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Acquiring new members


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Acquiring new members

  1. 1. “Don’t Blow Kisses in the Dark!”The Fundamentals of Attracting and Joining New Members Chevy Kelly @chevykellycfm Dean Godfrey @deangodfrey CFM Twitter : @_CFM
  2. 2. Webinar Objectives - Marketing• Triangle Of Success• What is the Marketing Challenge• Why People Join Health Clubs• Fundamentals of any Marketing Piece• Going Guerilla
  3. 3. Webinar Objectives Sales• Building value – The key to sales• HELP – the basics of what to find out• Information gathering• How to tour your facility• How to deal with objections• Importance of Systems
  4. 4. Triangle of Success• Marketing – attracting attention• Sales – converting attention• Retention – keeping attention
  5. 5. ‘They say it takes 7 exposures to a productadvertisement before you’ll want to buy it, butafter 7384 spam emails for Viagra, I still don’twant it!’ – Erin Pavlina
  6. 6. The UK Market• 15% Penetration Is that a Failure?• What is the Opportunity?
  7. 7. The Marketing Challenge1. Time2. Manpower3. Budget
  8. 8. Every Marketing Method should have…• The Who- Your Branding• The What - What are you. Your USP• The Why - What’s In it For Me?• The Where - All Contact Details• The When – Call to Action!
  9. 9. Guerilla Vs Traditional• Traditional – Getting Members to the Club• Guerilla – Taking the Club to the Members
  10. 10. Establish your battle ground
  11. 11. BRAND UP!
  12. 12. Have others Advertise you
  13. 13. WriteFor Local Paper/Mag
  15. 15. LOCAL RADIO
  16. 16. Social Networking
  17. 17. Talk To Community Groups
  18. 18. Flexible Options
  19. 19. Support Local Charity
  20. 20. Success Stories
  21. 21. Try Before Buy!
  22. 22. Not Rocket Science!!• Know who your market is and engage with them!• Don’t go Chasing the already converted!
  23. 23. Prepare for December Now!• Friends Free for a Month during December• Person who brings in the most Friends wins a specific prize…TV, Bike Etc Presented under a Christmas Tree.• This is free leads for January and get them to experience your club first!• Offer a Call to Action.
  24. 24. • Time = Sale = Sale Benefit Money Saving Time Reward Effort = No Sale
  25. 25. 5 Steps of Selling
  26. 26. How do you HELP people?• H = How did they hear about you• E = What’s their experience?• L= Whats their lifestyle?• P= Whats their problem?
  27. 27. Information Gathering• Have a Needs Analysis / Fitness Profile in place• Ask open ended questions• Build value and quash objections before they come up• Kill the Monster before it grows
  28. 28. TIME
  29. 29. Money
  30. 30. Other Objections…• Need to ask my partner• Will I keep it up• Ive never tried it before
  31. 31. Tour of your Gym• FFBQ – Feature, Function, Benefit, Question• Avoid a ‘Museum Tour’• Yes momentum
  32. 32. LEAPq• Listen• Empathise• Ask to isolate• Propose a solution• Question
  33. 33. Sales Systems• Telephone Enquiry Script• Confirming Appts• Appointment registers• Chasing referrals• Following up
  34. 34. Love What You SellSales can be described simply as a transfer ofenthusiasm from one person to another.Excellent sales people have a passion for whatthey sell. They fall in love with their product,believe in it, and often use it themselves
  35. 35. Thank YouIf you have any questions at all please email or