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Gecko Information Restaurant


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Gecko Information Restaurant

  1. 1. more choices ™ restaurants | hotels | resorts | clubs | casinos gecko hospitality ““Work Hard. Play Harder!”
  2. 2. About Us Since 2000, Gecko Hospitality has pioneered the hospitality recruiting industry with the dedicated Franchise Partners and Recruiters throughout the United States. The value Gecko Hospitality provides to its Clientele is measured on the advanced networking and technology skills our Professional Recruiters possess in identifying qualified restaurant and hospitality professionals. Our national network consists of 37 regional offices driven to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. In addition, Gecko Hospitality offers the largest selection of hospitality jobs, restaurant jobs, hotel jobs, and resort and club management jobs online. Our hospitality-exclusive team covers all 50 states and Canada with over 80 Franchise Partners and Recruiters. Gecko Hospitality was founded on providing the finest restaurant and hospitality jobs nationwide to the highest performing candidates. More importantly, our Franchise Partners and Recruiters began their careers in restaurants and hospitality. At Gecko Hospitality, we are passionate that every member of our recruiting team be familiar with our philosophies. In the same way that we learn about people when developing relationships and friendships, we want our people to have a sense of Gecko Hospitality’s values and insight into our company’s “personality.” With this insight comes a greater understanding of how values “fit” with Gecko Hospitality’s values; why we do things the way we do and the basis for making decisions appropriate to the values. We all play a part in keeping these traditions and philosophies alive. We want every member of our recruiting team to understand that we are only as good as how each of us lives these philosophies every day, in every office. Gecko Hospitality is all about achieving results by being motivated. The key is that this motivation to achieving results comes from within. No one can motivate us, nor can we motivate anyone else. As leaders, we provide an environment where people motivate themselves to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Along with this philosophy, each team member possesses the following traits for which we are proud; honesty, integrity, desire, determination, must be a good listener, learn and respond quickly, communicate effectively, be thorough, empathic, compassionate, and most of all, have a strong work ethic to produce superior results for both our candidates and our Clients. In 2009, Gecko Hospitality added three additional services to accompany our successful direct placement recruiting solution. Management Open House, Management Career Fair and Creative Advertising were introduced to offer our clientele a choice to select what recruiting solution would fit best. Needless to say, the additional recruiting solutions were greeted with a very warm reception and have proven to be successful, cost effective products for our Client companies. At Gecko Hospitality, you certainly have.... more choices. ™
  3. 3. How We Work! “At Gecko Hospitality, we don’t stop to measure our successes. We continually surpass them.” Gecko Hospitality specializes in the placement of quality hospitality management professionals. We dedicate the time to learn as much as possible about each candidate’s background, education, and training. We focus our attention on their critical management metric accomplishments and their leadership competencies. Therefore, directing our recruitment process on these key areas with each candidate allows us to bring the highest quality professional to you. Our philosophy is to establish a friendly yet professional relationship with you through mutual respect and dignity. Our expansive regional knowledge combined with our commitment to this industry, has enabled us to become a leader and stand out from our competition. Our energy, innovation, and presentation of creative solutions, has propelled a doubling of our growth each of the last 5 years. Phase 1: Determine Level of Phase 4: Recruit Candidates & Guarantee and Security Execute Reference Checks We are proud to announce the Gecko Given the reach and scope of Gecko Hospitality ONE YEAR Guarantee commitment. Hospitality’s existing network of candidate This unprecedented solution offers a menu of profiles, we will provide you with the most Recruitment Search alternatives, allowing you place-able candidates matching the information to personalize the level of your guarantee and gained from the Strategic Search Plan stage. security. Together, we will evaluate the initial fee structure, the number of guaranteed months, and Phase 5: Close the Candidate the replacement fee percentage options. The goal is to match our alternatives with your desired level of Once a final candidate has been identified, security and guarantee. Gecko Hospitality can extend the offer, as well as explain the Benefit package. Once the offer has been accepted, we will lead the candidate Phase 2: Client Organization Review through the process of leaving their former We collaborate with you to understand your company and provide guidance through that Company’s culture, business vision, management process. If an offer is not going to be extended, team, salary and benefit structures. This the Recruiter will relay that message in a information allows us to refer the most qualified positive and professional delivery, ensuring the and informed candidates about your organization credibility of your organization and maintaining prior to their first interview. a friendly relationship with the candidate, which may at a later date become a consideration for Phase 3: Conduct Job Order candidacy again. Consultation & Strategic Search Plan Phase 6: Client Follow-up Gecko Hospitality will collaborate with you to Once the candidate begins employment define the job specifications; discuss the level of with you, we will continue to maintain open candidates’ managerial metrics and leadership communications, monitoring the candidate’s competencies required to perform the position at progression and your satisfaction during the first a high level, and the reporting relationships within 90 days of your new employee’s tenure. Gecko your organization. Additionally, we will review the Hospitality is proud of our reputation, and our degree of geographic reach, candidate education growth proves it. Our increasing list of client level, and range of compensation. references will continue to be our metric that we will use to judge our future satisfied Client relationships.
