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Dr. jane goodall

This is a power point presentation that explores the spiritual and mystical side of Dr. Jane Goodall. That all of her good works arise from the profound spiritual connection that she has with her inner most self.

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Dr. jane goodall

  1. 1. Dr. Jane Goodall Primatologist, Environmentalist,Humanitarian, Philosopher, Mystic, Peace Maker
  2. 2. Part 1: BeginningDr. Jane was born April3rd, 1934
  3. 3. Part 1: BeginningIn 1939, Brittandeclares war onGermany.Jane was five yearsold.
  4. 4. Part 1: BeginningThe Birches is stillJane’s primaryresidence.
  5. 5. Dr. Jane• “How should the mind that can contemplate God relate to our fellow beings, the other life- forms of the world? What is our human responsibility? And what, ultimately, is our human destiny?”
  6. 6. Part 1: Beginnings• 1952 Jane receives her higher certificate from school.• 1956 Jane receives and invitation from a school friend to come to Kenya.• 1957 Jane sails to Africa.
  7. 7. Part 1: BeginningsJane meets famousanthropologist LouisLeaky and becomeshis personal secretary.
  8. 8. Dr. LeakyDr. Leaky was one ofthe first to postulateand prove that humanevolutionarydevelopment began inAfrica and not Asia.He also mentored,Dian Fossey (Gorillasin the Mist) and BiruteGaldikas (Born to beWild).
  9. 9. Par 1: Beginnings1960: “Ah! We mustnow redefine man,redefine tool, oraccept chimpanzees ashuman!” --Dr. Louis Leaky
  10. 10. • 1: Beginnings watch?v=k5Q6-hh49mU60 Minutes Interview
  11. 11. Part 2: The MysticTime Alone“…those months atGombe helped to shapethe person I amtoday…All the time I wasgetting closer to theanimals and nature, andas a result, closer tomyself and more andmore in tune with thespiritual power that I feltall around,” Dr. Jane
  12. 12. Part 2: The MysticThe Problem of Evil1975: Kidnapping inGombe1976: Jane GoodallInstitute was founded1974 to 1978: 4 YearChimpanzee War
  13. 13. Part 2: The MysticCultural Speciation“…the tendency to formselect in-groups fromwhich we exclude thosewho do not share ourethnic background,socioeconomic position,political persuasions,religious beliefs, and so onis one of the major causesof war, rioting, gangviolence, and other kindsof conflict,” Dr. Jane
  14. 14. Part 2: The MysticCultural Speciation: The Barrier to World Peace“Clearly, cultural speciation had been crippling tohuman moral and spiritual growth. It had hinderedfreedom of thought, limited our thinking, imprisonedus in the cultures into which we had been born. And,provided we remained locked within these culturalmind prisons, all our fine ideas about the Family ofMan, the Global Village, and the uniting of nationswould be just rhetoric,” Dr. Jane
  15. 15. Part 3: SolutionsSpiritual and Moral Evolution “…the flame of pure spirit that is in each and every one of us,that is part of the creator; what the Buddhists call kernel. Thatwhich is loved, I realized, can grow. We had to learn tounderstand and love this Spirit within in order to find peacewithin. And only then could we reach out beyond the narrowprison of our own lives, seeking reunion with the SpiritualPower that we call God, or Allah, the Tao, Brahma, the creator,or whatever our personal beliefs prescribes. Once we hadattained that goal, our power to connect with others, so thattogether we could create a better world, would beimmeasurably greater,” Dr. Jane.
  16. 16. Part 3: Solutions1986: HarvardUniversity Presspublishes“Chimpanzees ofGombe.”1987: Jane visitsFederally funded labSEMA, Inc.
  17. 17. • http://www.janegoodall.orPart 4: Solutions g/media/videos/uk-Video commonwealth-day-2012
  18. 18. Part 4: Reasons forHope1. The Human Brain2. The Resilience of Nature.3. The energy and enthusiasm of young people4. The indomitable human spirit.