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ACE Energizers


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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ACE Energizers

  1. EnergizersBeth KanterBeth’s Bloghttp://www.bethkanter.orgGirl in BolgaFlickr photo by Empower Playgrounds
  2. WhatEnergizers are activities done in between sessions intraining or during a class. The purpose of theenergizer is essentially to awaken a sleepingaudience or activate a jaded audience.Energizers are typically done right after lunch andmid-afternoon breaks when energy tend to be low.The energizer can be connected to the content orjust a movement exercise.
  3. When in doubt, start moving …Flickr photos by clogozm and suburbanchicken
  4. Why? • Movement gets oxygen to the brain, the brain loves oxygen • More oxygen, better processing of information • Training sticks better …
  5. Everyone Will Share One During the Training and We’ll Add tothe Wiki
  6. This energizer isdocumented on thewiki to show you anexample!You’ll learn how to dothis soon too!
  7. Inspiration: Kenyans Collectively Sing Anthem
  8. Organizers said the grassroots effort was aimed at promoting unityin the east African nation, where ethnic violence left more than1,000 people dead after disputed elections four years ago."The whole point is to unite Kenyans in one action and provokereflection about personal responsibility," said organizer Al Kags."We decided to go with the national anthem because it is the mainprayer that binds us together. Its a clarion call that transcends allboundaries -- physical, mental, tribal, you name it."Francis Mwiwa, 29, crawled out of bed to join in the singing fromthe Toronto suburb of Brampton. "At the very least, I hope singingthe national anthem together jolts regular Kenyans into looking atthe big picture," Mwiwa said. "Ethnic and tribal differences areobsolete. Instead of fighting amongst ourselves, we should be busycompeting with the rest of the world."The movement started on social media, and later expanded offline.
  9. Sing Your National AnthemMaterialsMusic player, speakers & computerBeach ball or medium-size ballSteps1. Gather in a circle2. Toss a ball to music3. When music stops, the person with the ball has to go into the middle of the circleand sing their country’s national anthem4. This continues until all anthems have been sung