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  1. 1. Mission Road ElementarySchoolMedia Center Facility PlanMotto: “Where Children and Learning ComeFirst”
  2. 2. MRES Media Center Profile Serves approximately 520 students, K through 5th grade School was built in 1985 Serves 65+ faculty and staff One part-time media clerk One full-time media specialist
  3. 3. Media Center Location•Media Center is on the right wing ofthe building between the 1st and 2ndgrade halls•Media Center is easily accessible toall classrooms
  4. 4. View from Main Hall Main doors are recessed from the hall Display case with shelves contains books and other items MC has no windows so the only way to see inside is through the glass on doors
  5. 5. Current Facility Floor Plan
  6. 6. Media Specialist Office andCirculation Desk  MS office is located to the left of the main entrance  MS office has one wall with windows which are covered with curtains  Circulation desk is located at the main entrance and when the clerk is at the desk her back is to the main portion of the library Circulation Desk - very outdated and needs to be replaced
  7. 7. Storytime Area  Used by MS for orientation to the MC and for other lessons.  Contains a multi-colored “rug” for students to sit on during storytime.  A TV that has closed circuit is able to be seen from this area.  Computer lab can be seen in this picture on the back wall.  Easy picture books are also seen in this photo. They make a “U” shape around this area.
  8. 8. Seating AreasMain seating areais made up of 6adult-sized roundtables Three child- sized tables for younger students is in the “safari room”
  9. 9. Computer Areas 9 computers available for use in MC with a network printer Lab is situated in the back of the MC Sign up sheet outside of door enables teachers to reserve the lab The lab is extremely hot and has no ventilation
  10. 10. Work and Storage Areas A teacher work room is situated near the “back entrance” on the 2nd grade hall. This room has the laminator machine, dye-cuts and construction paper. Videos are stored directly across from the teacher work room. This is where my office is located as well. Outside of the teacher work room is where the Professional materials are located.
  11. 11. Fiction, Non-fiction and EasyBooks Non-fiction titles line the walls starting by the Professional materials and ending at the main entrance. Non-fiction titles account for 37.16% of the collection. Easy picture books form a “U” to the left of the circulation desk. They account for 23.29% of the collection. Fiction books are in the “safari room” and are separate from the other collections. They account for 20.29% of the collection. The library currently has a total of 13,227 holdings.
  12. 12. Fiction and Nonfiction Areas FICTION BOOKS NONFICTION BOOKS
  13. 13. Positive Survey Results Reading Counts program Resources available Flexibility of coming into the library Helpfulness of the staff
  14. 14. Negative Survey Results Would like to have a soft reading area that is inviting instead of the hard park benches Would like to have more reference section updated Needs to be decorated and updated Computer lab is HOT
  15. 15. Media Center Improvements Problem: The circulation desk is located too close to the main entrance. When students are standing at the desk to check out and other students are coming in the entrance, it creates a traffic jam. The desk is also very outdated and needs to be replaced. Solution: Move the circulation desk to be outside of the media specialist’s office. Purchase a new circulation desk from Demco.
  16. 16. Media Center Improvements Problem: The computer lab is like a sauna. This is not good for the equipment. Solution: Talk to principal and see if we can put in a work order and have vents installed in this small area.
  17. 17. Media Center Improvements Problem: Story time area is not inviting. Solution: Order a multicolored “mitt” chair for media specialist to sit in from Brodart and order a new rug for students to sit on from Demco. Talk to teachers for other decorating ideas.
  18. 18. Media Center Improvement Problem: No “soft” reading areas for students Solution: Purchase some kid friendly cushions, rugs, etc and create a warm reading area. Add soft benches to replace the park benches. Purchase from Brodart and Demco.
  19. 19. Media Center Improvements Problem: Reference section is very lacking. Solution: Talk to teachers and see what kind of reference materials they would like to see added and then order materials. Got approval from principal and order has been placed for new reference materials.
  20. 20. Media Center Improvement Problem: None of the shelves are in alphabetical or numerical order. Solution: Put shelves in order. This has been our “project” since the beginning of the school year. We are currently on the fiction section and should be finished by spring break with organizing the shelves.
  21. 21. Media Center Improvements Problem: Fiction shelves are overcrowded. Solution: Weed the paperback fictions and get rid of copies that aren’t circulated, are outdated or if we have a hardback copy of it. Then we could pull some of the series, like The Boxcar Children and A to Z Mystery series which take up a lot of shelf room and put those on the rotating, free standing shelves.
  22. 22. Facility Plan Modifications
  23. 23. Current Media Center PolicyAccessibility Media centers will be open to students and instructional staff daily without exception. MRES hours of operation are 7:45-3:30 for students and staff.
  24. 24. Current Media Center PolicyOrganization and Staffing System Media Advisory Committee appointed by Superintendent to establish long-range goals for the system media program. They also serve as the appeal board in the reconsideration policy if materials are challenged. MRES does not currently have a local media committee but per the board policies we are supposed to. This needs to be put back into place. If we had such a committee, I believe it would help with collaboration with the teachers. Nothing is mentioned about staffing in the board policies. MRES has one certified media specialist and one part-time media clerk.
  25. 25. Current Media Center PolicyInstructional Media and Equipment The selection of materials is the responsibility of the MS. Individual teachers, students, and parents may also make recommendations for materials to be purchased. Media center materials and equipment would consist of materials purchased for the purpose of circulation through the media center and equipment purchased to deliver media center services. The MS is responsible for cataloging, housing, circulating, checking and inventorying all media materials, both print and non-print. Inventory is conducted on a yearly basis. Budget allocation will be on a per pupil basis.
  26. 26. Current Media Center PolicyCirculation Policies K through 3rd grade students-one book at a time. Kindergarten students begin check out in January. 4th through 5th grade students check out 2 books at a time. Books are loaned for a 2 week time period – students are not fined for late books but are charged for lost books or damaged books.
  27. 27. Current Media Center PolicyReconsideration of Materials Must submit in writing to the school MS the Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials form. Materials that are challenged are read and analyzed by the School Media Committee. Appeals for decisions made may be made first to the System Media Committee and then through the Superintendent to the Board of Education. After the BOE makes a final decision, the item may not be submitted for reconsideration for a period of 3 years.
  28. 28. Current Media Center PolicyDiscard Procedure Weeding decisions are handled by the MS, who may consult the School Media Committee concerning the relevance of materials to the curriculum. (Yet another reason to reform this important committee). Remove the record of the item from the automated catalog. Write DISCARD in the front and back of the material. Remove any school or media center identification from the item.
  29. 29. Current District PolicyEmployee Computer/Internet Use The employee is responsible for his/her actions and activities involving school unit computers, network and Internet services. Employees are to utilize the school system’s computers, networks and Internet services for school system related purposes and performance of job duties. The Superintendent is responsible for overseeing the implementation of this policy and the accompanying rules, and for advising the BOE of the need for future amendments or revisions.
  30. 30. Current District PolicyInternet Safety Students must sign and return the Policy in order to have computer network and Internet access. Use of the Internet must be in support of educational purposes. Only a member of the school administration may authorize the release of student information, as defined by Georgia law, for internal administrative purposes or approved educational projects and activities.
  31. 31. Spring 2010Carla JordanFRIT 7132Facilities Plan