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  1. 1. 10 Major Types of Landforms• 1. Volcanoes 6. Valleys• 2. Mountains 7. Waterfalls• 3. Plains 8. Rainforests• 4. Deserts 9. Islands• 5. Canyons 10. Beaches
  2. 2. • A mountain in whichVolcanoes molten rock erupts through the surface. • The name is derived from “Vulcan” the god of fire in Roman mythology. • Click on the link to answer the following question: What causes Volcanoes to erupt?
  3. 3. Mountains
  4. 4. Plains & DesertsPlains Deserts• Large area of flat land with • 4 major types—hot and dry, few trees semiarid, coastal, and cold• Very smooth land • Less than 50 cm/year of• 1/3 of Earth’s land is made rainfall of plains • 1/5 of Earth’s land is made of desserts
  5. 5. • Deep narrow valleys in theCanyons Earth’s crust. • They are bound by cliffs and cut by erosion. • Click on the link to discover the different types of canyons and discover one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. urface-of-the-earth/canyons-article/
  6. 6. ValleysAn elongated lowland between ranges of mountains,hills, or other uplands with a river or stream runningalong its base.
  7. 7. Waterfalls A place where flowing water rapidly drops in elevation as it flows over a steep region or cliff.
  8. 8. RainforestsA dense evergreen forest with yearly rainfall of atleast 160 inches and most are in tropical regions.
  9. 9. ISLANDS & BEACHESIslands Beaches• A piece of land surrounded on all sides by water. • A piece of land where water meets the land.
  10. 10. Websites & References