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Be humankind


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Be humankind

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Be humankind

  1. 1. The Oxfam brand guidelines Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsBe Humankind Our Comms Benchmark Oxfam products Oxfam sub-brands human. ’re only ind. own we umank On our , we’re H Together and more p eople to mak e the world inspire more is happen by We want to ankind is ab out making th lace. Be Hum belief in the ab etter p us. At its he ar t is Oxfam’s ating the real ’, only ‘us’. com munic ple. That the re is no ‘them collective power of peo we can achie ve anything. g together And that by workin humanity. inst pover ty – we are for aren’t just aga guides, We our shor than d for all this. It eH umankind’ is unications. The endline ‘B all our comm d signs off under pins an Note: Throughout this guide ‘BHK’ refers to Be Humankind. This guide applies to Oxfam comms in the UK only. Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  2. 2. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsBe Humankind Our Comms Benchmark Oxfam products Oxfam sub-brandsOur Communications Benchmark 1 Beliefs Oxfam believes in:We’ve developed our BHK brand style to cut through • equality and justicethe crowded UK marketplace in a way that’s uniquely • poverty can endOxfam. To keep all our comms in check, we use • mutual responsibility • the power of peoplethese two simple criteria as a benchmark: 2 PositioningIs it distinctive? Oxfam channels peoples’Is it a strong idea that stands out within our sector inherent humanity to tackleand the wider UK comms landscape? poverty and injustice in the world 3 PersonalityIs it ownable? Oxfam’s personality is:Only Oxfam could speak, look and feel this way, based • inspirational leaderon our: 1 beliefs, 2 positioning and 3 personality. • ‘can do’ • savvy expert • optimisticNote: We could produce comms that are ownable but never • provocativeget noticed, and vice versa. So it’s vital that these two • fired upprinciples go together. • colourful Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  3. 3. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsBe Humankind Our Comms Benchmark Oxfam products Oxfam sub-brandsProducts Some examples of existing Oxfam productsSometimes we need to give a unique activity or offer a name of Oxfam 365its own so our audiences can distinguish it from ‘Oxfam as usual’. Oxfam TrailtrekkerWe call these ‘products’ and there are some basic rules to follow Oxfam Collectsto make sure they remain distinctive and ownable. If you think Oxfam Live Oxfamyou might need a product, speak to Oxfam’s Brand Manager. Collects> e always use Oxfam as a prefix and never use ‘Ox’ W at Freshfields For the month of Decembe r, the donation ie. ‘Oxfam Games’ not ‘Oxgames’ drop-off point is Whitefriars Floor Reception Desk (it’s Lower Ground still pink, so you still can’t miss it). he product name is always picked out T If you haven’t already signe d up, go to: hfields Thanks for donating and in white and Cooper Black. have a happy Christmas! impact Sign up at oxfam For more informati ollects/fre London shfields Environmeon please see the nt wiki paSign-off: Any new product must be signed off jointly ges Tagby the Head of Corporate Communications and Reg charity England and Oxfam GB is a member Wales No 202918, of Oxfam Internati Scotland SCO onal. Inhouse 039042 ref: 4254your divisional director. Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  4. 4. Paris to Berlin! * This Chris tmas we with Intr are team epid Tr ing up the chan avel to ce to win offer you eco-adve a nine-da nture ac y ross Euro Starting pe. in fabulou travel by s Paris, local train you will trendy cit an y of Berli d bus to the Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos Downloads World He n, discove ritage-lis ring the and the ted city of picturesq Br uges Amster ue waterw dam alo ays of ng the wa y. For you oxfamu r chance to w nwrapp in *Terms and to find ou conditions ntrepid tm applyBe Humankind Our Comms Benchmark Oxfam products Oxfam sub-brands before 3 ore visit 0 Novem ber. ional. am Internat a company ber of Oxf and is a mem 039 042) . Oxfam tland (SC No 612172 ) and Sco in England Wales (no 202918 registered and guarantee, charity in England limited by ed a register Oxfam is 0300 200 1252 or call us today on .com oxfamunwrapped ge at Follow me on:Sub-brands See our full gift ran Some examples of Thank yo u! se dates. rapped gift. Oxfam Unw order an existing Oxfam sub-brands tween the s cost when you available placed be s thi are only ain trace s of glute n. for orders ntribution toward make a £1 . May cont gift booklet and and soya milk, nuts tary co please colates volun you can, postcards . OU5064 e, the cho *Contains Please not £5 per gift. If fam approximate will cost Ox re Christmas de ly livery) plus three presents. £5.50 36 pages the OU5063 ces.