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Invasive species & symbiosis


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Invasive species & symbiosis

  1. 1. EXOTIC / INVASIVE SPECIES• An species that is introduced to an area (usually by humans) who has no predators.• Can destroy ecosystems and collapse food webs.• Introduced: by accident,to control another organismKudzu vine ->
  2. 2. •Symbiotic•Relationships
  3. 3. 3 KINDS OF SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIPS• Symbiosis- close, long term association between 2 or more species.• Parasitism+/-• Commensalism +/o• Mutualism +/+
  4. 4. PARASITISM• Relationship between parasite and host.• One organism benefits• One organism is harmed
  5. 5. COMMENSALISM• One species benefits and the other is unaffected.• Ex) barnacles on a whale
  6. 6. MUTUALISM• A symbiotic relationship in which all participation species benefit.• Micorrhizae with plants and fungi absorbs nutrients for itself and theplant.• Both organisms benefitFlowers and insects