info@defensetechs.comExceptional vehicle stopping power.Breakthrough technology.DFT-Net
DFT-Net vehicle arrestingsystem.It’s amazing what our quickstart can stop.Time is of the essence in the circumstances wher...
The only system of its kind                           “The product is designed toDFT-Net is the only man portable, non-   ...
DFT-Net in actionIts rapid set up and deployment capabilitymakes DFT -Net particularly effective in a                     ...
PortableQuickEffectiveSafe Stopping              Net                              Speed        Approximate                ...
Deft net vehicle-arresting-system defensetechs
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Deft net vehicle-arresting-system defensetechs


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Deft net vehicle-arresting-system defensetechs

  1. 1. info@defensetechs.comExceptional vehicle stopping power.Breakthrough technology.DFT-Net
  2. 2. DFT-Net vehicle arrestingsystem.It’s amazing what our quickstart can stop.Time is of the essence in the circumstances where it’snecessary to stop an escaping vehicle. In these demandingsituations where fast reaction times are the key, deploymentof the system needs to be rapid and simple. Its effects must bereliable. And the issue of safety of bystanders, those deployingthe system and the vehicle’s occupants, is never far away – anissue that goes hand in hand with minimising any damage tothe target vehicle. The DFT-Net non-lethal, man portablesystem, with its unique spiked net design, can fully arrest awide range of vehicles quickly and easily with the minimum ofharm. A head-on approach Scientists and engineers have faced a serious challenge in finding a solution to stopping vehicles that brings them to a halt more rapidly and safely. Conventional systems have relied on puncturing tyres. The risk is that the vehicle has the potential to continue its progress for some considerable time and distance before coming to a halt. And be out of control. It’s these issues, with the inherent dangers they carry, that our scientists have addressed head-on. The result of this work is DFT-Net, offering distinct advantages over other systems.
  3. 3. The only system of its kind “The product is designed toDFT-Net is the only man portable, non- determine intent and it has savedlethal vehicle arresting solution availabletoday. lives… It provides a non-lethalIt brings the target vehicle to a complete solution to stop vehicles atstandstill, under control, irrespective of standardor flat run type tyres. Manually deployed in checkpoints that have failed tounder 20 seconds, the DFT -Net employs a stop voluntarily… We have alreadyunique spiked net design. The barbed spikes inthe leading edge of the net pierce the front developed a Remote Deploymenttyres of the moving vehicle. The net thenenvelopes the front tyres and is pulled tight Device that winches DFT-Netunder the vehicle to stop the wheels rotating across the road in 1.5 secondsand bring the vehicle to a standstill. and is triggered by a foot pedal,With over four thousand units in service keeping soldiers out of harm’sworldwide, this tried and tested system hasbeen adopted and endorsed to cope with the way and leaving their hands freemost demanding situations by both militaryand police forces. to hold weapons.”Light weight. Heavy dutyWeighing only 22kg, DFT -Net[3t] is designedto stop vehicles up to three tonnes, with itslarger version, DFT -Net[10t], capable ofstopping vehicles up to 10 tonnes, both at40mph. Its portability and rapid deploymentcapability easily outperform alternatives suchas spike strips or electronic engine disruption– a method that’s only effective on certainkinds of engine management systems.SafetyOur partner has developed a RemoteDeploymentDevice (RDD) for use in conjunction with theDFT -Net for checkpoint installations. Itprovides a safe stand-off distance for the userto deploy the DFT -Net, keeping them awayfrom the potential danger zone. This RDD canbe installed and ready to use in only 10minutes without the need for supportinginfrastructure. It can be used with both nettypes and in a variety of circumstances.
  4. 4. DFT-Net in actionIts rapid set up and deployment capabilitymakes DFT -Net particularly effective in a Performancevariety of circumstances where speed, safety DFT -Net can arrest a vehicle within aand the capacity to bring vehicles to a halt similar distance to an emergency stopover shortest possible time and distance are The retardation force is less than 1g – providingof the essence. a low risk to occupantsApplications Larger vehicles can be stopped with DFT -Net[3t] stopping power effective up to 3 tonnes andSetting up mobile checkpoints to control vehicle DFT -Net[10t] effective up to 10 tonnesflow – specifically for peacekeeping operationsand states of high terrorist alertCordoning off areas or roads to stop vehiclesentering or leaving defined locationsPursuit management – where specific vehiclescan be targeted for arrestBuilding and asset protection andpre-planned operations ‘our partner has a strong track record of working on vehicle arrest systems, originally prompted by anti-terrorist activities in Northern Ireland… We were aware of the specific military and police requirements through our early work with the UK Ministry of Defence… The DFT-Net development team has a wide and impressive skill-set backed by an ability to pull in additional expertise from across the organisation…’
  5. 5. PortableQuickEffectiveSafe Stopping Net Speed Approximate Conditions Vehicle distance type (mph) weight 49ft (15m) X-Net[3t] Off-road, Dry 35 2403lbs (1090kg) Mazda 323148ft (45m) X-Net[3t] Dry 50 3106lbs (1409kg) Saab 9000i 69ft (21m) X-Net[3t] Off-road 30 3126lbs (1418kg) Chevrolet Corsica148ft (56m) X-Net[3t] Dry 40 3505lbs (1590kg) Ford Transit (RWD)151ft (46m) X-Net[3t] Dry 30 4650lbs (2109kg) Ford F150 Pickup164ft (50m) X-Net[3t] Wet 35 5210lbs (2363kg) Rover 827 (Armoured)121ft (37m) X-Net[3t] Dry 30 5410lbs (2454kg) GM HMMWV246ft (75m) X-Net[3t] Dry 30 5911lbs (2681kg) GM CUC-V Pick up105ft (32m) X-Net[3t] Wet 35 6614lbs (3000kg) Reynolds Boughton RB44 92ft (28m) X-Net[10t] Dry 30 22,659lbs (10,278kg) MAN 14 244 Truck180ft (55m) X-Net[10t] Dry 25 25,419lbs (11,530kg) Renault Tracer R332 CoachNATO stock Volume Deployed Weight Description Type number (litres) size4240-01-518 114 48Ibs Lightweight system capable of 19ft x 10ft X-Net[3t] -4626 (22kg) stopping up to medium size trucks (6m x 3m)4240-01-567 280 70Ibs Heavy duty system capable of 19ft x 16ft X-Net[10t] 7307 (32kg) stopping up to large size trucks (6m x 5m) DFT -Net is a life saver from every point of view. Used to arrest a car that had accelerated through a checkpoint in volatile Port-au-Prince, Haiti, not only was the vehicle brought to a halt within 50 feet, but without injury to the driver or the Marines on duty. In situations like this, where not a shot was fired, it’s no wonder the Marine Commander was quoted as saying X- Net had worked precisely as intended: “There’s one Haitian that’s glad it did… DFT -Net is a keeper.”