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Quarterly Product Release Webinar: Spring Edition

  1. Quarterly Product Release Webinar June 2019
  2. Sankar Venkatraman Global Product Evangelist Meet your host
  3. Housekeeping • Muted by default. • Recording and slides will be shared via email after webinar. • Enable Flash or try a different browser if you experience technical issues. • Use chat box to post questions. We will do our best to answer as many questions as possible throughout the sessions via the chat window
  4. 1 Introduction Agenda 2 Meet the New Recruiter and Jobs 3 New Recruiter and Jobs Deep Dive 4 Q&A
  5. Vision Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce Mission Connect the world’s professionals, to make them more productive and successful.
  6. “Members First” Is our most important company value
  7. LinkedIn Talent Solutions helps talent-first companies build and develop winning teams by providing intelligent tools and unique insights. P L A N H I R E D E V E L O P
  8. LinkedIn Talent Solutions Product Portfolio P L A N H I R E D E V E L O P Build an informed strategy Talent Insights Recruit more efficiently LinkedIn Recruiter LinkedIn Job Postings Recruitment Ads LinkedIn Career Pages Empower your employees LinkedIn Learning Glint
  9. P L A N H I R E D E V E L O P
  10. H I R E Find & recruit the best talent efficiently
  11. Hiring Marketplace 630M Connections Education Skills Open Candidate Industry Location Interest Salary Job searches Job views Content views Companies followed Connections at company Hires Industry Company size Experience Current employees Similar companies Macro labor trends Alumni Location Culture & Values COMPANYJOB SEEKER Members 20M Open Jobs 50K Skills 90K Schools
  12. Likely to apply for your role Ready for transition Interested in Product roles Open to new career opportunities Passionate about Healthcare tech Actively applying to jobs Lives in San Francisco, CA Software Engineer Works at ACME co. Deep member insights What members say on their profiles. (identity) What their actions and network say about them. (inferences made via LinkedIn data standardization and machine learning) What actions they take on LinkedIn. (includes both affinities & intentions)
  13. Understanding hiring needs What you say on your job description. (structured) What recruiters prefer. (inferences made via LinkedIn data standardization and machine learning) What we infer based on successful matches. (includes both affinities & intentions) Based in Bay Area Title: Software Engineer Computer Games/ Software Industry Inferred years of experience for this job: 2-5 years Inferred education for job: bachelors or masters Required skills in bio: Java and SQL or willing to relocate within same country
  14. Recruiter has evolved over the years 2008 20162012
  15. Meet the New Recruiter & Jobs
  16. Jonathan Pohl Lead Product Manager for New Recruiter & Jobs Special guest
  17. What is the New Recruiter and Jobs? • Major upgrade to the Recruiter and Jobs products. • Brings our products together onto a single platform. New Recruiter & Jobs
  18. 15+ new features that will help you in three main areas: Smarter results Save time with a recruiting experience that gets smarter with every click Productivity Get more done with a new seamless workflow Collaboration Work better together with new collaboration features What this means for you
  19. The future Recruiter and Jobs will constantly learn from you to provide intelligent, personalized results. Over time, you’ll be able to hire the right candidate in less time with: • More pertinent search results • More relevant job promotion • Smarter candidate recommendations
  20. New Recruiter & Jobs Video
  21. Welcome the experts Shawn Mealy Senior Customer Success Manager Anusha Bagchi Senior Customer Success Manager
  22. Productivity Get more done with a new seamless workflow
  23. Key Takeaways ● Manage your search and job post all within a project with unified talent view ● Post remote jobs ● Use screening questions to find the most qualified applicants ● Easily get back to every applicant with bulk applicant rejection messages ● Slide-in profiles allow you to review candidate profiles without opening new tabs
  24. Collaboration Work better together with new collaboration features
  25. See all candidate communication history in one place Easily view conversations your teammates have had with candidates so you’re always on the same page. Shared conversation history In Development
  26. Key Takeaways ● Discuss candidates more easily with your team by replying to notes and tagging teammates ● In development: Shared conversation history
  27. Smarter Results Save time with a recruiting experience that gets smarter with every click
  28. Recommended matches Get proactive candidate recommendations based on your job post Recommended matches will refresh every 24 hours and get smarter over time as we learn more about your preferences.
  29. Skill recommendations Get proactive recommendations for skills to add to your searches Recommendations will be personalized based on signals like the candidates you save and hide and your employees’ skills. In Development
  30. Key Takeaways ● Get candidate recommendations based on your job post ● In development: Use skill recommendations to improve your search results
  31. Job posts, searches, and Pipeline Builder campaigns will constantly learn from each other (and from you), giving you more personalized and relevant results Later this year, Recruiter will start working harder for you
  32. We are here to help you along the way! Before the updates go live, you’ll receive additional resources to help you make the most of all the new improvements. 3 weeks out • Notification banner in Recruiter 1 - 2 weeks out • Reminder email with a link to sign-up for an online training Day of launch • Overview video in Recruiter • Tutorials and help articles in Learning Center and Help Center
  33. Things to remember A more streamlined experience in Recruiter and Jobs: • New features like slide-in profiles and applicant rejections help you work more efficiently Hone in on the right applicants: • Remote jobs help broaden your talent pool • Screening questions help you find the most qualified applicants Manage searches and job posts in one place: • Use projects to organize both your searches and job posts for an open role
  34. Q&A Thank you for joining us. Before you leave: Please take the survey. Your feedback is valuable to us!
  35. Thank you Please take the survey!