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Facilities Plan - FRIT 7132


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Facilities Plan for FRIT 7132

Published in: Education
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Facilities Plan - FRIT 7132

  1. 1. TreutlenMiddle-High SchoolMedia Center Facilities PlanBy: Melanie Kilgore
  2. 2. District Vision & MissionDistrict Beliefs:1. Education provides a foundation for a better life.2. Learning is a life-long process.3. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.4. Everyone is unique, worthy, and capable of learning and achieving success.5. Everyone is entitled to meaningful and productive learning experiences.6. Everyone is responsible for his/her behavior as an individual and as a member of society.7. A strong educational program is necessary for a thriving and progressive community.8. Meeting student’s needs requires the active participation and support of home, school,and community.9. The school shares with the home and community the responsibility for fostering eachstudent’s strength of character and a sense of personal responsibility.
  3. 3. District Vision & MissionDistrict Vision:We will become the premier rural school district inGeorgia.District Mission:The mission of Treutlen County Schools is toempower students to strive for academic excellence,graduate from high school, and become successfullife-long learners.
  4. 4. School Beliefs• A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning.• Teachers, administrators, parents, and community share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.• The commitment to continuous improvement is imperative if our school is going to enable students to become confident, self- directed, lifelong learners.• Students’ learning needs should be the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of the school.• Schools need to function as a learning organization and promote opportunities for all those who have a stake in the success of the school to work together as a community of learners.• Students need to apply their learning in meaningful contexts.• A student’s self -esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students and staff.
  5. 5. About TMHS Media Center• Centrally located between the middle and high school hallways• Serves approximately 588 students and 31 teachers• One full-time paraprofessional clerk• One part-time media specialist, who also serves as the media specialist for Treutlen Elementary School
  6. 6. Current Media CenterFloor Plan
  7. 7. VIRTUAL TOUR OF THE LIBRARYTMHS Media CenterOctober 2011
  8. 8. Entrance from Hallway
  9. 9. Entrance into the Library (ForwardView) and Circulation Desk
  10. 10. Left View from EntranceAV Storage Room Outside AV Storage Room Inside AV Storage Room
  11. 11. Left View from EntranceMedia Center Office Outside View of Inside View of Media Center Office Media Center Office
  12. 12. Right View from Entrance(Sitting Area)
  13. 13. Additional Sitting Areas Entrance from Diagonal Right View Hallway from Entrance
  14. 14. Fire Exit
  15. 15. View from Back of Library,Near Bookshelves
  16. 16. Work Room and TeacherResource Area View from Outside the View from Inside the Work Room Work Room Teacher Resources Include: DVD’s, Video Tapes, Bulletin Board Paper, & Professional Development Videos
  17. 17. Small Group Area withSmartBoard and Storage Room The storage room (formerly a production room) is being cleaned out for storage of more wireless technology.
  18. 18. Student Laptop Station
  19. 19. Reference and PeriodicalSection
  20. 20. Book Shelving Shelving – from left to right Shelving – around the library
  21. 21. Facility PoliciesScheduling• The TMHS library currently uses a combination of both flexible and fixed scheduling. Most of the time, the media center is available for student and teacher use. The media center only closes briefly a few days at the end of the year for inventory purposes. The hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 3:30. Although the school opens at 7:30 a.m., the library clerk does not allow students to come in until 8:00 a.m. to avoid students congregating in the library. RECOMMENDATIONS: I feel that with the help of student apprentices and the media clerk, the library should remain open during school days, even when inventory is being done. So that students have more time to access the library, as well as feel more welcomed, I feel that the library should be open for use from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. I would not have a problem with students coming in the library in the mornings, as long as they are behaving appropriately.
