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Facilities plan -la shan allen

  1. 1. Statesboro High SchoolMedia Center Facility Plan FRIT 7132--- Administration of the Instructional Media Program Fall 2011 --- October 30, 2011 By: LaShan Allen
  2. 2. SHS Media Center Facts and Figures• There are two full time media specialists• SHS student body consists of approximately 1450 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th graders that frequent the media center• There are over 100 faculty and staff that utilize the media center• School and media center opened in January 2009.
  3. 3. Media Center LocationSHS media center is located on the first floorbetween the elevators and the old gymnasium
  4. 4. The Circulation Desk• The circulation desk is immediately to the left upon entering the media center.• Generally student workers assist with checking in and out materials as well as school supplies purchases.
  5. 5. One of the media specialist’s office • This is one of two media specialists offices. It is located immediately to the right upon entering the media center. • This office is surrounded by windows for the media specialist to check on student workers and media center patrons.
  6. 6. Computer Work Stations • There are two computer work stations. The first one has a classroom set of computers and is to the adjacent to the reference desk. • The second station is in the back of the library against the huge circular window.
  7. 7. Great Books to CheckoutFiction Books beside computer Non-fiction Books beside fictionstation one books
  8. 8. Study and Work TablesSeveral table and chairs are arrangedin the middle of the media center.Faculty meetings are held here.Various workshops are held here.Classroom lessons are held here.Student social time before and afterschool and during lunch shifts.Tutoring and independent work arealso held here.
  9. 9. Reference on the Wall • Reference shelves and materials are along the wall to the right of the study tables. • These materials are for in use media center use only.
  10. 10. Magazine Corner and Comfort Reading TimeSofa and chairs with a coffee table for magazine s sits to the left of one ofthe media specialists offices.
  11. 11. The Book Room--classroom set of novels, classroom set of textbooks and workbooks, andother various classroom book supplies--this room is behind the sofa/chairs magazine reading section
  12. 12. DVDs, VHSs, Bulletin Board Paper • Approved Movies • DVD Series • Educational Videos/DVDS • Bulletin Board Supplies(this room is located beside the book room)
  13. 13. SHS Current Media Center Main Floor SpaceThe current media center is very spacious. There are two offices for the twomedia specialists. There is also two computer sections (one on the back walland one beside the reference desk. There are , in addition to the offices andmain floor (diagram above), eight more rooms within this media center.
  14. 14. Survey Results JOB WELL DONE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM-Media Center is always clean -Lighting seems a little dim-Books are generally easy to locate -Not enough pieces of equipment-Staff and student workers very such as the ELMOhelpful -Too crowded at lunch-Floor space is spatial -Staff doesn’t return materials in a-Computers are always working timely period-Checking out materials is easy-Atmosphere is conducive forlearning
  15. 15. Buy SmartDraw!- purchased copies print this document without a watermark . Visit www.smartdraw.com or call 1-800-768-3729.Facility Plan ModificationsThree round tables have been added beside the computer station. Bothcomputer stations have been combined into one. Fiction books havebeen moved to back wall and more tables added to help with crowding.
  16. 16. Media Center Improvements 1Issue: Lighting seems a little dimSuggestions: 1)Use mini lamps on the worktables to brighten up the media center. 2) Askfor higher wattage bulbs to be used in publicareas in the media center.
  17. 17. Media Center Improvements 2Issue: Limited equipment to share amongfaculty and staff and staff does not returnmaterials in a timely periodSuggestions: Media Specialist have strictreturning policy for special limited editionequipment designated for faculty and staffusage.
  18. 18. Media Center Improvement 3• Too crowded at lunch• Suggestion: Require lunch time patrons to come to the media center for reading or web usage only. No socialization time.
  19. 19. Media Center Improvement 4• Issue: Organize other rooms in media center such as the used book room and laminator room along with the school announcement room and general storage room• Suggestion: Have student workers organize these rooms.
  20. 20. Media Center Policy 1Circulation Policies• Students may check out three books at a time.• Students are fined for lost or damaged books.• All textbooks for classes are issued by the media specialists
  21. 21. Media Center Policy 2Operation Hours & Student Usage•The Media Center will be open from 7:30 a.m.until 4:00 p.m. each school day.•Students visiting the Media Center before schooland/or after school should obtain a pass from ateacher or media specialist the previous day.•Students visiting the media center during classtime will need to show a written pass to the mediaspecialist. Students visiting the media center arerequired to sign in at the circulation desk andpresent their student ID.
  22. 22. Media Center Policy 3Flexible Scheduling.SHS uses flexible scheduling.Teachers must use the online calendar torequest the media center for class lessons andactivities. Scheduling is on a first come firstserve basis.
  23. 23. Media Center Policy 4Building Use.The media center may be used by communitypatrons in conjunction with guidelines set forthby the Bulloch County Board of Education.
  24. 24. Media Center Policy 5Technology Trends.techno Tuesday for faculty and staff to helpbetter understand and utilize new technologiesin the classroom.campus university to help parents prepareseniors for college (applications, forms, etc.)
  25. 25. Statesboro High School 10 Lester Rd.Statesboro, Ga. 30458http://shs.bulloch.k12.ga.us/