief Learning Officer
  10. 10. THE RESULTS ~25k ~70,000 hours activated users within a month of learning clocked in first 6 months 1.1mn videos viewed in first 6 months The primary reason for success was that the initiative was cross-functional. It was co-owned by Human Resources, Branding & Communication and the Chairman’s Office.
  11. 11. “The Lynda programme has been launched successfully across the board and plans are underway for the next level of learning. While the progress is heartening, the ultimate goal remains to ensure that every person in Reliance experiences at least once and completes a minimum of one course online. That is our true measure of success.” Vijeta Soni Head of Learning Technology & Innovations
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