  22. 22. Facility PoliciesReading Incentives• The TMHS library currently holds book fairs and “Books are Fun” at least once a year. Accelerated Reader is no longer used in the library. Until this year, there has always been a school media committee in place. There is no district media committee or school media committee this year. RECOMMENDATIONS: I feel that other activities, such as author visits, accelerated read for the middle school students, as well as holding media classes could promote and encourage student reading and information literacy. Another idea that could be started by the media specialist is holding a “DEAR” day, at least once a month. (“DEAR “ -Drop everything and read.) The media specialist could take pictures of students and teachers reading during this time and post somewhere in the library or school. Other activities could be developed that rewarded students that read, with collaboration of classroom teachers and a media committee.
  23. 23. Facility PoliciesMission Statement of Treutlen County LibrariesThe Instructional Media Departments of each school in theTreutlen County School System will provide media services,leadership, and resources which will assist the instructionalstaffs and students in the dissemination of information and inthe improvement of education programs.
  24. 24. Facility PoliciesMedia Center HandbookAlthough there is no current handbook, there is one at the elementary school fromthe 1980’s and 90’s, with various inserts that from the year 2000. It covers topicssuch as:• The Role of Superintendent, Media Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator, System Media Committee, Principal, School Media Specialist, and Instructional Staff• Internet Acceptable Use Guidelines & Agreement• Copyright Law and Policies• Policies and Procedures for Selection of Instructional Media and Equipment• Mission Statement• Allocation of Funds• Weeding and Disposition• Gifts• Loan of Instructional Equipment to Outside Agencies or Individuals RECOMMENDATIONS: I feel that it is extremely important to maintain an updated Media Center Handbook with polices and procedures that reflect current law and needs. Since it has been quite a while, this would be one of my first priorities as a media specialist at TMHS.
  25. 25. Facility PoliciesCopyright & Fair UseAccording to the handbook on file, copyright law policy statesthat the principals of the respective schools are designated withthe responsibility of making sure all teachers in the system areaware of copyright law. It also states that this should be doneannually and at the beginning of each school term.RECOMMENDATIONS:In order to comply with this policy, I feel that professional developmentshould be offered at the beginning of each school year that deals withcurrent copyright law, as it affects new technologies. This could beoffered by the media specialist in order to ease the work load of theprincipal.
  26. 26. Facility PoliciesCirculation Policies• Students are allowed to check out two books at a time, unless they have special permission from a teacher or staff member. The checkout time frame is usually two weeks, unless special circumstances arise. If a book is overdue, students are charged ten cents per day. Students are not allowed to check out another book until this charge is paid.Additional Circulation Information• On average, students check out around 65 books per month. Classroom teachers sometimes assign groups of students (i.e. five at a time) to find a book for reading purposes.
  27. 27. There are currently 11,200 volumes in the TMHSlibrary. Books are purchased yearly, as well asweeded constantly, according to the mediaspecialist. With only 588 students, the book perstudent ratio is approximately 19 books perstudent. However, it seems that older books aremore prevalent than new ones.
  28. 28. TechnologyTreutlen Middle/High School has a great bit of technology that iscurrently being used by the students and faculty. All teachershave SmartBoards in their classrooms, and have for the pastthree years. There are also SmartBoard wireless slates that canbe checked out for classroom use. Last school year, a technologygrant funded IPod’s for advanced placement students. Thesestudents are able to use the IPod’s in some of their classes. Theteachers of these advanced placement classes keep the IPod’s intheir classrooms until the end of the school year. There are alsotwo digital video cameras and three digital cameras available forcheckout. IPAD’s have been checked out by administration only.Teachers are also able to checkout 8 portable laptop carts, whichcontain 20 to 25 laptops each.
