Free e books for everybody!


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Free e books for everybody!

  1. 1. Free e-books for Everybody! Well-establishedresources for every kind of library
  2. 2. 2nd Friday SeriesCasual talks on hot topics
  3. 3. Using this software
  4. 4. Discussion• What types of e-book resources do you have at your library?
  5. 5. Discussion• How do you use e-books?• How do your patrons use e-books?
  6. 6. Advantages• What do you and your users love about e- books?
  7. 7. Challenges?• What aspects of e-books are difficult to work with?
  8. 8. Focus for today• We will learn more about excellent free e-book resources for all types of libraries, and how these e-book collections can be used to serve our users.
  9. 9. The Hathi Trust•• Metadata Available:•• Devices: Not applicable• Downloads: “Users affiliated with HathiTrust partner institutions are able to download books in the public domain in their entirety. Please see information about logging in under Authentication/Login above. Users who are not affiliated with HathiTrust partner institutions can download single-page PDFs. There is significant overlap of volumes in HathiTrust and Google Book Search and if a book is "full view" in HathiTrust, it is possible that a PDF of the entire book can be downloaded from Google Book Search.”
  10. 10. The Hathi Trust• 8,635,153 total volumes 4,736,278 book titles 210,081 serial titles 3,022,303,550 pages 387 terabytes 102 miles 7,016 tons 2,302,343 volumes (~27% of total)
  11. 11. Project Gutenberg• Access:• Total titles: Over 100,000 free e-books• MARC Records available:•• Devices: 33,000 titles for use with ipad, Kindle, Sony Reader, iphone, Nook and others• Mobile reader device “How To:”•
  12. 12. Google Books/e- books/Magazines•• Thousands of books for purchase, many public domain books for use•• Thousands of books for purchase• Some books for devices• Many free books available• Supported devices/platforms:• iOS (iphone, ipad), Nook, Sony, Android
  13. 13. Google Magazines• Thousands of titles available• Sublime (Time, Life)• Ridiculous (Weekly World News)
  14. 14. Internet Archive• e-book and text archive•• Approaching 3 million titles• “…a wide range of fiction, popular books, childrens books, historical texts and academic books.”
  15. 15. Internet Archive• Devices: Depends on the collection it comes from in the archive, but many of the texts do have an e-format option
  16. 16. International Children’s Digital Library•• Great article from: The Children’s Book Review online on free e-book sources for kids--• eblog/2009/09/where-to-find-free-ebooks- for-children-online.html
  17. 17. National Academies Press•• “…offer many {academic} titles in electronic Adobe PDF format. Hundreds of these books can be downloaded for free by the chapter or the entire book, while others are available for purchase.”
  18. 18. e-audio books• LibriVox•• “LibriVox provides free audiobooks from the public domain. There are several options for listening. The first step is to get the mp3 or ogg files• Read by volunteers who contribute to the project
  19. 19. Laundry Lists• Internet Public Library “Online Texts” Pathfinder:•• Free e-books Pathfinder (Joyce Valenza)•
  20. 20. What have you found?• What unique resources for e-books have you found and utilized?
  21. 21. Wrap up• Questions?• Look for more classes on e-books coming soon!
  22. 22. Join us for the LYRASIS Lounge Friday, June 24 7:00pm - 9:00pm cocktails & light appetizers The Napoleon House 500 Chartres Street New Orleans, LA!/ event.php?eid=20746952 9275981
  23. 23. Thank You for Attending! Questions? • Professional Development • 1.800.999.8558 • Web:•e-mail: