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Reach out and Touch


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Retha Hall discusses innovative ways to connect with non-traditional students about library services at community colleges.

Published in: Education
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Reach out and Touch

  1. 1. Reach Out and Touch:Reach Out and Touch: Innovation to Connect with Nontraditional Library Users at Community Colleges Retha Hall Central Piedmont Community College June 3, 2009
  2. 2. CPCC At a Glance…CPCC At a Glance… Largest of 58 NC Community Colleges- 61,000+ students Curriculum: 15,539, Basic skills:6,605 Headcount by Age: ◦ <21 years ….10,334 ◦ 21-30 years….20,875* ◦ 31-40 years….13,735 ◦ 41-50 years…..9,938 ◦ >51 years…….6,85 ●51% minority ●6 Campuses/7 libraries ●33 staff; 15 professional
  3. 3. What is Outreach?What is Outreach? out·reach  n. (out-r ch')ē  The act or process of reaching out.  Extent or length of reach: the vast outreach of technology; the outreach of a forest fire from mountains to suburbs.  A systematic attempt to provide services beyond conventional limits, as to particular segments of a community: an educational outreach to illiterate adults. outreach. (n.d.). The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Retrieved May 26, 2009, from website:
  4. 4. Why Outreach is NecessaryWhy Outreach is Necessary Gives library a visible presence & value Connect with users/supporters Showcase services/resources Funding/partnership opportunities Can help fulfill and identify unmet needs Survival! Staying relevant!
  5. 5. Innovation at work…. Implementation- venturing where no librarian has gone before… Bojangles’! Funding Benefits Challenges Evaluation CPCC’sCPCC’s “Librarians on the Go”“Librarians on the Go” Reference Outreach ProjectReference Outreach Project
  6. 6. Venturing where no librarian has gone before”… Bojangles’! We’ll come to you: reaching out to meet needs of students in non-traditional (& traditional programs) Taking advantage of wireless technology Extension of reference Innovation….Innovation….
  7. 7. Target AudienceTarget Audience Nontraditional  1st Generation  Transient  Low GPA/Remedial  Continuing Education, Re-entry  26 years and older  Works full time  Parents Traditional 18-25 yrs Transfer students
  8. 8. Benefits…Benefits… Reach out and connect with students who are uncomfortable coming to the library or unaware. Nontraditional and nonthreatening location Convenience Marketing opportunity Dispel stereotypes
  9. 9. Funding…Funding… Innovation Grant Proposal The Process of Getting Approved Good News! Where’s the $$$ Expenditures
  10. 10. Expected OutcomesExpected Outcomes Increased visibility & value of library services and resources. Increased traffic to actual library. Immediate information needs are met Heighten awareness of wireless access Perceptions of library and librarians changed.
  11. 11. How Did We Market?How Did We Market? Location E-marketing Publicity Word-of- Mouth
  12. 12. Librarians at Central CampusLibrarians at Central Campus are reaching out!are reaching out! Have you heard? Something different is happening at Bojangles’ on Central Campus! On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays of each week from 11:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m., librarians armed with their laptops can be found at Bojangles’ answering questions and assisting students with research. This outreach initiative is aimed toward connecting with students, staff and faculty who are not typical library users. In addition, this expansion in service will help increase awareness of library services and to encourage library use. Take a break and check us out! Please let your students know about this additional service aswell. More outreach activities are underway, so stay tuned. The Communicator November 8, 2007 (weekly employee e-publication)
  13. 13. ““Librarians on the Go”Librarians on the Go”
  14. 14. Challenges…Challenges… Staffing Funding Location Multiple projects Effectiveness
  15. 15. Evaluation…Evaluation… Footprints: Stats Comments/Feedback Received Librarian Assessment
  16. 16. Other Initiatives…Other Initiatives… Drop in workshops Programming Campus/Community Partnerships
  17. 17. Your Charge…Your Charge… “Whatever your situation, it's important to remember to reach out. It's one thing to just sit in your information center and wait for people to come and ask questions. But it's quite another to go out and offer information to those who have not asked for it. That's the heart of being proactive. That's the trick of serving people who didn't even know how much they needed you. And it can be the key to staying in business in this everything's-on-the-Internet-and-I-can-find-it-myself world.” So what are you waiting for? Don't just sit there—reach out and educate someone.” Miller, Kathy. At Arm’s Length. Retrieved May 26, 2009 from
  18. 18. ““Librarians on the Go” TeamLibrarians on the Go” Team
  19. 19. Questions & AnswersQuestions & Answers Thank you for attendingThank you for attending thisthis presentation!presentation! Please feel free to contact me: 704.330.6113