  4. 4. Recruiting Solutions Gecko Hospitality understands that in the hospitality industry, no two company’s recruiting strategies are alike. In 2009, Gecko Hospitality proudly introduced three additional services to our product line to complement our professional direct placement recruiting services. Management Open House One Flat Fee....Unlimited Hires! Our Management Open House product is designed to service our Clients in primary and secondary markets and offer a more targeted recruiting approach for a flat fee. We consider our Management Open House solution as a mini career fair based around a single concept, YOURS! Each Management Open House is customized to the Client’s specifications and is hosted at a location owned and operated by the Client. Management Career Fairs Where Quality Connections Are Made... Face To Face. Our mission at Gecko Hospitality is to take career fairs to a new level and provide a new generation of recruiting solutions. Our Management Career Fairs are designed to service companies throughout the United States. We offer an inexpensive but effective solution for employers to conduct face to face interviews and make critical hires. By organizing top restaurant and hospitality organizations in one forum and utilizing the strength of the nation’s largest hospitality recruiting firm, Gecko Hospitality drives qualified candidates to interview for the opportunities in your market. Every organization participating has the opportunity to discuss and sell their concept to prospective applicants face to face. Creative Advertising For over 8 years the creative advertising team at Gecko Hospitality has produced job postings that have captivated and encouraged job seekers to apply to positions throughout the United States. Gecko Hospitality believes a well written job posting paired with eye-catching graphics attracts and encourages job seekers. Gecko Hospitality is pleased to offer our creative and powerful advertising design service to our clientele. Our work along with current statistical data is hard to dispute. Our creative designers at Gecko Hospitality will construct a custom designed job posting for your company or organization that will grab the attention of the job seeker and encourage that job seeker to apply directly to your job posting. Each design will come complete with company logo, graphics and text and will be properly configured, HTML coded and Web-Optimized. All custom advertising will meet your specifications. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.
  5. 5. Code of Ethics Gecko Hospitality is committed to the provision of professional and ethical employment services to the hospitality community. To that end, its Executive Board has established this Code of Ethics, subscribed to and endorsed by each Franchise Partner as a condition of his or her association with Gecko Hospitality. Gecko Hospitality Code of Ethics 1. Any Gecko Hospitality Franchise Partner or Recruiter will not solicit a previously placed candidate with an active Client of Gecko Hospitality. 2. Information provided to the Client shall be Proven Track the most accurate information known to Gecko Hospitality. Record Gecko Hospitality’s Track Record Is Proven In 4 Areas: 3. Gecko Hospitality shall not knowingly withhold candidate information which a 1. Access To Candidates client would reasonably consider to be Gecko Hospitality has been recruiting hospitality essential to their hiring decision. candidates for thirty years. We have a deep network of professional Recruiters across the United 4. Confidential information relating to the Client States, and in 2007 we placed 5,000 candidates shall be treated accordingly. alone. There are no walls at Gecko Hospitality— every Recruiter has access to every candidate 5. Any agent of Gecko Hospitality will thoroughly across Gecko Hospitality’s 37 national offices. interview all candidates prior to presenting to any Client. 2. Our Technology and People Make All The Difference 6. Candidates will be presented to a Client only Over the course of our history, Gecko Hospitality with the candidate’s express prior consent. has made more than half a million matches of candidates to hospitality teams at the largest and most successful companies in the world. How? Our offices and Recruiters are armed with one of the most powerful Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) available on the market. Now, combine the potency of our advanced networking capabilities that each of our Recruiters posses and you have one powerful recruiting solution. But it’s not just our technology and rigorous interview process— we go beyond that to ensure that each candidate is the right cultural fit for your company and the right personality fit for the team. 3. Committed Candidates We attract and retain candidates because of the job opportunities we provide, the support they receive from our local offices and the benefits available to them. 4. Additional Services Gecko Hospitality provides a wide variety of services that are available to all of our Clients. A few additional services offered are: • Credit Checks • Criminal Background Checks • Drug Testing • Reference Checks • Behavioral Testing
