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How to Accelerate Growth, Innovation, and High Performance for CPAs, Accounting and Finance Professionals


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The # 1 challenge facing CPAs, Accounting and Finance Professionals is 'not enough time' who creates the equivalent of a gravitational pull of the past when it comes to changing their mindsets and thinking. How will we go from a historical perspective to a more future-focused, from rearview mirror to windshield and from being reactive to proactive?

Our latest research from the Business Learning Institute sows the critical competencies that will make a difference have not changed in the past seven years. What has changed is the gravitational pull has gotten worse as we enter what Josh Bersin calls the age of the 'overwhelmed employee'.

What we need is a new approach to learning these critical competencies. A blended approach that uses nano-learning nuggets (very short 2-3 minute single-concept videos), rapid application templates to apply each concept to the business, and a series of job aids and performance support tools to turn the learning into immediate on the job application. This is our award-winning Anticipatory Organization learning system by Burrus Research. In about one third of the time as traditional CPE, CPAs and accounting and finance professionals can learn the critical competencies of:

Anticipation; Strategic Thinking; External Awareness; Vision; Continuous Learning; Innovation ;Creativity; Problem Solving; Prioritization; Business Acumen; Decisiveness; Influencing/Persuading; Emotional Intelligence; Consensus Building; Collaboration; Inspiration; Risk Management; and Communication.

The Anticipatory Organization can support an entire cultural shift for an organization or team with the added implementation guide and collaboration tools. See more at

Our new MBA Express is another option to create or add a series of critical success skills to your technical training portfolio in on-site, on-line and on-demand learning formats.

We believe we need new approaches and new tools to break the pull of the past and the inertia from 'overwhelmed employees'. These exciting new learning formats are one step in this direction.

Accounting Today Editor, Daniel Hood said this after selecting the Anticipatory Organization as a Top Product for 2016 in the Learning Category, “Everyone keeps telling accountants that they need to change their focus from the historic and the backward-looking, and to start being proactive and offering future-focused advice – but no one tells them how. The beauty of the Anticipatory Organization program is that it actually gives you a set of tools to harness the hard trends that are shaping the future, and use them to create new value for your firm and your clients.”

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How to Accelerate Growth, Innovation, and High Performance for CPAs, Accounting and Finance Professionals

  1. Accelerate Growth, Innovation and High Performance for CPAs, Accounting and Finance Professionals Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA @tomhood
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