Men stopping violence ppt


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Men Stopping Violence Social Media Marketing Presentation

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Men stopping violence ppt

  1. 1. A Group Audit by: Gillian Davis Preston Mayfield Subanti Mortuza Antonio Pizano Derrick Allen Kai Chan
  2. 2. Overview of MSV Established in 1982 Aims to prevent violence against women 5 Programs Currently:  “Allies” Support Network  “Men At work” Indiv. Prevention Program  “Safer Communities” Facilitator Training Program  “Because We Have Daughters” Self-Dev. Program 7tcfIXLA&feature=share&list=ULhh-7tcfIXLA  “Tactics and Choices” Compulsory Workshop
  3. 3. Target Audience Husbands and Fathers Civic Organizations Churches Educators Therapists Mens Groups Doctors Social Media Network Employers
  4. 4. Marketing Objectives Maximize Visibility to Audience  Search Engine Optimization  Social Media Channels Increase Traffic and User Engagement  Promote MSV through website, social media, blogs, etc… Implement Sustainable Marketing Plan  Develop a structured social media calendar
  5. 5. S.W.O.T. Strengths  Supporting Strong Cause  Support from other Organizations and Community  Diversity of Programs Weaknesses  Low visitors to website  Low quality inbound links  Social Media Activity
  6. 6. S.W.O.T. continued… Opportunities  Increase social media use in order to reduce costs and boost awareness  No major competitors  Maximize website via SEO tools Threats  Losing target audience as a result of low activity  Competitors could take advantage of SEO and Social Media opportunities
  7. 7. Digital Audit Homepage Evaluation  Basic and Clean  Easy to Navigate  Few HTML links Global Navigation  Links are working and direct Category & Subcategory Content Pages  Adequate use of key words and brand name on website  Content on website can be indexed Facebook & Twitter  Likes an Followers low on these channels  Tweets and posts do not happen on a structured schedule
  8. 8. Channel Data Analysis  Information is good  Organization and strategy of distribution could use improvement  Channel not SEO optimized Facebook (Community Communication) IMC  Same consistent information throughout channels.  Youtube is lacking information to link to MSV.
  9. 9. IMC Linkedin – great presence for thought and business leaders. Google Plus – local pages and business information “Share-This” sharing tools to promote social media presence. Integrate social media plugins > redirect actions/website links.
  10. 10. SEO Social Bookmarking – Digg and Delicious Meta tags and description (errors with search engine website description) Geolocal apps & Mobile website to build presence
  11. 11. SEO Optimize with tags Combine articles and blogs within the website Strive for good backlink sourcesHOOTSUITE Monitor feeds related to MSV and violence. Share their knowledge and experience. Be a thought leader and actively speak to others to build audience. Engage in conversations with hashtags Look at competitors tweets.
  12. 12. Search Engine Optimization Low Social Media Activity leads to:  Low SEO rankings  More reference’s increase SEO rankings  Diluted within other Anti-Violence Groups
  13. 13. Results Facebook:  Post every 4 days (Approx.)  2453 likes and 456 people “talking about” and 109 likes  Comments- Employees, and followers Twitter:  Linked with Twitter  Irregular  866 followers YouTube:  5 videos, 8 subscribers, 1287 views Instagram:  No account
  14. 14. Calendar Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTubeSunday * *Monday Post Tweet * *Tuesday Tweet * *Wednesday Post Tweet * *Thursday Tweet * *Friday Post Tweet * *Saturday * **Indicates that social media channel should be usedwhenever there is an opportunity.
  15. 15. Recommendations Increase Activity on Social Media Channels  More Tweets, Posts, and Videos Increase Inbound links:  High Quality inbound links increase Domain Authority and overall popularity.