* ensu charges (to cember, Special en Delivery le behind stories fro mOxfam sub-brands are rare. They’re only created in the peop ond pie cked with alm ed caramelis ed with Oxfam Unwrapped 20-23 De ced be twe pa , r orders pla which is le booklet crunchy Fo th this litt olate stu dd mber! action wi st popular gifts in milk choc smooth 19 Dece post is See our mo klet with Di vine’s de liciously te praline s made 1st class Mail Gift boo hocciesexceptional circumstances, where the existing Oxfam ocola Eight ch Royal Divine c sly Oxjam ed guaranteate for Deliciou rd ast ordebrand may not appeal to a specific audience and the scale L FOLDof a project demands it. If you think you might need to t! eal trea Add a r CREASEcreate a sub-brand, speak to Oxfam’s Brand Manager. Last o Free 19 Derder date cemb smile See rev erse for details er!Sign-off: Any new sub-brand must be signed off jointlyby the Head of Corporate Communications and with every gift!your divisional director. Take a look at three of my favourites inside – and find a whole lot more online! oxfamu nwrapp OU-xma s-chaser.ind d 1 14/10/10 11:18:29 Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  5. 5. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsHow we look Colours Logo Fonts IllustrationHow we look Core BHK styleHere are the core rules of how we look. 1They’re the mandatories – the basic elementsthat work together to make any piece of 2comms look and feel like Oxfam.1 Colours. We have six colour pairings.2 Fonts. We have two main fonts.3 Logo. We always sign-off with ‘Be Humankind’ and the Oxfam logo.Digital considerationsPlease make sure that all text and images have accessiblealternatives (see our online accessibility guidelines). 3 Note: Distressed background. This only gets used for large-formats, above-the- line advertising and selected products. Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  6. 6. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsHow we look Colours Logo Fonts IllustrationThe colour pairings Other usage On lead items (eg. above-the-line ads, covers, outer envelopes) we don’t use reversed colours,We have six colour pairings – four for everyday single colours or white text over images .use, red and black for emergencies, and black and Inside our comms there’s more flexiblity with colour. The main pairings can bewhite for mono print only. The darker colour is used reversed, but only sparingly. Single coloursfor text, which is overlaid on the lighter colour. can be used on white backgrounds. White- out text can be used over photos. Red, white and black The red/black and mono pairings are ABC ABC ABC ABC supplementary, to be used in specific contexts:PRINT Dark green Red Dark blue Purple ABC ABC ABCPantone Pantone 3425C Pantone 485C Pantone 286C Pantone 2746CCMYK coated C94 M13 Y83 K44 C0 M96 Y100 K0 C100 M75 Y0 K0 C100 M100 Y0 K0CMYK uncoated C100 M0 Y78 K42 C0 M96 Y100 K0 C100 M66 Y0 K2 C100 M92 Y0 K10DIGITALWeb (Hex) 006543 EA3201 0038A8 2A2A86 Black and white Black on red White on redRGB R0 G101 B67 R234 G504 B1 R0 G56 B168 R42 G42 B134 For mono print only For emergencies For trading sales only communicationsPRINT Light green Orange Light blue Pink (Magenta)Pantone Pantone 376C Pantone 1235C Pantone 2985C M100CMYK coated C56 M0 Y100 K0 C0 M36 Y98 K0 C60 M0 Y3 K0 M100CMYK uncoated C50 M0 Y100 K0 C0 M29 Y91 K0 C59 M0 Y6 K0 M100DIGITALWeb (Hex) 99CC00 FCB514 3BC1ED EC008CRGB R153 G204 B0 R252 G181 B20 R59 G193 B237 R236 G0 B140 Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  7. 7. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsHow we look Colours Logo Fonts IllustrationBe Humankind and the Oxfam logo Logos for white/pale backgrounds The green and black solid logo versions are each‘Be Humankind’ and the Oxfam logo should sign off all available in the four lock-ups shown below.our comms. There are four variations of this, as shownbelow. Always use the keyline version of the logo(never solid white) on a BHK colour background. Solid green logo Solid black logo (ideally for mono print only) 1 Preferred version - Landscape. Works best 1 2 running along the bottom, preferably on the right. 2 Preferred version - Ranged right. Works well in a portrait design, preferably on the right. Note: The dotted 3 Special version - Centered. Appears more magenta lines mark balanced on non-standard items. out the ‘clear’ area 4 Special version - Large centered. Works best where around the logo. we need strong Oxfam recognition at a distance. This is defined by the height of the ‘X’ Size matters in Oxfam. 4 3 When using the logo in small, confined spaces (eg. banner ads or badges), the Be Humankind line may be dropped to makes sure our logo is legible. Partnerships and coalitions When we work with others, we don’t use the Be Humankind line. We use the plain Oxfam logo. Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  8. 8. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsHow we look Colours Logo Fonts IllustrationFonts BHK font samplesOur headline font is Cooper Black. We use it Cooper Blacksparingly, not in body copy and we avoid writing ABCDEFGHIJKLMNwhole words or sentences in upper case. OPQRSTUVWXYZOn lead comms (eg. ads, envelopes, covers) headlines abcdefghijklmnare angled at 5º. Any supporting text should sit closely opqrstuvwxyzto our headlines and follow the same angle. 1234567890 Letter tracking should be fairly tight,Oxfam leading headline usage as should the line spacing. adline Arial He 5˚angle ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890For body copy, and almost all other copy, we Swift ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZuse Arial. On very long-copy items (eg. annual abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzreports and articles), where a serif font makes 1234567890it easier to read, we use Swift. Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  9. 9. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsHow we look Colours Logo Fonts IllustrationIllustrationsWhen we use illustration we keep it simple.We use bold icons and solid colours to add to,or help communicate, the overall message. unition to1 Print illustration Wanted. Ambal arms trade fight the glo t it in like you to poin . We’d se strong, simple, two-colour icons U the direction of like you weapon. We’d ’re unhappy abo ut nds Your voice is a the UN and let off a few routhe fact that to tell them you nties sell arms torepressiv eloped’ cou . so-called ‘dev r trigger finger to good use ticians e poli regimes. Put you k/armstreaty and let the se solid colours not tints U rg.u Click oxfam.o n business. know you mea 1 ommunicate, or add to, the overall idea C2 Digital illustration ore freedom to enhance interactivity M ints, gradients and full colour allowed T 2 se texture and depth U 2 Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  10. 10. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsHow we speak Find the balance Keep it simpleHow we speak BHK headline styleWe’re passionate that poverty is an injustice and thatpeople have the power to overcome it together. theSo when we speak, we always want to be true to this Be moved by orld,core belief – balancing our sense of injustice and state of the w out bhope. We call this tone of voice Provocative Optimism. outspoken air, what’s unfaabout and excited ference.Provocative hallenge the status quo and provoke a response C making a dif Compel people to act Prompt outrage not guiltOptimism Poverty can be beaten People together can achieve anything There’s always something that can be done Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  11. 11. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsHow we speak Find the balance Keep it simpleFind the balanceWhen we speak we try to get the right balance between provocation and optimism.This can vary from one job to the next, but both elements are always present: 0 100 P High provocation: do something, get involved.Emergencyappeal O Lower optimism: this is a tough situation, but you can make a difference. 0 100 P High provocation: get involved, respond, act.Onlinecampaigningaction O High optimism: this project is making a huge difference already and you can ensure its continued success. 0 100 P Lower provocation: we want people to feel inspired, proud to supportSupportermagazine Oxfam and more committed but there’s no urgent call to action. O High optimism: we show clearly that their money is making a difference, that change is possible. Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  12. 12. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsHow we speak Find the balance Keep it simpleKeep it simpleProvocative Optimism is our lead toneof voice. But we’re never clever forthe sake of it. Sometimes, especiallyin digital and retail environments, thesmartest way to get our messageacross is to keep it simple. 10:24:47 Volunteerste_sticker.pdf dona 20/4/10 wanted. Start a new chapter with Oxfam. C Thanks M Mum! Y CM MY Note. When writing a URL CY we always use the prefix ‘www.’ eg. CMY NOT K Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  13. 13. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsWhen we use photos How we use photos ExamplesWhen we use photos Digital considerations A great photo for printed comms doesn’t always make a great photoTo make sure our comms are distinctive and ownable, for digital comms. Be aware ofwe’re careful where we use photos. Generally, we save aspect ratios and choose photos that suit.them for inside materials, leading instead with bold colours, The Trailtrekker banner ads shownillustration and copy with attitude. But there are some here are great examples of using a lead photo that works for bothcarefully chosen exceptions where we can lead digital and print (see print version on next page).with photos: fundraising, trading, and celebrities.We only use lead photos that meet ourCommunications Benchmark. If it’s notdistinctive and ownable we don’t use it.Any use of lead photos should be agreedin advance with Oxfam’s Creative Director.Oxfam photos are Real, Engaging, Dignified.See ‘Oxfam Photography’ section Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  14. 14. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsWhen we use photos How we use photos Examples See ‘Oxfam Photography’ sectionHow we use photos Container examplesWhen we lead on photos we use a ‘container’ – a simpleshape that allows us to apply our message in the brand styleand make sure our comms stay distinctive and ownable.ContainersWe keep containers simple to allow their content to standout. Use rounded corners sparingly -- straight edges helpoff-set the round edges of our Cooper Black typeface.Full bleedWe use photos full bleed on lead items.Colours fontsAll the usual BHK rules apply.AngleThe whole container is placed at a 5° angle.We don’t angle any text inside. Envelope back/frontLogoWe always sign-off with ‘Be Humankind’ and the Banner ad (left), poster (above)Oxfam logo. This can be inside or outside the container. Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  15. 15. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsWhen we use photos How we use photos ExamplesSee ‘Oxfam Photography’ section Fundraising Trading CelebritiesFundraising examplesWe’ve undertaken a major piece of research into the use of 4lead images in fundraising.* The results have led to theseexceptions, where careful use of the right photos can help.For our full guide to choosing and commissioning photos,make sure you read our photo style guide.1 Prospects/cold appeals 1 When we show need we don’t compromise dignity. t Think context and activity not isolation and helplessness. Urgenl: appea DRC t conflic2 Warm appeals We balance need with proof of progress – showing that things can and are changing. 33 Emergencies When there’s major news coverage we don’t use photos. When there isn’t we do, keeping photos real and journalistic in style.4 Events When we’re introducing an unknown event, inspiring and 2 engaging photos help people to get what we’re talking about. * For a full copy of this research please contact Oxfam’s Market Insight team. Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  16. 16. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsWhen we use photos How we use photos ExamplesSee ‘Oxfam Photography’ section Fundraising Trading CelebritiesTrading examplesIn our shops, there’s freedom to use 2different styles of photography.1 Pelmets Inside our shops, photos of people help to connect UK shoppers with our work around the world. rvival Su£10 you spend can Every Haiti people in help give they need to 1 rt the suppo luding a steady vive – inc Window hangers sur ter. clean wa2 supply of In our window displays, photos of products help to show off and sell our stock. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxf am3 Displays Inside our shops, photos from our projects can help to make us distinctive and ownable on the high street.4 Posters and advertising Fashion-style photography helps to sell our clothes. 4 3 Elisabeth Tamara, Peru.Water is scarce in these remote regions and her community is looking at irrigation systems that will help them to grow their crops. Photo: Gilvan Barreto/Oxfam ld. A better wor y Free wit h ever purchas e. Tag your bag Sign up to our Tag Your Bag scheme and we can claim 28% on the money we raise from selling your things. Ask for more details. Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  17. 17. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsWhen we use photos How we use photos ExamplesSee ‘Oxfam Photography’ section Fundraising Trading CelebritiesCelebrities From CongoWhether it’s in front or behind the camera, a famous face or name with Love. You are invican help us cut-through and create distinctive and ownable private viewted to join us for the Love’, feat of ‘From Congo with urin and the peo g new work by Ran ple of kin Congo. Portrait photo grapher, Rank Republic of in, retur ned Congo with to the Dem Oxfam in Octo ocraticcommunications. They can help us reach new audiences, ran a serie s of photo ber 2009 and in a conflict graphic work zone. shops desig ned You won’t have seen huge famil anything like y photo album this before: – taken by a prior to meet people who, ing Rankin, had not even ogo. alone held, seen, let a camera. portraits, the As well as Rankin’s signagenerating media interest around a campaign, appeal or product. exhibition ture and intimate will display images taken these perso a kid by the peop nal Private le he met. view 6.30pm to 8.30pm, Thur Chek sday 11 Febr The Deck uary 2010 Bar, The Nati South Ban onal Thea k tre London SE1 Exhibition 9PX continues kin RSVP until 11 Apri by Ran l 2010 bition tre Giulia at gbias y exhi l Thea Celebrity photographer ibetti@oxfam.o1 ationa Or call 0186 raph the N ndon 5 472334 or mobile otog 08 07795 304 A ph utside ber 20 We are Cong 351 O Lo o ws availa ank, Decem ble to buy uth B at the priva to 21 te view. So er ctob 21 O Rankin in DRC food2 Supermodel and photographer 1 This exhibition is sponsored by bank pharmacy International. er of Oxfam GB is a memb 2 2. Oxfam nd SCO 03904 Helena Christensen in Peru Scotla 202918 and Wales No Oxfam is a registered charity in England and travel funeralcare3 Musicians taking part in our blue food bank t Urgenl: faces campaign at UK festivals appea DRC pharmacy travel t funeralcare conflic 3 Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  18. 18. Our brand How we look How we speak Using photos DownloadsDownloadsBelow are links to various assets that make upOxfam’s visual identity. Make sure you’ve read ourbrand guidelines and our terms and conditions.Logos Colour swatches Fonts Templates AccessibilityDownload for print: Download pre-set colour Due to licence laws we can Here are some templates We aim to achieve AAFull set of CMYK and Pantone swatches for: not offer fonts for download. to help kick-start that compliance to WCAG 2.0vector files inDesign There are however free next project: guidelines. If you produce downloads of Cooper Black digital material that fails toDownload for PC: Illustrator Poster template available online. meet this criteria pleaseRGB files for use in Word, or a jpg reference file for A3 inDesign CS3 contact the OXfam GB digitalPPT, Mail etc Arial and Swift come Digital media communications team. as standard with most MandatoriesDownload for digital: Macs and PCs. For most materials we produceHex files for use online use we need to add small, legal mandatories Oxfam Brand Guide update 2011 •
  19. 19. Back to ‘Using photos’ Welcome What to do What not to do Taking photos Introduction Captions and credits Credit: Jane Beesley/OxfamOxfamphotography.
  20. 20. Back to ‘Using photos’ Welcome What to do What not to do Taking photosIntroduction Captions and creditsIntroductionWe face some tricky decisions when we’re choosing images.While we sometimes require images to illustrate reality and need,they must not destroy people’s dignity.Images of needy, vulnerable people – especially in emergencywork – may generate the cash in the short-term, but they canoften perpetuate the negative opinion that a poor country’sproblems will never be solved.This doesn’t help the efforts of countries seekinginternational investment and a stronger voice in globaldecision-making processes. Need vs dignity – the dilemmaOxfam communicators should, wherever possible, An Oxfam collecting tin from the 60s.use images that are Real, Engaging, and preserve Don’t use the ‘needy African child’ – in the 21st century we should be able to presentthe Dignity of the people portrayed. people with more dignity and respect.For help and more info contact
  21. 21. Back to ‘Using photos’ Welcome What to do What not to do Taking photosIntroduction Captions and creditsCaptions and credits Image, caption and credit exampleWe always credit the photographerand/or the source of a photograph.In addition, we should caption all our photos with any relevant contextand details needed to make sure it’s clear what is going on.All Oxfam-owned photosPhotos should be credited as: ‘Credit: photographers name/Oxfam’.Images owned by an image library Credit: Carlo Heathcote/Oxfam(e.g. Associated Press, AlertNet, Shutterstock) Above: Marie Blackburn, Oxfam Air Operations Manager,Make sure you credit the source correctly, have permission to supervises an airlift of aid to remote mountainous regions hituse it and have checked any specific restrictions (e.g. number by the earthquake in Pakistan.of impressions, emergency use only) before using.For help and more info contact
  22. 22. Back to ‘Using photos’ Welcome What to do What not to do Taking photosBe real Be engaging Show dignityBe realThe images we use in our communications shouldhave the same integrity as our work. We should striveto show what life is really like for the people we work 2with – honestly portraying reality. Use images that:1 C apture ‘slice-of-life’ moments2 Show people in context3 Capture spontaneity 14 Show people in action 3 Photo credits: 1). Mirijam Van den Burgh/Oxfam 2). Annie Bungeroth/Oxfam 3) + 4). Jim Holmes/Oxfam 4For help and more info contact