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Develop a Winning Talent Brand as a Company of Any Size | Talent Connect London 2013


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You don't need to be an established company with a large budget to have an engaging talent brand. See how you can implement an effective employer brand strategy through examples like SoundCloud and ASOS.

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Develop a Winning Talent Brand as a Company of Any Size | Talent Connect London 2013

  1. 1. #intalent Develop a Winning Talent Brand as a company of any size Jessica Hayden Paul Maxin Amber Taylor Senior Talent Partner at ASOS Recruitment Manager at SoundCloud
  2. 2. Who am I? #intalent Name: Paul Maxin Twitter: @PaulMaxin Job title: Former Global Resourcing & Recruitment Director at Unilever Hobbies: Hobbies include family, travel writing, West Ham United and an unhealthy encyclopedic knowledge of the work of Bob Dylan .
  3. 3. The impact of a VUCA world on talent V = Volatility U = Uncertainty C = Complexity A = Ambiguity #intalent
  4. 4. #intalent VUCA informs the talent questions we need to address
  5. 5. #intalent The importance of differentiation
  6. 6. Differentiation  In 2006, Audi won the South Africa car of the year award…  And BMW was quick to respond… #intalent
  7. 7. #intalent
  8. 8. #intalent
  9. 9. #intalent
  10. 10. #intalent
  11. 11. #intalent What is the value of an employer brand?
  12. 12. Employer brand objectives  Consistent look and feel for communications  Strong brand promise  Central narrative and brand pillars to build individual executions  Toolkit for guidance  A select group of template examples  Communication plan #intalent
  13. 13. Channels to activate your talent brand #intalent Unknown Attract Hunt Corp Careers Site Print Advertising Niche Boards Postings Pay per Click Ads Events Campus Career Fairs Gamification Diversity Events Marketing Employment Branding Search Engine Optimize Media Presence Boolean Bar Search All Tool Active Passive Cultivate Hire Applicant tracking system     Known Prospects Referrals Alumni Employees Talent Community
  14. 14. #intalent How Linkedin differs from the other platforms  Tailored Point Of Contact for job seekers; First Point of Contact for Corporate Stakeholders and employer brand building through factual information  Embassy to nurture on-going conversation aimed at generating engagement around / raising awareness of: the company culture; the opportunities that Unilever has to offers; the commitment to sustainability; the brands… and ultimately provide tailor made job news and advice.  Embassy for visual brand engagement and storytelling. Repository of video assets that can be used across other social media channels to satisfy educational needs and spark engagement.  Repository of useful information that can be used in the consideration (I‟m considering changing my job) and interview phase  Content is mainly user generated
  15. 15. #intalent Disruptive Execution
  16. 16. #intalent Heineken: The Candidate The goal of Heineken‟s marketing team with “The Candidate” was to attract their target consumer “Man of the World” to engage with Heineken as a brand and join in conversation around this unique recruitment process! To recruit an intern in its event and sponsorship team, Heineken dropped the standard interview process and instead, put applicants through a series of unexpected and bizarre situations in a bid to find the best talent around. Over 1,700 people applied for the job and the best were invited to Amsterdam for an „interview‟, and the entire thing was captured on camera. The film was released to the brands‟ marketing team via an internal portal so they could vote for their favourite interviewee from the three best interviews. Watch Video
  17. 17. Heineken: The results 4.9 million video views to date Majority of the 11,331 Twitter mentions were positive 32.4 million impressions on Twitter, seen by 27.4 million unique users 355 million unique users reached across various leading media sources Launched on Mashable to 24m unique users, and tweeted to Pete Cashmore‟s 3m followers #intalent
  18. 18. #intalent KPMG: Virtual Recruitment Environment KPMG launched a new virtual recruitment process fit for the digital age which uses an advanced software application to take candidates into a simulation of a real office environment complete with a series of realtime tasks. KPMG won the RAD 2012 award for “work of the year” from Personnel Today A sophisticated back-end functionality to the online experience scored candidates directly against the competencies, as well as recording all results and data, which helped ensure the very best talent was selected.
  19. 19. Campbell Mithun: The Lucky 13 Minneapolis ad agency Campbell Mithun used a tweet job application to recruit its summer “Lucky 13” interns. The twitter process invited students to post 13 tweets over a 13 day period that introduced themselves and demonstrated their digital capabilities to the agency. Results  Nearly 400 applicants applied  Applicants represented 33 states, 16 countries and 103 colleges/universities  During the 13 days of tweeting, more than 4,400 #L13 tweets appeared Watch Video #intalent
  20. 20. Taco Bell: Pinterest career site #intalent Taco Bell have a huge recruiting presence on Pinterest, with boards focussed on attracting candidates and creating awareness of positions within the company. Taco Bell portrays the company as fun and friendly by pinning current images of employees working in the corporate offices and in stores on their boards, also giving candidates a behind-the-scenes look into their working environment.
  21. 21. #intalent Developing SoundCloud‟s Employer Brand Jessica Hayden Recruitment Manager at SoundCloud
  22. 22. #intalent SoundCloud is the world‟s leading audio sharing platform 200 million people reached every month Over 12 hours of audio uploaded every minute
  23. 23. Where we were #intalent Employees = 6 Year = 2008
  24. 24. Employees = 25 Year = 2009
  25. 25. #intalent Employees = 80 Year = 2010
  26. 26. #intalent Where we were Employees = 100 Year = 2011
  27. 27. #intalent We are a highly technical bunch of people who love building things
  28. 28. #intalent We come from over 30 different countries
  29. 29. And we have a story to tell… Values Traditions Success Stories Over 200 talented people
  30. 30. #intalent
  31. 31. We use the power of other platforms #intalent
  32. 32. The future? #intalent
  33. 33. #intalent Develop a Winning Talent Brand as a company of any size Amber Taylor Senior Talent Partner ASOS
  34. 34. #intalent ENGAGING OUR TALENT BRAND
  35. 35. #intalent We Would Like To Share  Who we are?  Our Story  It‟s a journey  Building our talent brand  Our approach  What‟s next?
  36. 36. Proud To Work at ASOS Take a peak at what we have been up to in the last 6 months #intalent
  37. 37. #intalent Our Story & How We Have Sourced Our Roles Challenge Impact Business Growth Change of Pace Always playing catch up Focus on filling roles No clear strategy No consistency No framework Strong consumer brand Agency 25% Who doesn‟t want to Work for ASOS Internal 69% 6% Direct
  38. 38. Recruiting Brilliantly What we have done in the last 9 months  We partner effectively and recruited experts in their field  We engage, attract and select the right people in the right way  We provide the best candidate and manager experience  We actively hunt down talent for now and the future  We‟re shouting about who we are and what we do – Employer Branding is key #intalent
  39. 39. #intalent Building Our Talent Brand  Authencity matters  We don‟t sell  We are honest  We appeal to different sides  Customers = Employees
  40. 40. Planning „A Recruitment Destination‟ Attraction Engagement Retention Conversion #intalent
  41. 41. Attraction: We Love LinkedIn  Our follower base is 58,064, we have increased this from 30,000 6 months ago  485 of the people we recruited were on LinkedIn  Content led - we are actively managing 4 unique pages to create talent pipelines  Our success on LinkedIn holds us with:  Talent brand index of 38%  3rd out of 10, most attractive in our peer group #intalent
  42. 42. What‟s Next?  Explore more of our followers as a talent pool  Develop relationships with people for now and future  Making out talent brand accessible to our global population Passionate About Our Future #intalent
  43. 43. #intalent