Recruiting the Best Talent on LinkedIn


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In this free webinar, LinkedIn will give you must-know insights on how you can leverage the world's largest professional network to find top talent and cut your hiring cost by up to 50%.

In 30 minutes, you’ll learn:
• Insights about LinkedIn's presence in MENA and the latest trends in in the market
• 5 tips to improve your personal profile on LinkedIn and use it in the best possible way
• A preview of our recruiting solutions and a demo of the tool


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Recruiting the Best Talent on LinkedIn

  1. 1. Talent Solutions ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Recruiting the Best Talent on LinkedIn Fouad Nakhle KSA Territory Manager LinkedIn
  2. 2. TALENT SOLUTIONS Agenda  Introduction to LinkedIn  Build a Recruiting Profile  Find and Engage the Best Talent  Q&A
  3. 3. Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful Our mission Creating Economic Opportunity for Every Professional Our vision
  4. 4. TALENT SOLUTIONS Creating economic opportunity 3,300M+ Worldwide Professionals 640M+ LinkedIn Members 300M+ >2+ new Members per second Worldwide Workforce
  5. 5. TALENT SOLUTIONS A few numbers you should know MENA members +10M UAE members +1M KSA members +1M
  6. 6. TALENT SOLUTIONS Why Members Come To LinkedIn Everywhere Work wherever our members work The professional profile of record Identity Connect all of the world's professionals Networks Knowledge The definitive professional publishing platform
  7. 7. ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS Your LinkedIn Profile 7 Profile Picture Headline Public URL Recent Activity Summary Experience Causes you support Skills Education & Additional Info Recommendations Connections Groups you’ve joined What you Follow
  8. 8. TALENT SOLUTIONS You can build content
  9. 9. TALENT SOLUTIONS Personalised homepage
  10. 10. TALENT SOLUTIONS 80% of professionals today are passive candidates Active Candidates Work on their job search - Search job boards - Seek out many opportunities Passive Candidates Work on doing their jobs better - Develop networks - Only listen to the right opportunities 11 20% Active 80% Passive 300m+ Members worldwide
  11. 11. Some LinkedIn Clients - MENA
  12. 12. TALENT SOLUTIONS Three core components work together to drive recruiting effectiveness Proactive Sourcing Automated Engagement Strategic Sourcing and Pipelining Metrics and Analytics Personalized Job Targeting Talent Brand Development 13
  13. 13. Employer Branding & Online Presence on LinkedIn
  14. 14. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS 15 When candidates research your company today, they miss your talent brand
  15. 15. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS Engage them with your branding and targeted jobs
  16. 16. 17 Showcase what it’s like to work for your company
  17. 17. 18 Adapt the content to your audience
  18. 18. Everyone of you is a Talent Ambassador
  19. 19. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS20 The number one activity on LinkedIn is checking other people’s profiles
  20. 20. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS21 Sample Profile Ads Personalize your Ad
  21. 21. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS22 Sample Profile Ads Showcase your brand
  22. 22. LINKEDIN INSIGHTS23 Sample Profile Ads Own the ad space on all your employees’ profiles
  23. 23. LinkedIn Jobs Network
  24. 24. TALENT SOLUTIONS Job targeting begins right on the homepage 25 SAUDIA Marketing Director flydubai Etihad Airways Communications Manager Senior Marketing Manager Karim Your ideal passive candidate Marketing Manager
  25. 25. TALENT SOLUTIONS Tailor your jobs to your audience 26
  26. 26. Find the right candidates
  27. 27. TALENT SOLUTIONS 28 Proactive Recruiting on LinkedIn
  28. 28. TALENT SOLUTIONS Unlimited Access To The LinkedIn Network 300 Million Members Keyword matching Boolean search string 20 search filters
  29. 29. TALENT SOLUTIONS 30 Measure your ROI
  30. 30. TALENT SOLUTIONS Look at your Talent Flow
  31. 31. TALENT SOLUTIONS Top Viewer Companies Top Job Functions Visitors to Employees’ Profiles
  32. 32. TALENT SOLUTIONS CCC integrates LinkedIn in their new recruitment process Objectives  Move from a reactive to a proactive recruitment process  Find quality talent and retain existent talent within the company  Raise their employer branding and position themselves as best employer in the region Solution  Complete integration of LinkedIn in the company’s new internal recruitment process, iRecruit  Reach high quality candidates through Recruiter and job slots  Create a LinkedIn Career Page and grow their employer brand, as well as their followers Results  With a Talent Brand Index score of 30%, CCC ranks number one amongst its peers  Record time to hire of 2 days for a critical role of a Mechanical Construction Manager  Significant reduction of time to hire and cost per hire
  33. 33. TALENT SOLUTIONS LinkedIn helps Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company recruit senior level roles Objectives  Finding the right candidates according to the different culture and processes in each country  Building a talent pipeline and long term strategy  Increasing the HR team’s efficiency by reducing time to hire and cost per hire Solution  Implemented the full LinkedIn Solution: Recruiter, WWU, Jobs, Career Page  Find top candidates for hard-to – hire positions across GCC  Grow ACCBC’s employer brand and acquire more followers to their LinkedIn Company Page Results  ACCBC’s Company Page on LinkedIn reached 8K+ followers in only 2 years  In 2013, 25% of ACCBC’s senior hires came through LinkedIn  Reduction in agency spend from 70% to 30% in 3 years, LinkedIn playing a crucial part in it  22% reduction in the average cost per hire in the last year thanks to LinkedIn “LinkedIn is the main tool we have used for senior level recruitment. I am a big fan, and we have embraced LinkedIn all along in our recruitment strategy.” MASOUD GOLSHANI-SHIRAZI, Vice-President of Human Resources Aujan
  34. 34. TALENT SOLUTIONS Questions?
  35. 35. TALENT SOLUTIONS Additional resources  InMap builder:  LinkedIn Talent Solutions home:  Talent Solutions blog:  Slideshare Channel:  Follow us on Twitter: @hireonlinkedin 36
  36. 36. THANK YOU