  6. 6. Gecko Guarantee At Gecko Hospitality, we recognize that every placement is an investment in human capital. Our innovative assurance program can save Clients valuable time, money, and resources when hiring the highest qualified candidates. To demonstrate our commitment to the long term success of our Client relationship, Gecko Hospitality offers an unprecedented 1-Year Guarantee. In the unforeseen event our candidate leaves his/her employment for ANY reason, Gecko Hospitality will apply a credit towards finding a replacement. In addition to our 1-Year Guarantee, Gecko Hospitality also provides our Clients with a 6-Month and a 90-Day Guarantee option which is dependent on our Client’s needs. 1 – YEAR GUARANTEE • If the candidate should leave his/her employment within the first 120 days, Gecko Hospitality will replace the candidate at No Charge. • If the candidate should leave his/her employment within the 121st – 180th day, Gecko Hospitality will replace the candidate at 25% of the original fee. • If the candidat e should leave his/her employment within the 181st – 365th day, Gecko Hospitality will replace the candidate at 50% of the original fee. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 6 – MONTH GUARANTEE • If the candidate should leave his/her employment within the first 90 days, Gecko Hospitality will replace the candidate at No Charge. • If the candidate should leave his/her employment within the 91st –180th day, Gecko Hospitality will replace the candidate at 50% of the original fee. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 90 – DAY GUARANTEE • If the candidate should leave his/her employment within 90 days, Gecko Hospitality will replace the candidate at No Charge. North America’s #1 Hospitality Recruiter We encourage our Clients to dictate the level of guarantee desired for every recruitment situation, and compare alongside the critical and contributing factors you will need to evaluate such as: • Degree of geographical reach • Candidate experience and education level desired • The extent of the position competencies necessary to perform the job at a high level • Amount of time needed to “on-board” a new team member • Compensation All of these should play a pivotal role in determining the type of guarantee sought. If you should have any questions or need further assistance in determining a suitable guarantee, please contact your local Gecko Hospitality Recruiter or contact our corporate office at 866-604-3256. 718 Ogden Avenue | Suite 202 | Downers Grove, IL 60515 | P: 630.390.1000 | F: 630.598.0753 ©
  7. 7. Testimonials I wanted to follow up with you on the candidate that you recommend for our Embassy Suites in Destin, Florida. You made everything SO easy and saved me a lot of time and searching. I will definitely be calling you again should I need another “perfect fit” at another of one of my hotels. Debi Fontenot | Regional Director of Sales and Marketing |Dimension Development, Inc. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– WOW! That’s the only way I know how to describe the Management Open House you and Gecko Hospitality produced for Buca di Beppo and Planet Hollywood. Your database of candidates is extraordinary and I appreciate all of the work that went into contacting these people we would not have seen if it wasn’t for Gecko. We value Gecko Hospitality as a recruiting partner in our efforts to find the best management personnel and look forward to a great business relationship between our two companies. Rick Cherra | Director of Recruiting | Buca di Beppo –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– I must say, this was the best Management Open House I’ve experienced in my 4 years with Brinker. Thank you both for all of your hard work and for the great candidate!! We are going to move forward with 6 candidates and have 4 more that we may move forward with! Helena L. Jackson | Field Management/Chef Recruiter | Brinker International –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– I recently worked with you and Gecko Hospitality to fill a management position within my hotel, Hilton Garden Inn. I found Gecko to be very professional and reliable in this process. I am very happy with the candidate that ended up placing, and am overall very happy with the entire experi- ence. David Glass | General Manager | Hilton Garden Inn –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Gecko Hospitality has played a vital role in Houlihan’s success over the years with its support of our management staffing and recruiting. Whether it is through open houses, career fairs, or direct staffing Gecko Hospitality has always been there to provide the support that we need. Thank you very much for many years of partnership and success and I look forward to many more years of continual success and friendship. Thuan Nguyen | Director of Recruiting | Houlihan’s Restaurants Inc. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Two months ago, I found myself in need of several managers in Northern California; traditionally a harder area of the country to staff for most companies. So many other companies will just forward resumes in hopes that one or two manager candidates will “stick.” Gecko consistently provides well qualified, pre-screened candidates; understanding that sometimes less is more that it always needs to be quality over quantity. I have happily worked with you and your team for close to 7 years and couldn’t imagine using anyone else! Scott Barshay | Sr. Regional Recruiting Manager |Red Robin Gourmet Burgers –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– I have dealt with Gecko Hospitality in several states across the country with great success. Through- out my interactions with your staff, they have shown great ability in understanding the profile we were looking for. Your Recruiters have fed us a constant stream of qualified individuals, giving us healthy options while staying within our candidate’s parameters. Adam Starbird | Director of Recruiting and Development | Yard House Restaurants 718 Ogden Avenue | Suite 202 | Downers Grove, IL 60515 | P: 630.390.1000 | F: 630.598.0753 ©
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