Engaging With Catholic Followers Using Social Media


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Presentaiton given to the Catholic Diocese of Superior on using social media to engage with parishioners and recruit students for school.

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  • Understanding your audience and how they use social media
  • Let’s talk about a community! Who here has a FB account? Who believes FB is a way to connect with parishioners, current and future students, alumni, and parents? Remember, 96 million young people have joined a social network.
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  • Text messaging campaigns
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  • How does social media improve the quality of ministry and help move the church's objectives forward?
  • Engaging With Catholic Followers Using Social Media

    1. 1. October 28, 2010
    2. 2. 1.0 One-way communication Controlled message About service times 2.0 Two-way communication Give up some control About interaction
    3. 3. *Drew Goodmanson, The State of Social Media Part 1 http://www.christianitytoday.com/yc/manageresources/other/thestateofsocialmediapart1.html
    4. 4. • Fight the urge to dismiss social media. See it as any other medium of communication. • View social media as a way of life/worldview. Not a tool or the savior of the church. • Engage social media contextually and know that NOT everyone will embrace it. • Lift the barriers to communication.
    5. 5. What is the one roadblock you are thinking of RIGHT NOW for why you should NOT jump in with both feet?
    6. 6. Our people don’t do that It’s risky Inappr opriate content People don’t care what the pastor ate for lunch This isn’t how we’ve always done it
    7. 7. 1. Identify what you want to do. What are your objectives. 2. Determine a strategy by understanding your audience. 3. Select tactic(s) that best align with items 1 and 2. 4. Identify how you will measure for success
    8. 8. Engage, communicate, and stimulate Fundraising Promote events School recruitment and retention
    9. 9. Jesus uttered the words "Follow me" 21 times in the Gospels.
    10. 10. Jesus was about business and focused on what he was commissioned to do, even from the age of 12.
    11. 11. Jesus knew how to form a team to reach people.
    12. 12. Jesus knew his audience, and at times, did consumer research.
    13. 13. Jesus did his work with excellence, and was consistent at it, day in and day out.
    14. 14. Jesus understood localization and grassroots marketing, starting his ministry at home base (Jerusalem), then launching from there.
    15. 15. Jesus freely gave of himself and his gifts, and was unconventional in his methods.
    16. 16. COMMUNITIES Social media is about small pockets of conversations that happen with people that know each other – either in real life or online CONVERSATIONS Conversations revolve around specific affinities and the likes, dislikes and interests of particular groups. Conversation is the GNP of these communities. CONTENT Content is the topics of discussion within the communities. By creating content you supply nutrients to feed them. New content is like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    17. 17. 500 million people
    18. 18. Beyond sheer size and popularity, Facebook may offer churches a chance to draw a more engaged site visitor. People who visit a church website via Facebook view more pages (4 pages), than those who come as direct traffic (3 pages). These visitors also spend more time on a church's site (2 1/2 minutes) than direct visitors (2 minutes).
    19. 19. * Study by BuzzPlant http://ww1.prweb.com/prfiles/2010/07/20/36883/surveyresultschurchsm.pdf
    20. 20. Generation Y and Z consider e-mail passé Some universities have stopped distributing e- mail accounts and instead, are distributing eReaders, iPads, and Tablets
    21. 21. There are more than 100 million users accessing Facebook through their mobile device.
    22. 22.  65,000 new videos uploaded every day  100,000,000 views per day  57% of online video viewers share links
    23. 23. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=569035870603
    24. 24.  Sure Social Media and Networks, like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter etc. have a big "gee-whiz" factor. Everybody is hopping on the bandwagon. People are telling you that if you and your church don't get connected to this new media that you're going to get left behind and miss out.  But there has got to be a more compelling reason for a church, ministry, or Catholic School to sign on to these social media applications than "everybody else is doing it."
    25. 25. 1.Communication 2. Connecting 3.Call to Action
    26. 26. So as you think about Social Media for your church, ministry or school, you must ask yourself....How will this new Social Media "thing" help our church, ministry or organization Communicate, Connect our Community, and Call People to Action?
    27. 27.  Social Media must help the church effectively and efficiently communicate it's message. Certainly Social Media isn't the only medium. A church can communicate to it's people on the Sunday morning platform, bulletins, mailings, phone calls, emails, face-to-face conversations, television, radio etc. Social Media, though, becomes just another effective tool to add to the church's communication mosaic.
    28. 28.  But Social Media has some unique benefits all it's own in effectively communicating:  It's easy and effortless, it doesn't take much money or manpower to implement or use it.  It's ubiquitous, since it is so available and pervasive it isn't hard for people to miss the message.  It's variety, social media takes many different forms, words, audio and image.  It's viral, the beauty of social media is that your message can expand well beyond it's intended audience  Therefore exposing and introducing new people to your cause and community.
    29. 29.  Social Media must connect your community. Unlike communication which most often pushes information in a "one-way" direction, connecting must create a conversation.
    30. 30.  Will Social Media create conversation within the community?  Are people able to talk to you the minister/ministry team leader?  Can they talk to one another?  Also, part of the conversation involves other key elements:  Contribute, can others contribute in helpful and meaningful ways to the conversation? Are they even able to shape the conversation?  Collaborate, does your social media allow the benefits from the collective hive of experience, skills and knowledge from your community?
    31. 31.  Social Media must prompt people to do something. It can't be passive. Some of the calls to ACTION might include:  Go, are you asking someone to go and serve others in some way?  Give, are you asking someone to give either of their time or financially to the cause?  Pray, are you calling people to act in concerted and persevering prayer?  Mobilize, are you asking people to spread the message of the cause to their friends and networks?
    32. 32. Don’t let the word "Media" divert you from what is truly important, and that is the PEOPLE you are trying to reach. Jesus interacted with different types of people all the time: He made a difference in each life he touched. Jesus took the time to build relationships with all his disciples: Peter, James, John, and the rest of the twelve, along with Mary, Martha, Lazarus and Mary Magdalene.  Jesus uttered the words "Follow me" 21 times in the Gospels.  From religious leaders (Pharisees)  To adulterers (the Woman at the well),  To tax collectors (Matthew /Zacchaeus)  To lepers and beggars, and his interaction was not just peripheral
    33. 33. It’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate
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