  29. 29. Teacher Survey Results• What strengths do you feel our school library has? • “Reference materials and varied levels of reading” • “Friendly, knowledgeable staff” • “Up-to-date material, knowledgeable staff”• Do you feel that our school library aids in student achievement? • 100% Yes• Do you feel that our library offers technology necessary for 21st century learning? • 90% Yes• Do you feel that the décor and layout of the library are inviting and welcoming for students and staff? • 70% Yes • 25% Somewhat • 5% No-Needs Improving
  30. 30. Student Survey Results• What strengths do you feel our school library has? • “Computers that you can use to work on school projects” • “Very organized and a quiet place to study” • “None other than a decent reference section and encyclopedia and dictionary section”• Do you feel that our school library aids in student achievement? • 81% Yes• Do you feel that the décor and layout of the library are inviting and welcoming for students and staff? • 14.3% Yes • 52.4% Somewhat • 33.3% No – needs improving
  31. 31. Teacher Survey Results• What changes would you like to see in the school library? • “Friendlier atmosphere and more decorations so that the students and staff feel welcome and wanted. Also, I didnt like when the school alma mater was taken down. The students need to see that to help with pride in our school.” • “More modern, up-to-date facilities. Full time media specialist.” • “I wish they could address classroom needs in a more timely manner, rather than have teachers complete an online request and wait for it to be processed.” • “Students need to feel like the library is another resource in learning, besides just checking out a book to read.”
  32. 32. Student Survey Results • What changes would you like to see in the school library? • “A better looking library” • “Make the students feel as if they are welcomed” • “None” • “Newer technology” • “More computers and new books” • “More computers, and a study hall session!”
  33. 33. Media CenterRevised Floor Plan
  34. 34. Media Center ImprovementsDécorTo help create a more welcoming environment, improvements on thelibrary décor need to be made. Changing the flooring from country bluecarpet to a more modern look would help. This cork flooring is a neutralcolor that would not show dirt easily.New Flooring This floor is easy to maintain and easy on your feet. Comes with a 25 year warranty. Price: $2.79/Sq Ft
  35. 35. Media Center ImprovementsDécor Poster Samples• New Posters to help with décor, from• New paint with neutral/earth-tone $5.95 each $7.29 each colors, with a bright color mixed in, such as cranberry. $5.99 each
  36. 36. Media Center ImprovementsDécorWall Mural Modern Wall DécorPrice: $ 130.00 Price: $
  37. 37. Media Center ImprovementsArea Rug for Lounge AreaThere is currently no comfortablesitting available, other than acouple of wing-back chairs placednear the circulation desk.Creating a few lounge areas, aswell as adding an area rug wouldhelp create a more welcomingand comfortable environment. “A modern, jazzy feel is sure to be a crowd pleaser for a teen grouping. ColorSeal® protection maintains the vibrant and colorful design after cleaning. Premium quality, 100% nylon fibers are stain and soil resistant and prevent matting. “ Size: 10’9W X 7’8” D Price $429.00
  38. 38. Media Center ImprovementsComfortable Seating - Lounge AreasLoveSeat Color SwatchesPrice: $793.00 Color: CranberryChairs Side Tables forPrice $475.00 each Lounge Areas Price: $79.00 Teen Lounge Chairs Price $180.00
  39. 39. Media Center ImprovementsSignage to Guide PatronsCard Holders and RangeFinders Because there are only a few signs in the library, more signage should be placed among shelves to help guide patrons.Price • Plastic Range Finder Clear with Black Trim $13.79 • Plastic Card Holder Price $9.59 each • Cards Price $ 1.74 (White, 100/pkg)
