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Triple bottom line


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Triple bottom line

  1. 1. Australian PaperMaryvale Victoria’s Largest Industrial Renewable Energy Generator producing morethan 50% of its own energy needs.Lignin is used as a fuel to produce steam which in turn generates power.15% of recycled water purchased which lowers resources used to produce each tonneof paper.Your specification of locally made paper contributes significantly to Australias social,economic and environmental future and well-beingFor every tonne of Australian Paper that you specify, you can receive an independentlyassured statement of impact against triple bottom line metrics that are consistent withthe Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Through our Tonne of Value Australian Paper canthus provide you with a reportable and credible triple bottom line paper account. Yourdecision to choose Australian made paper helps take risk out of your supply chain andshows your key stakeholders that you are a responsible organisation. One that alignsvalues with responsible actions, which can be shared with all stakeholders.Report with confidence.Now you can report with confidence your paper consumption impact. For every tonneof Australian made paper you purchase, there is a helping contribution to Australiastriple bottom line. If you adhere to GRI reporting methods, produce an annualsustainability report and use metrics to support your sustainability journey, thenspecifying Australian made paper will align with your goals. Not only can your paperchoice help provide a Tonne of Value for Australias triple bottom line, but also yours.
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