John Doherty SMX East - Facebook, Twitter, and SEO


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My presentation from SMX East on September 14th in New York City.

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John Doherty SMX East - Facebook, Twitter, and SEO

  1. 1. Twitter, Facebook, and SEO SMX East John Doherty Distilled
  2. 2. Numerous factors go into determining if a social mention is going to affect rankings!Patents Tell us
  3. 3. Users who share manually have on average over 4x the number of followers!# of followers doesn’t seem to matter True Reach?
  4. 4. Click Through Rate Matters (kind of) CTR varies because manual tweeters have more followers!
  5. 5. CTR Based on # of Followers
  6. 6. Manually sent tweets get 2X the number of clicks!ENGAGEMENT matters(# of clicks, replies, etc)
  7. 7. Authority of the sharer Attributes a search engine might consider in generating an author rank may include: • A number of relevant/irrelevant messages posted; • Document goodness of all documents initiated by the author; • Total number of documents initiated posted by the author within a defined time period; • Total number of replies or comments made by the author; and, • A number of [online] groups to which the author is a member.
  8. 8. Best Times to be RT’d (Dan Zarella)What’s in a Retweet? The Data Behind Viral Messaging onTwitter | Dan Zarrella
  9. 9. If you want your social mentionsto matter and you want traffic:
  10. 10. DO THISCultivate a group of people who will share your stuffShare new, interesting articles (build trust) Enhances RT-ability too YOUR engagement (@replies) can affect author rankVary your style (RT, quote, comments, etc)You can use a SEMI-automated process for this
  11. 11. DON’T (if you want the link juice)Only retweet old articles (they can be great for traffic though!)Oversaturate your followers (lower follower counts AND click through rates on average)
  12. 12. Bing Link farms and Like farms - THIS Manipulated Not Manipulated Devalued Not Devalued
  13. 13. is a tool to help you get moretraffic to your site  You build a “tribe” based around a topic  You share each other’s blog posts  It’s that simple  “Will these links pass link juice?”Triberr Via @dancristo
  14. 14. What topics am I influential about?
  15. 15. Another Challenge of SocialMeasurement. Image Credit: Source
  16. 16. Measure It How can I measure what’s working? Built by @ipullrank You get the shared counts across all the APIs. Now youknow what gets social traction.
  17. 17. Enterprise Level Tools
  18. 18. Analytics We all want to be driven by data, right?
  19. 19. Custom GA Report I created a custom GA report for you Use this to see the return from yoursocial channels (Twitter, Facebook, G+)
  20. 20. The Tweet Effect: How Twitter Affects Rankings - A Tweets Effect On Rankings - An Unexpected Case Study - Do Social Signals Drive Traffic? - Does Google Use Facebook Shares to Influence Search Rankings? - Few Blog Posts
  21. 21. Thanks! Email: Twitter: @dohertyjf G+: