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Facilities plan powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. S.L. Mason Elementary School Media Center Facility Plan
  2. 2. Table of Contents • School Information • Media Center Information • Existing Floor Plan • Photo Plan Tour • Survey Results • Media Center Improvements • Revised Floor Plan • Media Center Policies
  3. 3. School Information • Constructed in 1971. • It was originally built for 1st - 6th grade, but is now a K-3 school. • There are currently 680 students enrolled. • There are 38 teachers and 2 administrators. • S.L. Mason in located in Valdosta,GA.
  4. 4. Media Center Information • The media center is 80’ by 50’. • It includes a Reading room (2469 sq. ft.), office (132 sq. ft.), computer lab (264 sq. ft.), Guided Reading book storage area (which also serves as the ESOL and some special ed. classes classroom) (560 sq. ft.), restroom and mechanics area (electrical box, hot water heater, etc.) • The media center is detached from the main school building and is connected by a covered walkway. Since it is detached, a fence now lines the sidewalk for students to safely use the media center independently.
  5. 5. Existing Floor Plan
  6. 6. Media Center Location This is the outside of the Media Center. You can see the covered walkway and the fence that lines the walkway.
  7. 7. Media Center Desk and Office •This is the circulation desk. It is not a true circulation desk. It consist of 2 tables and a desk. •It is located at the back of the Library. •Behind the desk is the media specialist’s office.
  8. 8. Computer Lab This is the computer lab. There are 20 computers for the students to use.
  9. 9. Guided Reading Book Storage and Classroom Area The Guided Reading book storage area and classroom is located to the right after you enter the MC. It consist of a bathroom, shelves of GR books, and a table for a classroom setting.
  10. 10. Bookshelves These are the chapter books for the 3rd graders. These are where the dictionary and other 3rd grade books are located. These are the Kindergarten level books. These are the 1st and 2nd grade books. Since the school was originally constructed for 1st - 6th , most of the shelves are higher than needed.
  11. 11. Story Time Area •The reading area is located in the middle of the MC on this rug. •The tables that you see are used for whole class activities and for faculty meetings.
  12. 12. Teacher/ Student Positive Survey Results Teacher Student • Friendly Staff * Big Computer Lab • Wide Selection of new books. * All the books. • Computer Lab • New Destiny system • Great selection of Instructional Videos • Leveling of the books makes it easier for a student to find a book on his/her level.
  13. 13. Teacher/ Student Negative Survey Results Teacher Student • Needs a button for the wheelchair * An area to read in. students to be able to enter. * Needs more color. • Needs a new checkout counter. • Needs a drop box. • Needs new student and teacher seating. • Need more accessible children’s shelves.
  14. 14. Media Center Improvements Circulation Desk This would be the new circulation desk. It also includes the drop box that was requested. This was the one change that all of the teachers requested. www.schooldiscountdirect.com
  15. 15. Improvements Continued Shelving These shelves would be used to replace some of the older/taller shelves that are in the media center now. The students would be able to reach the books on the top shelf and there would not be a lot of wasted space. www.schooloutfitters.com
  16. 16. More Improvements Children Seating Adult Seating These tables would replace the current tables to look more like media center furniture. www.schooloutfitters.com
  17. 17. More Improvements Comfortable Reading Area This furniture would be added to make a comfy and colorful reading area. www.bizchair.com
  18. 18. Revised Floor Plan
  19. 19. Media Center Policies Media Center Hours • The Media Centers hours are 7:30 am – 3:30 pm. This is 30 minutes before school starts and 20 minutes after it has been dismissed. • The media center operates on an open/flexible scheduling concept, which allows students to use the media center on their own, with teacher permission, throughout the school day. • The open scheduling also provides the teacher and media specialist time to plan cooperative lessons designed so that students may use the center more effectively for study and activities related to all areas of the curriculum.
  20. 20. Media Center Policies Checkout • Students may check out one book at a time for one week and must have their shelf marker to do so. They must bring a book back to be able to check out a new one. • Teachers may bring students as a whole class from 9:30-2:45, without a time slot. • Fines are not charged for overdue books, but lost or damaged books must be paid for. Charged students may not check out another book until a payment is made.
  21. 21. Media Center Policies Equipment • Filmstrip projectors, cassette players, listening stations, headsets, record players, camcorders, digital cameras and carts are available in the media center. They are on a first come first serve basis. • Videos are available for instructional aids. The purpose of the video should be stated in lesson plans. Videos can be checked out for 3 days. Videos must be approved and must have a rating of “G”. If showing a video, you must reserve the channel.
  22. 22. Media Center Policies Equipment • Cards are provided for these materials. • Any damages to the equipment must be reported. • The media center does not supply videotapes and diskettes for the Video and digital cameras.
  23. 23. Media Center Policies Copyright • S.L. Mason shall abide by the current copyright law. The library holds recent copyright information available to all school personal, and is responsible for obtaining copyright clearance for materials used in instruction and for recommending system compliance procedures.
  24. 24. Media Center Policies Computer Lab • Each grade is assigned a day of the week to use the lab. It is the responsibility of the grade to decide their schedule. • When students are in the computer lab, the teacher is the supervisor/ instructor. • The teacher should have a preplanned objective before coming to the lab. If the teacher cannot be with the students, the time is cancelled. Substitutes are not allowed to bring students into the lab.
  25. 25. Media Center Policies Computer Lab • There is Language Arts and Math software available for use in the computer lab. Due to copyright laws, the lab software may not be downloaded to classroom computers. • Students are responsible for their behavior while in the computer lab. Any misbehavior will result in removal from the lab. Any student that damages anything in the lab will be responsible for reimbursement .
  26. 26. Teacher/ Student Positive Survey Results • All of the teachers and students said that they liked the policies and could not think of anything that they would change about them. They said that they liked the checkout times, because they could send the students individually during Guided Reading.
  27. 27. S.L. Mason Elementary School Media Center Facilities Plan Laurie Roberts ITEC 7132 Dr. Repman Fall 2007