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Design Elements Booklet


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Design Elements Booklet

  1. 1. Line: Shape: This is a mark that is made on a surface. Lines are the first element of art and are continu- A shape always has two ous marks that are made on any surface with dimensions, length as well as a moving point. A line can to used to express various things or feelings; it can be used to width. This is represented as an show various moods or anything abstract. enclosed area that is defined by Lines can be used in various ways to create dif- colour, value, space, texture and ferent compositions. A horizontal or a vertical line can be used to express various things in form. When lines form together, different ways, such as, only vertical lines can they form shapes. Shapes can be be used to express an orderly feeling where are only horizontal lines can give a feeling of peace geometrical, rectangles, ovals and stillness. Diagonal lines are used to create and squares. feelings of movement. It is up to the artist how he/she conveys it, in the best way pos- sible through the use of lines. (A ship sailing a stormy sea will need diagonal lines to repre- sent movement.)Colour: Value: Texture: Form: The value refers to theColour always has three The texture is the A form always has three changes in the base colour.characteristics, which This is also determined by quality of a surface or dimensions; length,are hue, value and the how much light is reflected the way any work of art width and height.intensity. Hue means the or absorbed by any surface. is represented. There Examples of such would Values mean the variousshades (Red, yellow or intensities of the tones or are three kinds of basic be cubes, pyramids,pink), value refers to the colours. This could be the textures, actual, simulated spheres or evenlightness or the darkness highlights, midtones or even and the invented texture. cylinders. Therefore, shadows in any painting orand intensity refers to the Lines and shading can be form has depth as well sculpture.brightness or dullness of used to create different as height.the work of art. textures as well.