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Final Exam: Elements & Principles Drawings


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Final Exam: Elements & Principles Drawings

  1. 1. Visual Arts - Final Exam Examples of Drawings:-Elements of Art and Principles of Design
  2. 2. 2 drawings showing 2 Elements of Artor Principles of Design. 1 per drawing.
  3. 3. You have used nearly all of the Elements or Principles in your projects so far! ZENTANGLE! 1.Pattern 2.Shape 3.Contrast 4.Balance 5.Value
  4. 4. Extinct Animal Drawing 1. Line 2. Shape 3. Texture 4. Movement 5. Color 6. Emphasis 7. Unity
  5. 5. Landscape Collage 1. Pattern 2. Form 3. Line 4. Repetition 5. Variety 6. Texture 7. Space
  6. 6. Examples of Drawings you can do for final.*Remember you have to explain how you used theelement/principle. Repetition: Circles are repeated to create patterns.
  7. 7. Movement- The lines, shapes and patterns make your eye move down the line.
  8. 8. Pattern: Repetition of circles that create unity.
  9. 9. Contrast: Warm color vs. cool color make lines stand out.Line: Curvy wave flowing from the top to bottom
  10. 10. Balance: Equal distribution of colors and lines on both sides of drawing. Symmetrical: Same on both sides. Asymmetrical: Different when you split in half
  11. 11. Unity: Similar line typeEmphasis: Darker & thicker lines in front stand out.
  12. 12. Value: Light to dark range of colors.
  13. 13. Geometric Shape: Circles, rectangles, squares, and rigid lines.
  14. 14. Organic Shape: free flowing and curvy lines
  15. 15. Space: Giving an illusion of depth or a sense of distance or dimension.
  16. 16. Color: Light, dark, bold, or dull. Warm and Cool colors.
  17. 17. Complementary Colors: Opposite on color wheel
  18. 18. What could this be an example of?
  19. 19. What could this be an example of?
  20. 20. 1. Remember! You will have to identify which element or principle you are drawing and describe how you used it.2. Plan your 2 designs in your sketchbook!*You may have your sketchbook out during the exam!* You may use pencil, pen, markers, colored pencils, cut paper, collagemagazines.