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CSU Res School ALIA Presentation 2014


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Presentation made by Julia Garnett, ALIA NSW State Manager, on 7 February 2014 to CSU students in Wagga Wagga NSW.

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CSU Res School ALIA Presentation 2014

  1. 1. What I Wish I’d Known in Library School Julia Garnett ALIA State Manager, NSW @ALIAsmNSW
  2. 2. ALIA Willoughby Canterbury my background…
  3. 3. Customer Service & Marketing QUT Library Cataloguing my background…
  4. 4. Crowdsourcing the Question
  5. 5. “What is a monograph anyway?”
  6. 6. Career
  7. 7. Career Paths Assistant No qualification Professional Bachelor, Post Grad Dip or Masters or, current students
 Manager Technician TAFE qualification Extensive experience, higher qualifications in allied discipline e.g. 
 IT; organisational management
  8. 8. “there's more librarians than jobs. Every vacancy will have heaps of applicants, so rejection doesn't mean you suck.” @siandart
  9. 9. “Lack of job prospects. Can be a long road.” @DaveHoneybone
  10. 10. “Basically your job may end up being IT . Are you ok with this?” @siandart
  11. 11. Flexibility be willing to move don't forget about rural opportunities consider corporate, medical, law, public, university, schools, local government, arts & entertainment, special, GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Musems) Don't get your heart set on being a … librarian
  12. 12. “there's more to it than the "l" word- what else can I be? Info architect? Knowledge manager?” @liber_amoris
  13. 13. The Search Make online job boards work for you Create a LinkedIn profile (and update it) Attend conferences and events Consider your unique skills and how they are applicable in a library context
  14. 14. Stand Out!
  15. 15. The Search Keep at it! (Average is about 6 months) Take a friend along to events and support each other Don’t be afraid to seek professional assistance (e.g., Zenith and The One Umbrella)
  16. 16. Professional Development
  17. 17. “The importance of continuing professional development in your own time. Employers can't do your PD for you.” @sallysetsforth
  18. 18. Professional Development Be responsible for your own development Plan beyond your formal education Track your professional development with a portfolio Look for skills gaps Nurture your interests
  19. 19. “which skills etc are most needed and help getting work in a tough market. And that degrees are great but experience is needed too” @TripleThreatLib
  20. 20. Attending a Conference Looking for work? Look at what the industry will need next Network, network, network Got a Job? Keep your skills up to date
  21. 21. Information Online Take advantage of ALIA member and student rates Follow @InfoOnline for updates 2-6 February 2015 in Sydney
  22. 22. New Librarians Symposium Amazing experience for students, new grads, new librarians, library technicians and assistants… Casual, Exciting and Fun! Meet other people new to the industry NLS7 is Next!
  23. 23. Mini Conference Small, one-day conferences
 - not as intimidating for first-time speakers! Submit an abstract Present to your peers Practice presentation skills
  24. 24. "Unconference" LibraryCamp Unmeash ! Run by attendees, for attendees The program is put together on the day Relevant, recent topics Heaps of enthusiasm and inspiration!
  25. 25. “get on twitter and build professional connections & a personal learning network. It can be an important lifeline in your career .” @lyndelleg
  26. 26. Social Media Be Professional Online
  27. 27. Personal Learning Networks Start building your network NOW Lifeline during your studies, research assignments, your first presentation, job search
 … or when you need to ask important questions PLNs can grow into your professional network

  28. 28. Mentoring Get a Peer Mentor Find a Mentor Join the International Librarians Network (ILN) Follow Awesome People
  29. 29. International Librarians Network
  30. 30. Resources International Librarians Network Zenith The One Umbrella
  31. 31. People in the Profession ! Pens and phones at the ready! You’ll want to follow these people…
  32. 32. People in the Profession “But you don’t look like a librarian” - Ruth Kneale “Design Thinking” - Zaana Howard “Cool and Collected” - Kim Tairi “It’s not about the books”- Hugh Rundle “Digital Engagement” - Mylee Joseph
  33. 33. Ruth Kneale Systems Librarian for the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope project ! Author and Speaker ! @desertlibrarian
  34. 34. Zaana Howard Lecturer & Trainer ! Design Thinking ! ! @zaana
  35. 35. Kim Tairi Campus Librarian ! Speaker ! Instagrammer ! @KimTairi
  36. 36. Hugh Rundle Info Management & Kew Librarian ! Blogger, Tweeter, Thinker ! ! @hughrundle
  37. 37. Mylee Joseph State Library of New South Wales ! Project Leader - Innovation Project ! Social Media for Libraries ! @myleejoseph Photo: Flickr, Shanachietour
  38. 38. ALIA
  39. 39. How ALIA can help you Accreditation! Keeping education relevant & recognised Employment! Elists, Job ads, Industry connections Advocacy! Local and National support Events! Conferences, PD opportunities, Trivia Nights Access! INCITE, Journals, Databases, elists
  40. 40. Student Membership $82 per year Digital access to INCITE, journals & databases Elists and job ads PD Postings Discounts at conferences
  41. 41. Employment and Careers
  42. 42. Professional Development Scheme
  43. 43. Get Involved Professional Development Scheme Groups Write for INCITE or ALJ Go to events and conferences Get online & follow fun people
  44. 44. INCITE
  45. 45. ALIA Resources @AliaNational Elists: elists Groups: PD Scheme: NSW State Manager:
  46. 46. “don’t wait to graduate before entering the library profession” @jzgarnett
  47. 47. Consider different career paths Be in charge of your own professional development Get involved in the profession Join ALIA Find a mentor and a PLN
  48. 48. Thanks @ALIAsmNSW ! LinkedIn: in/jzgarnett ePortfolio: