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Linked Talent Solutions Quarterly Product Release May 2018


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Our product experts cover the latest quarterly product updates for May 2018 to help you target smarter with jobs, attract quality candidates at scale, and more.

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Linked Talent Solutions Quarterly Product Release May 2018

  1. 1. LinkedIn Talent Solutions MAY 2018
  2. 2. Today’s agenda ● Introductions/Background ● Overview of enhancements ● Enhancements in-depth ● Q&A 2
  3. 3. Welcome to a changing recruiting landscape Passive sourcing is the present, it’s table stakes Open information and technology have created new realities Universal Access Ubiquitous Opportunity Increased Intensity
  4. 4. New landscape… new challenges Meeting hiring managers’ increasing expectations? Beating the competition to reach right talent? Addressing complex talent strategy questions? 2 31
  5. 5. COMPANYJOB SEEKER Connections Education Skills Open Candidate Industry Location Interest Salary Job searches Job views Content views Companies followed Connections at company Hires Industry Company size Experience Current employees Similar companies Macro labor trends Alumni Location Culture & Values 562M MEMBERS 15M JOBS 20M COMPANIES 50K SKILLS Driving the hiring marketplace
  6. 6. AI/ML in action Michael Leonard Lives in Singapore UX Designer Follows gaming companies Open to starting new career opportunities Passionate about Graphic design Works at MediaCorp Three Promotions Actively applying to jobs What members include on their profiles (identity) What actions they take on LinkedIn (includes both affinities & intentions) What their words and actions say about them (inferences made via machine learning & AI) LINKEDIN TECHNOLOGY How we learn about candidates MEMBER
  8. 8. Talent intelligence is the use of data and insights to make people your competitive advantage. Ushering in the era of talent intelligence
  9. 9. Increase in Job Applies Leads via Pipeline Builder have never applied to a job Open Candidates 62%↑ 49%↑ 86% 12M+ 2018 Hiring marketplace performance snapshot InMail Accepts Increase
  10. 10. So...what do we have in store for you this quarter?
  11. 11. Top 3 releases rolling out this quarter INTELLIGENCE & INSIGHTS IN RECRUITER Prioritize your outreach with spotlights and smart suggestions. VIDEO ADS Attract candidates at scale with video for Sponsored Updates. JOBS ENHANCEMENTS Target smarter and get tools to prioritize the best applicants.
  13. 13. LinkedIn is the destination for quality applicants 40% LinkedIn Jobs are rated 40% higher at delivering quality applicants when compared to job boards.
  14. 14. LinkedIn Jobs will do even more to focus your time on the very best candidates with 3 updates Target the ideal audience Instantly analyze applicants Educate candidates on fit
  15. 15. 1 Artificial intelligence + custom targeting deliver more of the right candidates
  16. 16. 2 See instant snapshots of how applicants match job requirements, without viewing each profile
  17. 17. 3 Improve applicant quality by showing job seekers how well they match a job description
  18. 18. Things to Remember 1. Discover more quality applicants with automated targeting. 2. If desired, edit this targeting in job management on LinkedIn or through the manual posting flow. 3. Save time reviewing applicants on LinkedIn by hovering over ‘View criteria match.’
  19. 19. VIDEO ADS 19
  20. 20. It’s critical to impact the candidate journey early on Over 60% of the candidate journey happens before they directly interact with your sourcing team.
  21. 21. LinkedIn has become the leading social network for finding your next career opportunity 75%of job switchers use LinkedIn as part of their search 90%of candidates are open but don’t know where to apply
  22. 22. Video ads help you target and attract your ideal candidates early in their job-seeking journey Create a meaningful impression with potential talent Convert video viewers into quality leads, job viewers, & followers Prove that your video ads are driving results you care about
  23. 23. Video ads are 3x more engaging than static Sponsored Updates
  24. 24. New Video Ads metrics help you understand what talent pools are engaging most 90%of candidates are open but don’t know where to apply Understand what audience segments are watching your video ads by looking at view- rate demographics
  25. 25. Talent professionals can use video ads to ... Tell an engaging story about your company Establish your team as thought leaders Show target talent what it’s like to work at your company
  26. 26. Facebook uplevels employer branding with video ads Compared to Facebook’s static Sponsored Updates, video ads drove a 23.6% increase in candidate consideration % “We’re increasingly scaling the amount of video we produce as a way to inform, inspire, and attract potential candidates. LinkedIn video ads allow us to build brand awareness in new markets.”
  27. 27. Things to Remember 1. Video is now available for Sponsored Updates. 2. Video ads convert unfamiliar talent pools into job viewers and company followers. 3. Bottom line: nurtured talent is more likely to apply to jobs and respond to your outreach.
  29. 29. Artificial Intelligence is becoming your secret workhorse 35% Of talent professionals and hiring managers say AI is the top trend impacting how they hire.
  30. 30. Smart suggestions recommend skills, locations, and companies that help you find the best match for a role. Spotlights narrow your search down even further to candidates that are more likely to engage. Use Recruiter’s built-in AI to find the best candidates, faster
  31. 31. Boost your response rates with spotlights 2x Spotlight candidates are typically 2x more responsive to your outreach
  32. 32. Things to Remember 1. Improvements in our ranking algorithm show you the most relevant candidates first. 2. AI in spotlights and smart search suggestions drive efficiency in your sourcing process. 3. Use spotlights to increase your response rates.
  35. 35. Activating proper jobs tracking technology is key to unlocking the right data points Understanding true source of hire is difficult
  36. 36. Reach out to your ATS to activate source code tracking and gain access to hire conversion metrics Track LinkedIn sourced hires directly in your ATS
  37. 37. Reach out to your account team or relationship manager to find out how to activate Job Conversion Pixel For additional insight, add the Jobs Conversion Pixel ● Track application conversion rates ● Understand where candidates drop off ● Optimize your Jobs Strategy
  39. 39. ● Simple, intuitive usage insights ● On-demand reporting, now updated hourly ● Customizable time periods, any time within the past 2 years Better understand performance trends with our redesigned recruiter usage report
  40. 40. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS more @ 40
  41. 41. Key Takeaways 1. Learn/Share: Bookmark 2. Let data drive your decisions: Leverage LinkedIn’s insights and reports to become a better recruiter 3. Let the tools do the work for you: Talk to your LinkedIn Relationship Manager or ATS provider to get the most out of our apply integrations