  40. 40. Media Center ImprovementsLaptop StationsAlthough the library currently has one laptop station, there are 10 bar stools , onlyfour laptops currently placed there, and unsecure cords in the floor. Having morecomfortable chairs with stations such as these, students could work more efficientlyand comfortably. Space would also be maximized and there would be a place forcomputer cords with these stations. Laptop Stations “This workstation for schools is a great candidate for any computer lab. To create a Planner Cluster Workstation, simply put two Planner Trapezoid Workstations back to back. It accommodates six students in a relatively compact area. It maximizes computer workspace and keeps cords tucked neatly away. Shown with optional Trapezoid Riser Shelves, Model 01792 and Flavors Stack Chairs, Model 11848.” Price $489.30 Color Choice: Red and Wild Cherry Wood
  41. 41. Media Center ImprovementsOPAC StationThere are currently no OPACstations in the library. The onlyperson with access to the catalogsystem is the media specialist orclerk. Placing a couple of these onthe library floor would allowpatrons to more efficiently findneeded resources.“Texwoods Personal ComputerTable is sturdy, affordable andattractive, making it an excellentchoice for your library or computerclassroom. “Price $608.99
  42. 42. Media Center ImprovementsStudent Cubicle Area for Small Group Learning Individual Group HeadphonesBest-Rite® Study Carrels Headphones Eight headphones withStudy carrels that Hamilton Personal volume control,provide large work Mono/Stereo jackbox, and steelareas with privacy. Headphone storage rack for smallPrice $119.99 Price $5.89 group Price $149.00
  43. 43. Media Center ImprovementsLaptops for OPAC Stations, Small Group LearningAreas, and Additional Laptop StationsDell Inspiron 15 Laptop“Handle tasks easily and stayconnected with the reliable, budget-friendly Inspiron 15. Enjoy solidperformance and easy access tomusic, photos and videos.”Market Value $44999Total Savings $50.00Dell Price $
  44. 44. Media Center ImprovementsStudent Cubicle Area for Small Group Learning Chairs Adjustable height seating for cubicles to accommodate grades 6-12, as well as adults. Price $369.99
  45. 45. Media Center ImprovementsConference RoomAlthough more wireless technology is goingto be stored in this room, I would prefer aconference room for meetings, and theability to keep the production equipment.This could greatly enhance the library byallowing meetings to take place in a privatearea, away from patrons, and having aplace for students to produce multimedia. Iwould also like to bring back the VikingNews, to encourage school patriotism, aswell as multimedia learning.Balt Half-Round Flipper Training Tables (2)• Half-round training table with wire management and release top for storage• Price: $277.05 each•
  46. 46. Media Center ImprovementsBulletin BoardBest-Rite Vin-tak Bulletin Board 2H x 3W Price $42.99(for smaller wall – to list upcoming events and announcements)Best-Rite Vin-tak Bulletin Board 4H x 6W Price $134.99(for larger wall – to promote reading and the library)
  47. 47. Media Center ImprovementsAdditional Tables and Chairs Table From The Eve Collection • Sleek contemporary lines • Great for open or team seating • Freestanding Grd 1 Fab 16H x 23W x 27"D 49 (Fabric Choice: Cranberry, Wood Finish: Cherry) • Price $575.00 Chairs for Tables • Seneca Chair Sled Base Uphlstd Back Wood Seat 14"H Seat (Fabric Choice: Cranberry, Wood Finish: Cherry) • Price $211.00
  48. 48. Media Center ImprovementsSecure Computer CordsBecause there are a fewunsecure cords placedrandomly throughout thelibrary, I would make sure tosecure them to avoidpossible accidents. Thiscould be done easily bypurchasing cable organizersand ties, such as the ones at right. Cable Organizers Includes 4 clips Cable Ties and 5 adhesive Standard strips. Cable Ties, Price $3.89 for 6 100 pk or more units Price $ 7.44
  49. 49. Media Center ImprovementsOnline PresenceA library website is needed that includes at least the following: • Media Center Policies • Hours of Operation • Teacher Resource Links • Library Calendar • Live Forms for Scheduling • (Google docs) • Student Resource Links • Online Catalog Link • Information Research Links • Tutorials and Online Learning Games • Professional Development Links • Technology Help(Google sites is a free web page tool that can be used for beginners inweb page design. This would be a good starting point for a mediacenter web page.)
  50. 50. Treutlen Middle-High SchoolMedia Center Facility Plan Melanie Kilgore FRIT 7132 Dr. Chester FALL 2011