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Powerful Pitches


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Jim Kukral, author of the book "Your Pitch Sucks?" talks about the power of pitches. Perfect for any business owner who wants to learn how to create more sales, leads and Web traffic.

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Powerful Pitches

  1. 1. Powerful PitchesJim Kukral, CEO, JFK Services, LLC
  2. 2. Powerful PitchesThis Is NOT About Press Releases• It’s About The Human Brain• It’s About Emotions• It’s About Creating Reactions• It’s About More Sales, Leads & Web Traffic
  3. 3. Powerful PitchesI Know How To Pitch...• Your Pitch Sucks!• Mark Cuban Please Call Me• About Me
  4. 4. Powerful PitchesEverything’s A Pitch...• From Birth• Life, Love, Business• Successful people have Kukral Kidsbetter pitches• Your Website• Instant Society• Say What You Do
  5. 5. Powerful PitchesWho’s Great At Pitching? YOU!
  6. 6. Powerful PitchesThe Anatomy A Pitch...• Solving Problems• Taking Pain Away• Not About Convincing PeopleTo Buy Something They Don’tNeed... It’s About Helping ThemDiscover Their Need• Lessons From The Master
  7. 7. Powerful PitchesThe ROI From A Pitch...• Otherwise What’s The Point?• Emotions Create Reactions• Definition Of A Reaction
  8. 8. Powerful PitchesThe ROI From A Pitch...• Is Your Ego Holding You BackFrom Success?• Nobody Remembers TheMiddle• Success Or Image?
  9. 9. More